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INDIE-ROCK. For the past handful of years, SUPERCRUSH has been employing a drip-feed approach to releasing new music. Here we have all 4 7"s along with 2 previously unreleased bonus tracks, collected as one ten-song release. From the fuzzed-out guitars of "lifted" to the tasteful organ and glockenspiel accents of "walking backwards", it's all here in one attractive package, with cover art featuring an eye-catching assemblage in the colorful style we've come to expect from Supercrush. Vinyl is limited to 300 copies and includes a digital download card.

LP 22.00€*


HARDCORE. This is a absolutely must have if you dig Finnish hardcore-punk. Finally a follow-up to their great "vapauden illuusio" LP on Feral Ward a few years back, the Turku finnish punkers deliver here 4 pummeling tracks in the great tradition of their stylish brand of rock 'n' roll. Vinyl is wrapped in a classic a3 fold-out poster-sleeve.

7" 6.00€*


OI/STREET-PUNK. The lads from Amsterdam, Holland kicking out the jams in a grey area of '77 punk, proto-oi! and pub-rock. SAVAGE BEAT delivers you another round of clean, Chiswick guitars, '77 thrills and - indeed - savage beats! Proving the world it's not dealing with a one day fly, the boys - known for their work in bands such as THE SHINNING, THE WORKS, WANDERLUST and much more - crank out their best cuts to date, not to be missed by anyone into early punk and oi! music! Time to take it further, time to get fuckin' wired!

LPcol 16.50€*


POST-HARDCORE. "panorama" is the 4th full-length album from Michigan natives LA DISPUTE and their 1st with Epitaph Records. It's a highly ambitious and deeply affecting body of work that filters narrative storytelling through a personal lens. It's heavier and weirder than previous efforts, taking the intensity of "wildlife" and the patience of "rooms of the house" and using them as pillars upon which to build something new.

LP 20.50€* LPcol 23.00€*


HARDCORE. Now, after being out-of-print for nearly 27 years, D.R.I.'s "dirty rotten" 7" is once again available in the original format - all 22 songs on one piece of 7". Once again you can hear the raw, fast music in its original mix and master, the way it was first meant to be heard. For fans of hardcore, early D.R.I., and record collecting.

7" 8.00€*


POST-PUNK-ROCK. Portland's ARCTIC FLOWERS have explored unique attempts at cross-pollinating genres that have grown apart over the course of the evolution of dark music, re-incorporating styles usually seen as mutually exclusive in today's fractured (and fractious) punk scene. The end result has been a catalog that is one of the current punk scene's most ambitious, challenging, and rewarding to listen to. Formed in 2009 ARCTIC FLOWERS has multiple releases under their belt. "straight to the hunter" is their newest 11 track full-length. Self released by the band.

LP 17.50€*


HARDCORE. The debut SECTION H8 release, "phase 1", unloads 5 tracks in under 9min., a point-blank blast of unrelenting, monstrous hardcore rage. The record features guest synth and samples by Ryan George. Colored vinyl includes a digital download card.

7"col 7.50€*


DOOM-METAL. MAGIC CIRCLE's self-titled debut hit the true doom scene like a revelation in 2013. This latest album reveals MAGIC CIRCLE delving more deeply into '70s sounds, expanding farther outward from the primordial Iommic matter of their birth. Though all members are busy with other projects and other lives, when these 5 come together in the MAGIC CIRCLE, the chemistry and palpable rock 'n' roll exhilaration reminds one that this band ain't never gonna die with the herd.

LP 22.00€*


HARDCORE-PUNK. NITAD are back on the map! "allt är upp och ner" is the newest release from Sweden's powerhouse. On this record they have 3 great tracks of their awesome brand of Swedish meets US hardcore-punk. The songs are catchy but just so powerful and in-your-face, it's rediculous. Incredible bass lines, incredible guitar leads, pummeling drums and furious but well sung vocals all round this record out very well.

7" 5.50€*


PUNK-ROCK. The 2nd release on Sealed Records is a 14 Ttack round up of the five 7"s by ZOUNDS. The debut single from 1980 "can't cheat karma" was released on Crass Records and 39 Years later still stands as one of the finest 7"s both politically and musically. Every home should have these essential Zounds recordings.

LP 19.00€*


HARDCORE. Since their 2015 self-titled release, NEW METHODS has continued playing shows and growing musically. Darker and more melodic, the album sounds like a mix of '90s-hardcore/metalcore with a modern, youthful flair. Taking influences from bands like CARRY ON, GUNS UP, and SNAPCASE, NEW METHODS has crafted an energetic, unique album. Full-length includes their self-titled release as bonus tracks. Limited edition of 250 copies.

LP 17.50€*


HARDCORE-PUNK. Official reissue of a classic 1982 Wisconsin 7" - the original master tapes from this groundbreaking release had finally been restored, remastered, and given a proper reissue. Fast, pummeling and unique hardcore. Before their full-lengths that would be eventually released by Touch And Go, Milwaukee's DIE KREUZEN recorded and released these 6 tracks in 1982. Those tracks were a lot more raw and punk and less experimental than their later works, using more speed and rage than what they became known for.

7"col 7.50€*


OI/STREET-PUNK. Here come THE REAPER. A brand new Dutch outfit that are about to rip it up internationally with their smashing, hard-hitting debut for Rebellion Records. Featuring 13 songs, "rip it up" could best be described as an heavy-weighted, beefed up take on that classic sound of THE TEMPLARS! Clean guitars, brute vocals, powerful singalongs, catchy riffs and a boot in the face! Though these veterans aren't afraid to throw in some ROSE TATTOO influences as well

LPcol 16.50€*


HARDCORE-PUNK. On their 3rd full-length release, Baltimore all-stars ANGEL DUST have teamed up with the colossal Roadrunner Records for "pretty buff", an effort that keeps walking the line between hardcore, melodic punk, and straightforward pop delivered with the swagger that only members of bands like labelmates TURNSTILE can. Vinyl includes a digital download card.

LP 23.00€*


HARDCORE/PUNK. The scandal-packed second-to-last issue of Maximum Rock 'N' Roll! All the latest tawdry punk gossip from your favorite columnists, the usual packed review section with the latest records, books, demos, zines, and punk movies, PLUS: Cruising through the brittle reality of life in a broken colony with TERRY; Portland noise merchants LEBENDEN TOTEN; raw punk mania from Finland’s YDINASEETON POHJOLA; from Brazil, a scene report from Belém in the Amazon region, melancholic post-punk from COMPLETERS. We catch up with Navajo punks WEEDRAT, bratty anarcho sounds from Australia’s UBIK, feral QUEEN superfans CHILD’S POSE from London, pessimistic Russian hardcore from CENTRAL, and Italian punks IMPULSO. Mitch Cardwell digs behind the scenes of the production of the CRIME documentary. Additionally, we hear about the DIY ethos of Chicago’s Not Normal label. Ever wonder what it’s like for a Scottish teenager to bring her dad’s past-it thrash band on tour? Find out in the BRATAKUS/SEDITION Japanese tour diary. If that’s not enough, freak out on the eye-bleeding photo spreads from Karoline Collins and David Carcerán. There will only be one more print edition of MRR after this. Can you afford to pass this up?

FANZINE 5.00€*


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