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STREET-PUNK. One of the best english singing german punk-rock bands THE VADERS are back with their new longplayer “a link to the past”. This new album contains 19 songs; set between anger and truth, heart and energy. A record full of catchy choruses, straight and simple, while enthusiastic and downright honest. The lyrics are reflecting a band looking for more than empty phrases and lame hooks. Be sure RANCID or DROPKICK MURPHYS would love it to write those tracks. The LP is pressed in red wax and has a special black uv-spot-painted coverart and a poster included.

LPcol 10.00€* CD 10.00€*


HARDCORE-PUNK. Mixing the fantastic, idiotic, and downright absurd, this is the debut LP from Australian punk heroes VAGINORS (members of BLOODCLOT FAGGOTS). An explosion of high energy tunes taking influence from both classic '77 punk and early Japanese noise-core. VAGINORS tread the line between obnoxious punk and hardcore rock 'n' roll with pounding bass lines, searing guitars, and some of the most insane vocals you will hear outside a CRUCIFUCKS record. For fans of DISORDER, SWANKYS, CONFUSE, and DEVO. "nuclear papsmear" is 8 tracks of retarded rock 'n' roll noise complete with machine guns, crying babies, and RAMMSTEIN samples. Off-the-wall and totally addictive.

LP 14.50€*


GARAGE-ROCK. This is the compilation of previously released limited edition tapes by VAGUESS (pronounced "Vegas" - is the moniker of Vinny Vaguess). "the bodhi collection" compiles the snottiest, loudest gems from Vinny's cassettes, all perversely remastered so that we don't get sued for frying your stereo. Even underneath the muffling hum of a Tascam 4-track recorder, the rhythm section is a rolling thunderhead and the firecracker riffs smoke. They sound of the 20 tracks is like THE SEEDS crossed with THE REATARDS, or THE MUMMIES crossed with THE VIBRATORS.

LP 19.50€*


DEATH/DOOM-METAL. VAINAJA is a three-headed metal band from Finland. Taking influences from early '90s metal and doom. Besides the crushing riffs and dark melodies, the album's concept is based on encrypted true events from the past. The concept album adds unprecedented details to the controversial and encrypted story. Ashes to ashes, dust to dust.

LPcol 19.50€* LP 18.00€*


DEATH/DOOM-METAL. The 2nd album by Finnish death-doom trio VAINAJA is based on the book "verenvalaja", presumably the only completely preserved writing of Wilhelm Waenaa. "verenvalaja" tells a coherent, conceptual story in 6 chapters. VAINAJA sets down these ominous writings to evoke feelings of dread in the form of uncompromisingly heavy doom-death metal. Vinyl includes a digital download card.

LP 20.00€*


POST-HARDCORE. Formed in 2011 in Cornwall, England, VALES is a fierce foursome that has quickly proven their musical prowess. Their unique sound teeters between angst-filled screamo and aggressive hardcore, all the while conveying a deep passion for what they are creating. "clarity" serves as a prelude to the band's 1st proper full-length. Colored vinyl includes a digital download card.

MLPcol 12.00€*


HARDCORE-PUNK. Toronto, Canada's VALLEY BOYS speed through 4 tracks of hyperactive punk here, frenetic tempos, desperate vocals and some tasty guitar work placing this solidly in the tradition of early-'80s hardcore. "drone attack" is no one-dimensional thrashfest, however; these veterans deliver memorable songs and relentless energy that sets this apart from any number of generic contemporary rehash outfits, and there's real character here. While sounding like no one exactly, this is exemplary trad hardcore that would fit in nicely with the likes of THE FIX, early POISON IDEA and the GERMS. Members of CAREER SUICIDE and SCHOOL JERKS.

7" 7.00€*


HARDCORE-PUNK. Demo tunes pressed to vinyl by Southern California's stupid and retarded decimators, THE VALOIDS. Been compared to DEEP WOUND meets ANGRY SAMOANS with bits of KBD-style laced in. This is the last press - limited to 325 with whole new cover and layout. Get it now or never!

7" 3.50€*


EMO/INDIE-ROCK. Finally a re-press of this emo classic. "stealing from our favorite thieves" is the debut album from '90s NYC cult emo band THE VAN PELT. Post-punk? indie-rock? post-hardcore? THE VAN PELT walked between all these worlds. Spoken/sung vocals, anthemic pop hooks, fiery guitars and a tightly wound rhythm section made them stand outs of the d.i.y. basement scene they emerged from. Vinyl includes a digital download card.

LP 22.00€*


EMO/INDIE-ROCK. "sultans of sentiment" is the 2nd full-length album by indie-rock band THE VAN PELT. It was released in 1997 on Gern Blandsten Records. On this album the NYC quartet featured a new line up and sound. Clean, warm, spacious guitars paired with repetitive, hypnotic songs showcased the band reaching a new peak. Beloved by those initiated, it continues to find new devotees. Vinyl includes a digital download card.

LP 22.00€*


INDIE/EMO-ROCK. Following their 3rd album "imaginary third" in 2014, THE VAN PELT release a live album, "tramonto", recorded during their most recent European tour. While only active for a matter of years, THE VAN PELT have grown into something of a cult favourite since they original disbanded in 1997. Recorded on the 1st date of said tour - a private gig for friends in, Italy, "tramonto" came about not as a grandiose, self-congratulatory effort, nor a between-albums stop-gap, as is the case with so many live albums. Instead, this was as an opportune moment to capture and document a new chapter in the band's history - those original songs filtered through an older, wiser VAN PELT. Double vinyl comes in a gatefold-cover and includes a digital download card.

DoLP 28.00€*


POP/GARAGE-PUNK. Much like the predatory feline their name references, VANCOUGAR's music is equal parts grace and power (or rather, pop and rock 'n' roll). Crunchy rock with girl-group harmonies and pop-punk sensibilities without excessive sheen. The vocals invite comparisons to the GO-GOS and THE BANGLES but you can tell this music was born in the garage and not in an LA recording studio. On this limited release you'll get on the A-side's a timeless, raw garage-pop blast guaranteed to stick in your head for months, while the flip's an equally engaging slice of infectious punk-rock. This 7" will not be repressed!

7" 3.00€*


PUNK-ROCK. "hitler bad, vandals good" is the 7th studio album by the southern California punk-rock legend THE VANDALS, released in 1998. Much of the album is characterized by the pop-punk music and humorous lyrics for which the band is known, and it became their most popular and commercially successful album to date. Out-of-print on vinyl since its initial release in 1998, this colord vinyl is back in print.

LPcol 19.50€*


PUNK-ROCK. "look what i almost stepped in" is the 8th studio album by the southern California punk-rock band THE VANDALS, released in 2000 by Nitro Records. Much of the album is characterized by the pop-punk music and humorous lyrics for which the band is known. This reissue is the 1st time it has appeared on vinyl since its initial release.

LPcol 18.00€*


PUNK-ROCK. Quite simply one of the hardest working bands in contemporary punk and hardcore, VANILLA POPPERS are back with their most urgent material to date. Following an excellent LP on Lumpy, 3/4 of the original lineup relocated from Cleveland to Melbourne, Australia. The 4 new tracks on "i like your band" find the POPPERS on top of their game, driving home hook-laden punk hits, delivered with the precision and attitude of 1st wave '70s punk and executed with the style and confidence that few contemporary acts possess. Vinyl includes a digital download card.

7" 8.00€*


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