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HARDCORE. The DROPDEAD and TOTALITÄR split 7", originally released in 2002. The DROPDEAD/ TOTALITÄR 7"as originally released in 2002, featuring two of the most legendary hardcore bands on the planet. Rhode Island's DROPDEAD continue to fly their flag of extreme political thrash with multiple tours across the world. This split was a jump start towards the band's continuing split 7" series self-released over the past decade. A long break in recording from their 2nd LP allowed them to drop an amazingly solid 6 tracks onto their side, representing some of their most savage material. On the flip, Sweden's TOTALITÄR originated in the "silver age" of Swedish hardcore of the mid to late '80's, delivering pounding, classic d-beat hardcore. Always topically astute. Available again after years on colored vinyl.

7"col 7.50€*


INDIE-ROCK. ENTROPY initially started out as a bedroom project but soon developed into a full-fledged band devoted to fusing heavier post-hardcore sounds and indie and shoegaze elements. Think HÜSKER DÜ meets HELMET meets NOTHING meets TORCHE. There’s a distinct '90s vibe here, sure, but ENTROPY doesn’t just want to conjure up the past – their energy and drive propels them into the present and keeps their feet firmly planted in the here and now.

LP 16.00€* CD 12.00€*


PUNK-ROCK. In late 2019, CRASS made the original separate tracks of their "the feeding of the five thousand" available as a free download. People were asked to take the original 16 track recording in its pre-mix state and create their own remixes and interpretations, and then send their new versions back to CRASS for future releases and charitable projects. This MLP is the 3rd release from the results of this musical project and featuring remixes by legendary producer Steve Aoki and Japanese outsider musician Mikado Koko. Colored vinyl release is a limited one-time pressing of 1000 copies. All profits raised by this release were to be donated to the UK charity Refuge.

MLPcol 15.00€*


POST/INDIE-ROCK. Behind the overt shoegaze and grunge revivalism of 12th House Rock, NARROW HEAD find a balance of form and function. For every predictably dense riff over lyrics about getting high, there’s a carefully constructed guitar melody, a particularly sensitive vocal delivery, a bright and buoyant bassline. "12th house rock" captures a wistfulness that surpasses mere mimicry.

DoLP 28.00€*


HARDCORE-PUNK. "heydays revisited", a 5 track 7" of re-recordings or different mixes of early TOTALITÄR materials. If you liked the "multinationella mordare" 7" from back in the days you'll love this one. Absolutely skull crushing swedish hardcore punk! This release will defenitly bring you back to another time. Here you hold a piece of swedish hardcore history. These versions of these songs recorded in 1987 and 1988 and don't appear on any other record.

7" 7.00€*


HARDCORE. "closer still" is the debut LP from CHANGE, the Pacific Northwest straight-edge band. The record is 13 songs of urgent hardcore influenced by YOUTH OF TODAY, UNIFORM CHOICE, INSTED and TURNING POINT. Lyrically, "closer still" was written over a year and at its core is about coping with loss, anxiety, depression, and trying to make the changes needed to find a better path. Vinyl includes a digital download card.

LP 23.00€*


POP/INDIE-PUNK. Spinning the raw emotions and unfettered delivery of power-pop and emo, California outfit JOYCE MANOR emerged in the late 2000's with a blistering punk sound. JOYCE MANOR return with "songs from northern torrance" - a collection of b-sides and alternate versions of fan favorites pulled from the band's personal archives. As a band who have come to define West-Coast indie-punk, JOYCE MANOR remains one of the most popular bands in the genre and this track is a rarity their fans will surely love.

LPcol 23.00€*


HARDCORE. Current and ex-members of Richmond's BRACEWAR, CANDY, NAYSAYER, BREAK AWAY and others came together to form EARTH TO HEAVEN. These 4 songs are equal parts speed and crunch, with plenty of influences coming from bands like COLD WORLD and DOWN TO NOTHING.

7" 8.00€*


PUNK-HARDCORE. MUT AUS FLASCHEN (M.A.F.) is another classic German punk story. For the 1st time the complete discography on vinyl. The material is a rough, fast and trashy punk with hardcore hints. The sound of M.A.F. is full of alcohol and anger. The 1st LP contains the songs of the "hau ab" LP on Rock O Rama, on the 2nd LP there are songs from the demo recorded in 1983, as well as songs from the split demo with MACH 3 and live material from 1983. Colored (green) vinyl comes with a 12-page booklet and additional beer-coaster.

DoLPcol 24.50€*


PUNK-ROCK. Debuting with 7 originals and a surprising cover, STRIKE FIRST is everything that DDC was only bigger, bolder and better! Massive anthems, ultra strong scorchers and killer melodies, there isn't a song on here that doesn't score a 3 out of 3 on these points! Along with the super tight recordings and the colossal mastering, STRIKE FIRST delivers an impressive wall of sound mak ing sure they don't just strike first, but they strike hard as well!

LP 16.50€*


PUNK-ROCK. It took 4 years and a line up change, but finally your favorite pack of outlaws from the raunchy, mean streets of Rotterdam City are back with new hustles and a new plan of attack the STEALERS. Reduced to a three piece outfit, STEALERS ' long awaited 3rd album "never enough" is the 1st record to feature the band's latest patron Jesse on both lead vocal and bass guitar duties. Ripping it up from the get go, these masked savages introduce 9 tracks, while taking their raucous, hard rockin' street rock 'n' roll to the next level resulting in a criminally good record you'll indeed never have enough of!

LP 16.50€*


SXE-HARDCORE.A CHORUS OF DISAPPROVAL formed out of frustration to the hectic and undisciplined punk scene. Taking cues from the more extreme East-Coast hardcore bands mixed with their own groove and style, the CHORUS would arguably be the blueprint for the burgeoning, West-Coast, militant straight-edge scene. Originally released 30 years ago on the formative Nemesis Records, "truth gives wings to strength" became an instant classic that has gone on to influence countless bands. Colored (silver) vinyl is limited to 350 copies and includes a digital download card.

LPcol 20.50€*


GRINDCORE. PIG DESTROYER returns with their MLP, "the octagonal stairway". A blistering dose of grindcore, harsh noise, and industrial swagger. "the octagonal stairway" features 6 crushing tracks from the legendary band, b-side noise tracks, and a special appearance from Igor Cavalera. Vinyl includes a digital download card.

LP 19.50€*


POP-PUNK-ROCK. SWEET SOUL brings 2 new tracks, "noises drown" and "at odds", that act as a precursor to the upcoming LP "so far no further". These 2 tracks offer pure rock energy with enough pop sensibility guaranteed to please any listening ear. Tape-single release also includes the song "come on" by CHUCK BERRY, but the band is really covering THE ROLLING STONES cover version of the track.

TAPE 6.50€*


HARDCORE-PUNK. KOBRA channel the spirit of early anarcho-punk and Italian hardcore while still injecting it with their own unique personality. The album tells the story of young broke punks in Milan, always looking for a grift in the system, angry but also full of self-doubt, torn between activism and nihilism. "confusione" is 10 songs plus one interlude. Vinyl includes a digital download card.

LP 18.50€*


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