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HARDCORE-PUNK. The 6th release on the new Boss Tuneage offshoot label Flexipunk. TOTALOVE hail from Mexico and their brilliant "lo que toco lo destruyo" demo is now put onto a flexi-disc. Whilst Trump tries to build a wall, TOTALOVE are knocking them down with blistering hardcore-punk! Limited edition flexi disc with wraparound cover.

7"FLEXI 3.00€*


DEATH-METAL/CRUST. LUST FOR DEATH deliver once again an explosive cocktail of death-metal-crust. "demons" contain 5 tracks with a total playtime of 25min.. These french crusties are strongly influenced by bands like HELLSHOCK, AFTER THE BOMBS, SANCTUM.

LP 6.50€*


HARDCORE-PUNK. Killer reverb-drenched hardcore-punk from these Northwest Indiana punks. Vinyl offering 6 songs of shrieking chaos with a rock backbone. These guys let you know exactly what they think of military recruiters, corporate power, and how they choose to kill their brain cells in response to this society. An impressive offering from a band to look out for.

7"col 3.00€*


NOISE/HARDCORE-PUNK. [reduced price] The newest release from Ohio's WHITE WALLS show's the band revisiting and reinventing a song that was released on tape a few years ago. The recording on the tape however did not do the song justice, and the band decided it was time to enter into a new studio for a sound different than their previous releases. The results are quite possibly the bands best, most powerful statement yet. Accompanying "kevin" are 2 new songs that find the band at their peak. Somewhere between BLACK FLAG, SHELLAC, and early NIRVANA. They've managed to find an incredibly great disjointed sound that represents all of their talents. Rounding out the record is a jaw dropping cover of THE PIXIES "bone machine" which rivals, if not surpasses the original.

LP 6.00€*


HARDCORE. Latest and greatest 7" from these So Cal hardcore warriors. Rejecting the more traditional d-beat approach the band injects a huge amount of early US-hardcore influence into their DISCHARGE-tinged riffs, bringing to mind trailblazers such as the legendary POISON IDEA. They are not simply paying homage though, they are jumping out from the pack of trendy d-beat and rehash hardcore to bring a record with an incredibly powerful sound and incredibly catchy songs. On this recording they have stayed away from the raw-ponx trend that is sweeping Los Angeles and instead opted for a brighter and cleaner recording to capture the power that these juggernauts have. All copies on colored red vinyl.

7"col 3.00€*


SLUDGE/DOOM-METAL. "meco discordia" is the 2nd release for this italian sludgers, with members of GIUDA and BARBARIANS. Really great punked-up sludgey metal. Definitely a cut above the usual boring bands, this reminds a lot of early BUZZOVEN material. Fans of GRIME and EYEHATEGOD and other sludge bands won’t be disappointed. Limited edition of 300 copies.

LP 5.00€*


INSTRUMEMTAL/POST-ROCK. BATEAU NOIR is a five piece rock outfit from Montreal, Canada that knows that a band doesn’t always need a vocalist to evoke emotion. So it’s no surprise that for their self-titled album, the band’s signature in-your-face, instrumental indie-punk-rock is filled with fuzzy guitars, clean leads with aspects of metal tones. Vinyl includes a digital download card.

LP 6.50€*


EMO/INDIE-ROCK. JOSHUA finally entered the studio with producer John Agnello (Jawbox, Dinosaur Jr.) to mix and produce the sessions that were to become the bands "singing to your subconcious" album. This album is without a doubt JOSHUA 's shining moment on record. Their evolution over the past years has led to a sound not unlike JAWBOX or JIMMY EAT WORLD, but broadening the scope to draw up comparisons to more legendary bands such as BUILT TO SPILL.

LP 7.00€*


CRUST-HARDCORE. RABID RABBIT releases 5 new blazing tracks. Raging some of there most hardcore songs thus far. Vocals sound like seals being murdered. This Minneapolis crust band has political beliefs and a squatter punk lifestyle and bring it to this record. GRISWALD shreds out 3 amazing crust-punk anthems. BROTHERS INFERIOR meets DISRUPT. Limited edition of 300 copies on 100% recycled color vinyl.

7"col 3.00€*


HARDCORE-PUNK. MEDIA BLITZ is a hardcore band from Orange County. They have been around for a few years and "burn the world" is their 3rd release. If you own there previous material, you know how much energy and aggression they put forth into their songs. Pissed off hardcore-punk with snarled shouts, fast simple hardcore riffs, gang vocals, sweet mini-solos, cool breakdowns, and catchy drumming. The band has really stepped it up a notch. Everything about the band is angrier and tighter, not just the music but the lyrics as well. You'll be circle pitting for days after listening to this. Why isn't this band more popular than they are by now? Vinyl includes a digital download card.

LP 6.50€*


HARDCORE. Capturing a pure and honest sound reminiscent of earlier days of hardcore, Southern California's LOOKING UP present their debut release and 1st full-length for Panic Records. The band gives a youthful enthusiasm and spirit that shines through in all 12 songs on this recording, with fast drums and guitars with occasional melodic breaks bringing to mind the sound of TURNING POINT, TEN YARD FIGHT and YOUTH OF TODAY.

CD 4.00€*


POWER-VIOLENCE/GRINDCORE. One Hell of a lovely mess on a 7". Sludging then grinding, SICK/TIRED return with their 3rd release, the follow up to their LP on To Live a Lie Records. Crushing power-violence with distinct hardcore and punk influences that will have you laughing in the face of death. Flip it over as the ugly face of small town Ontario thrash, rage and pound - 4 racks of unrelenting, pissed off hardcore that carries on where previous releases left off. A lovely pairing of 2 bands that mix up their sound with hints of '80s hardcore, power-violence and sludge. One-time pressing of 700 copies.

7" 3.50€*


METAL-PUNK. "no dice", the 3rd and latest full-length assault of Austria’s finest metal-punx EWIG FROST, takes you on an uncanny 30min. nightmare straight to hell…and beyond! EWIG FROST have completely refined their punked up MOTÖRHEAD inspired black ’n’ roll attack. Each track takes you to a different circle of hell: through the deep forests of DARKTHRONE, over the hills of IRON MAIDEN and deep into the nuclear wastelands of TOXIC HOLOCAUST. Brutally fuckin’ brilliant. Top notch packaging on this one too. Colored (white) vinyl includes a poster-inlay and a digital download card.

LPcol 7.50€*


THRASH/GRINDCORE. Long delayed tape that was supposed to be out in 2009 as a split 5''. Finally this see the daylight on Drop Out Records as a tape. Metal tinged brutal fast hardcore from California, well known from 2 full-length records and a bunch of splits with BLOODY PHOENIX. Against brutal grindcore from Singapore in vein of early PHOBIA. This is limited edition (100) of a professionally duplicated tape.

TAPE 3.00€*


HARDCORE. Chicago's BOILING OVER is a hardcore band that is calling attention to the problems that exist in our society in their debut 7" "trash city". A straight-edge band taking cues from bands like DYS and NEGATIVE FX, the band is known for their manic live performances, believing their music should be as short, as fast and as obnoxious as possible. "trash city" contains 8 songs of blisteringly frantic hardcore that showcase a return to the progressive ideas of the genre. Colored 7" comes with digital download code.

7"col 4.00€*


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