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POWER-VIOLENCE/GRINDCORE. Featuring a new vocalist on this 2nd full-length, Chicago's SICK/TIRED still play tight and well-executed fast grinding hardcore with '80s thrash and punk elements interwoven into the mix and features members of MK ULTRA and WEEKEND NACHOS.

LP 14.00€*


POWER-VIOLENCE/GRINDCORE. "the lifetaker" is SICK/TIRED's 2nd 7" and features 6 tracks of fierce hardcore that takes no prisoners. Members of SICK/TIRED played in MK-ULTRA, EXALTED and WEEKEND NACHOS before.

7" 6.00€*


POWER-VIOLENCE/GRINDCORE. Hands down, the 2nd split in the series has the potential to be a future classic! It’s also shared by a US and a New Zealand. SICK/TIRED are from DeKalb and features (ex-) members of MK-ULTRA, WEEKEND NACHOS, EXALTED, RIGHT TO REMAIN, LAYERS OF TWAT, FUNERAL FUCK TOY, CRAZY STALLION and others. SICK/TIRED carry on where MK-ULTRA stopped! You'll get 4 tracks of top notch fast, vicious, brutal hardcore! SICK/TIRED kick some serious ass and you need this! COFFEE RAGE share members with GAWJ and ASSCHARGER. They offer you 7 raw punk slayers on their side drawing mostly influence from old Japcore and Scandicore! Seriously if this would have been a boxing match it would be announced a draw! The split comes sealed with an obistrip, inserts and stickers! The 7”s on black vinyl come with a sticker of each band but the 7”s on clear vinyl come with 2 stickers of each band - 900 on black and 100 on clear vinyl.

7"col 7.00€* 7" 5.50€*


POWER-VIOLENCE/GRINDCORE. One Hell of a lovely mess on a 7". Sludging then grinding, SICK/TIRED return with their 3rd release, the follow up to their LP on To Live a Lie Records. Crushing power-violence with distinct hardcore and punk influences that will have you laughing in the face of death. Flip it over as the ugly face of small town Ontario thrash, rage and pound - 4 racks of unrelenting, pissed off hardcore that carries on where previous releases left off. A lovely pairing of 2 bands that mix up their sound with hints of '80s hardcore, power-violence and sludge. One-time pressing of 700 copies.

7" 6.00€*


POWER-VIOLENCE/GRINDCORE. This is an unholy pairing of Baltimore's TRIAC and Chicago's SICK/TIRED. The split is the best material to date of either band. TRIAC brings to the table their patented, no-nonsense, darkened grind hardcore that makes you feel a little uneasy. They are kind of like a NAILS that would let you be one of them. SICK/TIRED unleashes their grindiest material that seems almost inspired by TRIAC. They still weave in some grindviolence and the opening track is almost a mincecore song. Limited edition of 500 copies.

LP 14.50€*


POWER-VIOLENCE HARDCORE. This is the reissue of the 5 track demo tape on vinyl. SICKMARK from Bielefeld, Germany already proofed on their top-notch demo, that they're one of the best european power-violence-bands right now. They perfectly take the best of Slap-A-Ham recordings and add some modern noise and sickness. Vinyl is limited to 300 copies and comes with an etched b-side.

7" 5.00€*


HARDCORE. Punishing debut LP by one of the best new hardcore bands to come around for a while! An unrelenting, dark, and ultimately raging record that combines the brutal edge of a DIE KREUZEN mixed with the hardcore melody of a ARTICLES OF FAITH. Yet this band sounds new and fresh and not attempting to ape past hardcore genres. SICKOIDS have an incredible driving sound that is harsh but also has a intense controlled chaos. The rhythms are fierce and hit with procession and are brilliantly matched with the chorus style guitar that hits like a knife in the chest. This dynamic trio made up of WITCH HUNT, GOVERNMENT WARNING and DIRECT CONTROL members.

LP 13.50€*


POST/GARAGE-PUNK. This follow up 7" to their debut finds the S/CKS again refusing to fall neatly into any category. Guitars that are as tight and angular as GANG OF FOUR while the vocalist does his best to channel Mark E Smith doing a John Brannon impersonation. Many people will recall that members of this band have been in a who's who of Pittsburgh punk bands - THE BATS, DIRECT ACTION, AUS-ROTTEN, CAUSTIC CHRIST, KIM PHUC to name a few - but this band is much more dynamic than the sum of those parts.

7" 7.00€*


SXE-HARDCORE. Out of all the straight-edge bands of the late '80s, SIDE BY SIDE seems to be one of the most underrated. They're not as popular as GORILLA BISCUITS, as influential as YOUTH OF TODAY, or as musically advanced as BOLD, but nonetheless "you're only young once" is a powerful album. Remastered to be better than ever, this release has been expanded to a full-length packed with unreleased studio, live, and practice recordings. Colored (gold) vinyl version includes a digital download card.

LPcol 17.50€* CD 12.50€*


POP/EMO-PUNK. "happiness hours" is the 4th album by THE CSIDEKICKS, their 2nd for Epitaph. THE SIDEKICKS came together in high school in suburban Cleveland, where singer/guitarist Steve Ciolek and drummer Matt Climer bonded over their love for punk bands like BAD RELIGION, NOFX, and RANCID. "happiness hours" picks up sonically where "awkward breeds" left off, destined to be the new fan favorite.

LP 23.00€*


POWER-VIOLENCE-HARDCORE. Tacoma Washington’s SIDETRACKED has been up and down the coasts, playing fests, putting out dozens of releases, and being an amazing fast hardcore band for almost 20 years and you know the one thing that they are missing? A full length record. With angular hooks, false hits, starts and stops, this is pure fastcore perfection. The weirdest thing is you’ll want to hear more after you listen to the 24 tracks carved into the vinyl on this one. Poised to be one of the most important fastcore releases in 2019, don’t sleep on "hollowed out".

LP 16.00€*


POWER-VIOLENCE-HARDCORE. These 12 songs were culled from decade old riff tapes and made into a cohesive 7" that sounds like it could've been written yesterday. Expect manic fastcore and a few mid paced numbers. Fans of CAPITALIST CASUALTIES and LACK OF INTEREST should take note. Limited to 500 copies on colored vinyl.

7"col 6.00€*


HARDCORE. West meets East on this split 7". SIDETRACKED brings 10 angular fastcore tracks that fly by in a flash while RABID PIGS offers up 4 tracks of pissed off straight-edge fury guaranteed to incite a riot.

7" 6.50€*


POWER-VIOLENCE/GRINDCORE. Both SUPPRESSION and SIDETRACKED have worked hard to maintain strong footholds in the extreme, fast-hardcore arena, but on this release both jump headfirst into extreme, fast nosiecore. If you like your punk completely blurred out like SORE THROAT, you'll need this one - 94 (forty-nine) total tracks!!!

7" 8.00€*


HARDCORE. SIEGE was one of those more than awesome hardcore bands from Boston that influenced hundreds and hundreds of bands over the years. These 9 tracks were recorded in 1984 at Radio Beat in Boston. This is a classic - a must have for anyone interested in ‘80s hardcore. INFEST, DROP DEAD, HERESY, RIPCORD… all of these bands were completely influenced by SIEGE. This "30th anniversary edition" got restored with definitive sound from the original sessions' outtakes.

LPcol 15.00€* CD 14.50€*


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