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GARAGE-PUNK-ROCK. Cleveland, Ohio brothers Emmett and Cullen are taking the world by storm, bringing audiences nothing but the wildest rock music of the 21st century. The band's raw garage-punk sound draws heavily from their melding of divergent musical styles. Influences range from jazz organ greats like Jimmy Smith to punk icons DEAD BOYS, THE STOOGES, and more. "songs from the lodge" is rock 'n' roll that's been peeled back to it's raw foundation.

LP 19.50€*


PUNK-HARDCORE. Portland's own RUBBLE are back with 10 tracks of catchy and driving anarcho peace-punk delivered with urgency!

LP 18.00€*


HARDCORE. Do you have an unquenchable thirst for intricately relentless hardcore music - "feeding frenzy" will be your audio guide to unlocking the delicate depths of this confusing planet. Though you may have a keen sense of not belonging to the human race, it will help you to blend in and go unnoticed so you can quietly further your agenda. Enable yourself. Vinyl is limited to 350 copies, includes a poster insert and a digital download card.

LP 18.50€*


POST-PUNK. "parts primitive" is the debut album from London-based band PRIMITIVE PARTS; consisting of SAUNA YOUTH, MONOTONY and MALE BONDING members. "parts primitive" consists of 10 close-knit and succinct songs that aim to evoke a sonic space that could be an imagined '70s. Some tracks are influenced equally by the dynamic Australian garage-rock of THE UV RACE or EDDIE CURRENT SUPPRESSION RING and TOTAL CONTROL as they are by the pop sensibilities and British charm of early ENO or THE KINKS. Vinyl includes a digital download card.

LP 19.50€*


DOOM/SLUDGE-METAL. Milwaukee doom powerhouse NORTHLESS and Denver's PRIMITIVE MAN collide on a split that could bring down the heavens itself. PRIMITIVE MAN’s music matches its name: a savage, sparse mix of death-metal, blackened noise, and doom riffs. Despite their primeval, bludgeoning approach, PRIMITIVE MAN wouldn’t exist without their savage awareness of modern humanity: simultaneously old and new, atavistic and groundbreaking. NORTHLESS deals in volume. Great, shuddering washes of sound and texture, pummeling rhythms and intense guitars. Hate, anger, pain, disillusionment, abuse. Drawing influence from various heavy sounds, NORTHLESS has placed a boot firmly in the realm of sludge and doom. Vinyl comes housed in a gatefold cover and includes a digital download card.

LP 15.00€*


EMO/INDIE-PUNK. The band TURBOSTAAT from Husum, Germany has existed since 1999 and consists of former members of the hardcore and punk bands EXIL, UNABOMBER and ZACK AHOI. Since then, the band has been touring Germany on a regular basis, generating a growing fan base. Musically, they combine classic German-language punk in the tradition of bands such as DACKELBLUT, BLUMEN AM ARSCH DER HÖLLE, ANGESCHISSEN or the BOXHAMSTERS with an energetic emo-core, a mix that, particularly live, repeatedly causes storms of enthusiasm. "flamingo" is TURBOSTAAT's 1st full-length release.

LP 16.00€*


EMO/INDIE-PUNK. TURBOSTAAT are a phenomenon: at their shows old-punks rock unanimously with indie-kids. But the harmony doesn't come from boring consensus music, rather the quintet relies on a succinct mixture of classic German punk, alternative and scratchy vocals. TURBOSTAAT hit the nerve of the time with music full of raw energy and strength that still uses up the brain cells. Despite all the intellectual aspirations, TURBOSTAAT never forgets what people enjoy most - rocking properly. So there are lots of hits on the 4th album.

LP 17.00€*


HARDCORE-PUNK. RELIGIOUS SS DISORDER delievber dark hardcore-punk with in-your-face political and personal lyrics. Tons of guitar leads and over the top vocals with tons of reverb that sound like a few singers coming at you at once. For fans of T.S.O.L. and BORN WITHOUT A FACE. Colored vinyl is limited to 500 copies, comes with a silkscreened cover, poster insert with lyrics pics.

7"col 3.50€*


INDIE-PUNK-ROCK. BIG BITE is back blowing brains and bending big-ass bass strings on "trinity". The Seattle based group makes fuzzy punk designed to make you headbang. "trinity" continues the trend carved through a number of 7"/tape releases and their 2018 self-titled debut. Combining the raw, aggro approach of THE WIPERS with the hyper-elated vivacity of THE REPLACEMENTS, BIG BITE adopt a full-throttle punk approach, composed in tangent with scrappy d.i.y. ethics. Colored vinyl comes housed in a gatefold-cover and includes a digital download card.

LPcol 21.00€*


HARDCORE. For their 3rd record, Omaha based BIB continues their streak of making sketchy-as-hell punk-rock for straight-up weirdos. For fans of PISSED JEANS, GAG, HOAX and CÜLO. Colored vinyl includes a digital download card.

7"col 8.50€*


INDIE-ROCK. VARSITY came to fruition one night in 2013 when several Chicago musicians gathered for a salon night where friends shared stories and songs. "the basement takes" is a collection of some of VARSITY's scattered singles and other recordings from the 1st few years of the band's existence. The LP features 6 songs only previously available digitally or on tape directly from the band, as well as 2previously unreleased tracks. Colored (red) vinyl includes a digitaldownload card.

LPcol 21.50€*


SINGER/SONGWRITER. QUENTIN SAUVE is a singer-songwriter from Laval, France. Sauve is the bass player of post-hardcore band BIRDS OF ROW. On his debut solo album, "whatever it takes", he steps out of the shadows to show the world he is an incredible talent in his own right. Vinyl includes a digital download card.

LP 19.50€*


HARDCORE. The limited 20 year anniversary re-release of MADBALL's 4th album "hold it down", out on MADBALL's own the BNB label in cooperation with GSR. "hold it down" contains 15 explosive tracks packed with enough anthemic combustible energy to level a city block. This isn't just another re-release, but entirely re-vamped and re-mastered, and on top of that a brand new song "golden cross" as a bonus. Sit back and give it a spin or three and let it transport you to the streets of NYC! The desire to smash things is overwhelming.

LP 23.00€*


DEATH-METAL. "peril" is a hybrid of many things. It combines the no-nonsense approach of early punk albums to gnarly, brain melting death-metal. Besides its obvious old-school brutality of filthy guitars and massive distorted bass, the punk element adds a nasty edge along with highish raw vocals which lend more to black-metal - so, a truly amazing blend of styles across the 11 electric tracks here. Best of all though, is that the material features tons of balls heavy death 'n' roll grooves. Filthy riffs sliding in the massive grooves and melancholic melodies in a fine nod to the old-school of GRAVE, DISMEMBER, ENTOMBED or GBH and BROKEN BONES. A monster release in every regard, this one cuts straight to the bone over and over again.

LP 18.50€* LPcol 19.50€*


PUNK-HARDCORE. ALIEN NOSEJOB is the solo project of Jake Robertson, of Australian punk bands such as AUSMUTEANTS, HIEROPHANTS, LEATHER TOWER and more. Is this what happens when the BRIAN ENO of bedroom recordings decides to make a hyper teenangst hardcore record? Yep, we think so. Limited edition of 300 handnumbered copies.

7"col 9.00€*


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