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SLUDGE/DOOM-METAL. "meco discordia" is the 2nd release for this italian sludgers, with members of GIUDA and BARBARIANS. Really great punked-up sludgey metal. Definitely a cut above the usual boring bands, this reminds a lot of early BUZZOVEN material. Fans of GRIME and EYEHATEGOD and other sludge bands won’t be disappointed. Limited edition of 300 copies.

LP 6.00€*


POWER-VIOLENCE/NOISE. Two bands that are releasing the harsh reality of music and noise on the unsuspecting victims of today's music followers. From Maine's ROBOCOP to Canada's DETROIT - they combine a onslaught of noise, power-violence to produce some blasting combinations. Seizure inducing stop-and-start noise barrage of stereo blasting - added noise elements over raw power-violence and noise montage echoes of the forefathers including J. Randall. Previously released on Grindcore Karaoke as CD, now available on vinyl.

LP 11.50€*


POP/GARAGE-PUNK. "end transmission" is the debut full-length from Tempe Arizona’s ROBOT (RE)PAIR. Members of RUMSPRINGER, PARKWAY WRETCH coming together to bust out 12 original tracks and a cover. It’s a little sci-fi, a lotta southwest poppy-punk, and definitely some of them heartfelt, 1st-in-the-air, anthems. Limited to 300 copies.

LP 16.00€*


HARDCORE. ROBOT WHALES debuts with a sound all their own - blending a groove heavy sound with an atmospheric quality without leaving behind the influences that ground them solidly in the hardcore realm - think INSIDE OUT and BURN colliding with HANDSOME and QUICKSAND. The sense that you are listening to something unique and new is present - rarely does a record come out that strikes as hard to your brain as "vehicle" - infectious is the starting point, addicted is where it leaves you.

LP 12.00€* CD 5.00€*


POST-PUNK-ROCK. Delivered with more urgency then an ER ward, "live from camp x-ray" will drag you through a merciless journey of ass-shaking, explosive sound. Here is the latest studio full-length that extends the saga of these San Diegan cultural cult-icons trail of fire - just as the garage sound gets trendy - ROCKET FROM THE CRYPT is back to remind that sound where it got its sound. Colored vinyl comes with gatefold-cover.

LPcol 23.00€*


SINGER/SONGWRITER. Seattle singer-songwriter ROCKY VOTOLATO released his 8th studio album, "hospital handshakes", with his new label No Sleep Records. this is a surprisingly positive explosion of energy that examines themes of healing from trauma, overcoming depression, spiritual longing and finding true meaning in life. At the core of VOTOLATO's new music is the same earnest, impassioned, seeking voice, but now with a little more perspective, the product of self-realization hard earned from a period of darkness and doubt. Colored vinyl includes a digital download card.

LPcol 14.50€* CD 12.00€*


SINGER/SONGWRITER. During his time on the road VOTOLATO has developed a loyal, extremely devoted core group of fans across the world that love him for the personal impact his music has had on their lives. Building off of and inspired by that connection, with this record VOTOLATO has created something real, classic, and timeless. Teaming up with long time friend and producer Casey Foubert , and with the help of an outstanding cast of musicians, including his brothers Sonny and Cody Votolato "television of saints" delivers on the promise hinted at with "makers". Lean and to the point, "television of saints" is both VOTOLATO's most intimate and most immediately accessible work to date. Vinyl includes a digital download card.

LPcol 14.50€* CD 11.00€*


SINGER/SONGWRITER. ROCKY VOTOLATO writes graceful, understated, unpretentious songs demonstrating that simplicity is still a viable option for accomplished songwriters. His previous 2 releases found him exploring and paying homage to the folk and country music that shaped his early life in Texas while "true devotion" is a passionate, stripped down and mostly acoustic reflection on moments from his current life, showing where he is, where he has come from and where he's going. Vinyl includes a digital download card.

LP 14.50€* CD 11.00€*


HARDCORE. "lies", the debut from San Diego's ROD OF CORRECTION (members of TAKE OFFENSE, NARROWS, GODCOLLIDER), showcases a tasteful collision of hardcore, skate-punk and metal hardcore that only veteran players could bring to the table. LEEWAY, ANTHRAX, SUICIDAL and EXCEL all contribute to the foundation of the group’s sound, but it’s the members’ collective decades of playing in various bands that give them the foresight not to simply plagiarize, but rather build off said foundation and create an honest vision they can call their own. "lies" is an enduring record that demands repeat spins, cranked up real high, complimented by a heavy dose of fist banging mania. Vinyl is limited to 500 copies and includes a digital download card.

LP 16.00€*


POST/FOLK-ROCK. "fifteen quiet years" is a celebratory document - a repository for all the important RODAN recordings that fans of "rusty" have long wished they could unearth. The collection includes the 1994 BBC Peel session, together with all of RODAN's long-out-of-print 7"s and compilation tracks. Featuring members of JUNE OF 44, RACHELS, THE SONORA PINE, THE SHIPPING NEWS and RETSIN.The vinyl will include a digital download card with 10 bonus live recordings from their extensive personal archives.

LP 17.00€*


INDIE-ROCK. As heartbreaking as it is uplifting, "twelve houses" is a fiercely deliberate case study on nostalgia, perspective and transformation. A beautifully lush record connected by recurring themes and symbolism, the album veers effortlessly from guitar rock to psychedelia, at times intimately minimal and others instrumentally oversaturated. A beautifully lush record saturated with horns, pedal steel guitars, unique percussion and reverb "twelve houses" sounds like the record JEFF MAGNUM would have made if he'd grown up in the '90s. Colored vinyl includes a digital download card.

LPcol 14.50€*


OI/STREET-PUNK. While releasing "class decline", REbellion Records also threw in the idea to do something with the 5 track demo from 2015 and the debut 7" on Foreign Legion Records. Here is the result - both releases compiled on one LP. Reloaded and remastered, one of the best demos of 2015 and one of the best 7"s of 2016 sound better than ever before! Therefor this release is a must for oi-fans worldwide, simply because this is one of the best new bands around.

LP 16.50€*


OI/STREET-PUNK. Their music flexes an American muscle hard and you can hear the influence from the early BRUISERS 7"s and the more garagey cuts from the WRETCHED ONES records, but there's still a bit of that English influence and that lends the band a little more melody than the founding fathers of American oi!. For fans of CROWN COURT and LAST CRUSADE.

7" 6.50€*


OI/STREET-PUNK. Heavily impressing with both their self-released demo in 2015 and 2016's "boots on the ground" 7" for Foreign Legion Records, Massachusetts' own ROGUE TROOPER are definitely in a league of their own. Now the troopers are back and they come out guns blazing with their debut LP - "class decline". Where ROGUE TROOPER's previous work was heavily impressive, this LP will blow you away! With smart lyrics, a well thought out sound and catchy, boisterous anthems, these young guns can definitely gather themselves among the select few we dare to march off the beaten tracks of oi! music, while undoubtedly delivering a future classic!

LP 16.50€*


"NOISE-PUNK. "Ionsamfelagio og framtio pess" which roughly translates to "industry and its future", is taking the oddity and isolationism of hardcore-punk and industrial-noise and smashing them even further together than they did on previous releases. This is the sound of a band perfecting its approach to the world. And we can't get enough. At first listen it is what seems to be a simple formula of bass, noise, drums and vocals but as you continue to listen, delicate layers of depression, life, anger, creativity, emergence and deconstruction begin to unfold until you find yourself trapped in a dystopian clamor void of hellish nothingness. Vinyl includes a digital ndownload card.

LP 18.50€*


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