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HARDCORE-PUNK. If the 1st record was the soundtrack to sleepless nights, this is where days turns to weeks. Aggression and anger begin to rear their ugly heads. This 2nd recording is alternately more dark and brooding and also more violent and straight forward. The d-beat is more prevalent while holding onto the melodies that make it memorable. As with the last one, ex-members of CONSUME, COP ON FIRE, DECREPIT and many more.

7" 3.50€*


HARDCORE-PUNK. If the only thing that matters is a list of previous bands, skip to the final sentence and you will be very pleased. FRUSTRATION is the best new band out of Seattle right now. Their style can be best described as a dark punk approach to a MOTÖRHEAD type sound, Complications or BORN DEAD ICONS might be a good sign post. Melodic and powerful, but still punk in scope and theme, think QUARANTINE. A sum of all those parts. For those that need it, ex-members of, CONSUME, COP ON FIRE, DECREIPT, BLACKOUT and many more.

7" 3.50€*


PUNK-ROCK. It's been a long sinuous road but their 3rd LP sees light of day afterall. Recorded in a few sessions over 4 years. "call of death" by Portland's CRIMINAL DAMAGE is certainly not going to disappoint. It's got the same BLITZ inspired anthemic backup vocal, and mid-paced drumming. Sounding something like a very early '80s English punk band that would have had a release on No Future Records. The recording quality is about the same as the other records, and picks up right where it left off. There's really no reason to not get this. Re-press now with brown colored cover.

LP 18.50€*


GARAGE-PUNK-ROCK. Mind Cure Records is proud to announce the release of 2 LPs from Pennsylvania punk legend BILLY SYNTH. This LP collects tracks from various releases across BILLY’s discography both solo and with his bands THE JANITORS and THE TURN UPS. This overview has a little bit for everyone – solo synth paranoia, unhinged punk-rock and covers. Culled from a string of records released between 1978 and 1983, heavily influenced by BILLY’s encyclopedic knowledge obscure '60s garage, psychedelia and his punk contemporaries these songs are so damaged and demented that in today’s no-stone-left-unturned world of record collecting they almost sound too crazy to be real. Vinyl includes liner notes and a digitial download card.

LP 13.50€*


DEATH-METAL. Oakland-based old-school death-metal squad NECROT, featuring within its ranks current and former members of ACEPHALIX, SAVIOURS, VASTUM and WATCH THEM DIE, has joined the Tankcrimes roster for the release of their "the labyrinth" full-length. Featuring 8 tracks cultivated from 3 hard-to-find and long out-of-print demo tapes. Fans of the bone-crush of AUTOPSY, BOLT THROWER, SACRILEDGE pay heed. Colored (blue) vinyl comes in deluxe foil-stamped cover and includes a digital download card.

LPcol 18.50€*


HARDCORE. THE SAVAGE AMUSED are a hard band to nail down. In their brief 8 month existence in 1985 they crafted a sound that is unlike anything else that you have ever heard. The 22 song demo reissued on this LP would seem to meld equal parts of the expected '80s Midwestern American hardcore but sets it against the non-stop guitar frenzy of contemporary Japanese bands. Features Alan Peters who went on to be in AGNOSTIC FRONT and helped found ABSOLUTION. Limited and remastered vinyl includes a huge poster inlay and a digital download card which gives a full version of the album as well as their complete set from their show opening for Agnostic Front in 1985.

LP 14.50€*


HARDCORE. In the eastern regions of the Ukraine you will find mostly nice landscapes, broken nuclear plants and bloody political conflicts. Perfect breeding ground to form a really, really pissed hardcore band. KNIFEMAN are a trio from Kharkiv and did exactly that. The mix created is complex layered on a base of stable and carrying bass guitar and drums . This allows the guitar to break out in a manner that shows a love CONVERGE and bands alike. Still KNIFEMAN always find their way back to a pounding dis-beat without becoming boring. This record is a must for fans of bands like TOTEM SKIN or BACCHUS.

LP 6.50€*


HARDCORE. After the brilliant debut 7", HEAVY NUKES strike back. Again, 8 incredible raw brutal Swedish old-school hardcore tunes in the vein of SHITLICKERS and ANTI-CIMEX. No compromises on this one, just pure swedish ultra mega raw hardcore! Comes with silkscreened cover.

MLP 5.00€*


GRINDCORE/POWER-VIOLENCE-HARDCORE. Boise's best blasters sound more like vintage HUMMINGBIRD OF DEATH on this split. Soundwise more in the tradition of their earlier tracks like on their I ACCUSE split LP era. It's still fast power-violence influenced hardcore. They also throw in some sick, complex riffage. Viennas COLD WORLD's newer output is a bit more grind oriented like they've shown on their 7'' from a few years back as well as the EXTORTION. They bring an abrasive hardcore, thrash and power-violence attack to this release with plenty of speed and fury, taking influence from bands like SIEGE, NEANDERTHAL, CROSSED OUT and INFEST. Vinyl comes housed in a gatefold-cover.

LP 14.00€*


HARDCORE. After releasing a crushing demo in 2012, ANGRY GODS are back to wreck havoc on our eardrums with their debut 7", "greyed delay". This 7" picks up right where they left off with their demo, but this recording seems to capture the heaviness and intensity of the band's live show more than their previous efforts. Featuring ex-members of BOILING OVER, MANS and SCOUT'S HONOR. For fans of HIS HERO IS GONE, CURSED and NEUROSIS.

7" 5.00€*


GRINDCORE. Finally available on vinyl. This album was on everyones grindcore top 10 of 2015, and now the vinyl version will for sure be on the 2016 list. "body horror" is the debut LP from this Canadian band. A 31min. grindcore rollercoaster. It’s slimy, raw old-school grindcore with a punk rockheart. G.O.D. for dessert serves covers REPULSION, CARNAGE and CSSO. Responsible for the graphic design is exquisite French artist Pierre Braindead. Vinyl is limited to 500 copies and comes with a beautiful poster.

LP 10.00€*


PROGRESSIVE-METAL. MUTOID MAN is the incredibly talented trio featuring Stephen Brodsky (CAVE IN) on guitar and vocals, Ben Koller (CONVERGE, ALL PIGS MUST DIE) on drums and Nick Cageao on bass. "bleeder" builds upon the triumphant barrage of "helium head" with bigger production, increased ferocity and the bolstered confidence from writing as a three-piece unit. The album sounds like a gluttonous orgy of every metal indulgence the band has held since junior high school. Vinyl includes a digital download card.

LP 23.50€*


INDIE/EMO-ROCK. For their 3rd album, "as you please", CITIZEN is looking inward. Pairing up again with longtime producer Will Yip, the band presents 12 songs that fuse aspects of their entire catalog into one neoteric whole. "as you please" presents CITIZEN's vision at the most focused it has ever been - it is delicately crafted to provoke at every moment. Colored vinyl includes a digital download card.

LPcol 23.00€*


POST-PUNK. Three years after their 2nd album "return of the empire", the italian Vampire punx combo returns with "new wave of fear". The tunes got darker and less punk than their previous releases but, all in all, the formula hasn't changed too much, and, hell yeah, this is a concept album about life and death. It's a more intense record and definitely better than their old ones, and you can also hear the crusty roots of some of the members in their last song where AMEBIX and FIELDS OF THE NEPHILIM meet in a no men's land to face the end of it all.

LP 12.00€*


POST-PUNK. The 2nd full-length from Italy's HORROR VACUI merges their unique blend of driving death-rock and chorus-soaked post-punk to a glorious cacophony. Reminiscent at times of SISTERS OF MERTCY or a darker punker SAD LOVERS and GIANTS. This record pulses and reanimates itself from the grim tombs of goth's greats.

LP 18.00€*


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