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METAL. Darkness - experimentation - heaviness - artistic integrity. A band that is born as a tribute to swiss titans CELTIC FROST should have all these concepts as a basic reference when working on their own music. Formed in 2014 by three "off-road" musicians with a vast experience in metal, rock, and hardcore bands of Asturias, Spain, In less than 3 years, they have managed to form a solid base of fans in the metal underground scene of their area. This ode to darkness was depicted in the self-released demo 2016, a 3-song - 43min. long recording that served as an introduction to TOTENGOTT.

LP 20.00€*


METAL-PUNK-CRUST. TOTENMOND were originally founded in 1984 as WERMUT. The roots of the metal-band from Backnang are clearly in the early German punk-scene. 2001 TOTENMOND did a coveralbum on Massacre Records with their very own and unique coverversion of German punk classics from INFERNO, RAZZIA, TON STEINE SCHERBEN, CHAOS Z, BOSKOPS, OHL, SLIME and EA80. The original version was pressed in only one small vinyl edition and got indexed due to the SLIME-cover "polizei sa ss“. Now here it is for the 1st time again on vinyl. Without the SLIME-song, but with the remaining 16 blasts. Incredibly powerful and fat sound. Metal-crust-filled high-speed-punk with deep-toned guitars and pure aggression. Primitive and rude.

LP 15.00€*


POST/GOTH-PUNK. After numerous live gigs, more and more attention in the European undergound scenes and the release of their debut, "wrong time wrong place" via US-based Mass Media Records, TOTENWALD found their final line-up. New addition sax player Ruby makes TOTENWALD a 4-piece now and she definitely adds to the '80s post-punk and anarcho vibe of the band with her instrument drawing references to bands such as SKELETAL FAMILY or X-RAY SPEX. TOTENWALD's music is diverse enough to attract different audiences ranging from post-punk and goth-rock to crusties, UK punk fans and the old anarcho-peace-punk crowd. This is the sound of dirty squats and disco lights.

LPcol 12.00€*


PROGRESSIVE-METAL/ROCK. Though it aims for the throat, "avenger" consistently seeps into the soul, proving that TOTIMOSHI remain one of the original forces in modern-metal. Comparable to classic-rock, but fused with enough modernity to grant relevance over nostalgia, TOTIMOSHI is a steady and robust rock unit, at times flirting with enough progressive adventure to negate expectations of typical rock repetition. The song starts mellow psychedelia and ends blistering metal. Vinyl includes a digital download card.

LP 19.00€*


HARDCORE. Budapest, Hungary's TOUCH has been refining their brand of '80s, NYHC-influenced groove for 3 short years - culminating to their debut LP, "the darkness reflects". They keep their sound moving and interesting by nodding to trippy fuzz, psyched-out reverb, and dive-bomb laden thrash; while always firmly maintaining their hardcore roots and structure. With couple previous releases the band finds themselves among stalwarts MENTAL, SOUL CONTROL, BLACKLISTED, and the almighty SUPERTOUCH. This is the blue vinyl version, limited to 100 copies.

LPcol 20.50€*


POST-HARDCORE. While traveling in the UK in 2011, TOUCHE AMORE was invited to record at the legendary BBC Studios for "the punk show". There they worked with acclaimed engineer Simon Askew (Pulp, Pj Harvey, Foo Fighters) during a half-day of recording. Here we experience 4 of their well-known anthems in their most stripped down, road-worn state. Colored vinyl includes a digital download card.

7"col 6.50€*


POST-HARDCORE. Since their inception, TOUCHE AMORE has been touring relentlessly, playing their brand of emotional hardcore everywhere from dingy basements to sprawling arenas. While traveling in the UK in 2013, they were invited to record at the legendary BBC Studios for "the punk show" with host Mike Davies for a 2nd time. TOUCHE AMORE "live on bbc radio 1 vol. 2" offers 4 heartfelt renditions of recent tracks. Colored vinyl includes a digital download.

7"col 6.50€*


POST-HARDCORE. On March 12, 2017, a TOUCHE AMORE live session was broadcast on The Rock Show with Daniel P. Carter on BBC Radio 1. The recording of that broadcast is available now on 7" format via Epitaph. This will be the band's 3rd installment to their "live on bbc radio 1" series.

7"col 8.50€*


POST-HARDCORE. TOUCHE AMORE is a thought-provoking, passionate hardcore band from Los Angeles. From the first strikes of their angular, yet melodic, chords, it's apparent that TOUCHE AMORE has awoken something long forgotten in the hardcore and punk genre, bringing to mind the balance of rage and melody that Revolution Summer-era DC bands RITES OF SPRING and IGNITION once carried. Without a doubt, TOUCHE AMORE's "parting the sea between brightness and me" is a stunning full-length achievement on any scale, proving that there is true beauty within the concept of artistic simplicity. Colored (grey) vinyl includes a digital download card.

LPcol 17.00€* CD 12.50€*


POST-HARDCORE. TOUCHE AMORE from Los Angeles crossed into new territory with their beloved release "is survived by". "stage four" is a powerfully creative leap for TOUXCHE AMORE and it's instantly clear that they're breaking new ground: the career screamer is actually singing, in a quite capable sing-speak harmony. The haunting guest vocals from JULIEN BAKER ends the album with an atmospheric departure, both sonically and in spirit. Vinyl includes a digital download card.

LP 18.00€*


POST-HARDCORE. Hailing from Los Angeles, TOUCHE AMORE set themselves against the glamour and greed of their hometown culture with "to the beat of a dead horse", the passionate debut. "to the beat of a dead horse" feels fully realized: the guitars bend and weave but always maintain their drive, the rhythms are frequently off kilter but never off-time and the vocals are screamed at the edge of breaking up but they're always exciting, pleasing even. Features guest vocals by Geoff (Thursday) and Jeff (Modern Life Is War). Thick 180gr, colored (purple) vinyl comes with a gatefold-cover and includes a digital download card.

LPcol 17.50€* CD 12.00€*


POST/EMO-HARDCORE. "self love" is a collaborative release between TOUCHE AMORE and SELF DEFENSE FAMILY members. "self love" was created by 15 musicians working together as one band. Colored vinyl includes a digital download card.

7"col 7.50€*


POST-HARDCORE. This split 7" features one new song and one cover song from each band, with TOUCHE AMORE offering up the blistering "whale belly" as well as a cover of THE REPLACEMENTS'classic anthem for the apathetic, "unsatisfied". Meanwhile, Kansas City's THE CASKET LOTTERYA debut their new track "white lies" and a cover of BEACH HOUSE's "myth". Colored vinyl includes a digital download card.

7"col 8.00€*


POST-ROCK/INSTRUMENTAL. Damn, what a blast! The 2nd TOUNDRA is just about the limit. Right after their 1st masterpiece you'll blown away. People comparing bands to other as they are always lying and exaggerating, but even if TOUNDRA are slowing down sometimes, they are kicking ass like a perfectly new band formed out of KYUSS and RUSSIAN CIRCLES without playing hours and hours the same boring riffs. Once again another band no one is really talking about, but which outacts almost every band playing similar shit. A huge thank you towards our friends from madrid. Colored (red) double vinyl includes a digital download card.

DoLPcol 18.00€*


POST-ROCK/INSTRUMENTAL. This record is the honest result of a year of dedicated work during a different moment for TOUNDRA in which they've learned smoother ways to write their music and approach the recording. "IV" summarizes everything about the story of TOUNDRA and takes their sound to a more elaborated result, where new atmospheres gather with the same electricity and energy that has always been a defining element of their sound. Comes as thick 180gr edition.

DoLP 22.00€*


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