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HARDCORE. This 24-page mini-zine gives you just a taste of the madness in the upcoming 288-page book, "xxx fanzine 1983-1988 hardcore & punk in the eighties". More of a companion piece than a preview, this 'zine features additional photographs and interviews that didn't make the book as well as some crucial pieces lifted from the book itself. Also included is a NOMADS 7" FLEXI which features the band covering CRUCIFIX's "how when and where" which flawlessly transitions into AGNOSTIC FRONT's crossover classic "the eliminator".



HARDCORE. ZAP is back! Yes, that's right. The cult magazine, which was launched from 1988 to 1998, is entering a new round. The publisher is, as before, Moses Arndt. In the absence of the magazine he wrote for the Spex or Rock Hard. With Chaostage and New York City Hardcore, Moses also published 2 books. Originally, the release of the comeback edition was scheduled for December, but now it was brought forward to November 15. The issue #153 cover 60 pages on A4 size.

FANZINE 4.50€*


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