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POWER-VIOLENCE HARDCORE. This is raging fastcore from 2 parts of the world, that couldn't be more far away from each other. ULTIMATE BLOWUP from Turkey with 8 tracks of maniac power-violence with a similar stereo voice work to SPAZZ and kinda earsmashing soundwall, we all love INFEST for. KALI from Canada with a similar style, super fast thrashcore smashers with a completely mad singer. Thrash to the max, play fast, die slow!

7"col 5.00€*



10" 2.50€*


OI/STREET-PUNK. Modern oi! is in an ugly place, a subgenre of a subgenre populated by small fish in an even smaller pond, trying to grow limbs after 3 decades of recycled riffs, copied lyrics, and redundant sloganeering. Enter ULTRA RAZZIA, the Mountie Marauders, the Quebecian Killers. Luckily their trek through the catacombs of oi found them cutting through the brush into less-traveled terrain, and their 1st full-length finds the band dialing back the distortion and focusing on single-string riffs that sound straight out of '82, like early Riot City Records.

LPcol 17.00€*


OI/STREET-PUNK. "final conquest" is the 2nd 7" from this Northern California band after their brilliant and sold-out debut, "war of the roses", from 2018. With angry, mid-tempo oi, powerful choruses and chords, ULTRA SECT would have made a good appearance on the legendary "american headaches" compilations from the '90s. File under HAMMER AND THE NAILS, or some of the french classics of the genre. Vinyl is hand-numbered out of 200 copies and includes a digital download card.

7" 8.00€*


PUNK-HARDCORE. Debut 7" from Bay-Area, hardcore warriors UMBILICAL CORD. Cold, harsh and dissonant, UMBILICAL CORD play an eclectic, almost psychedelic brand of punk-hardcore that will leave your head spinning. Unorthodox guitars, manic drumming and a frontman who spews more than he sings, these four songs prove that innovative and inventive punk and hardcore are still present in a world full of imitators and spectators. Members of ECOLI and YADOKAI. Limited edition of 300 copies.

7" 6.50€*


DEATH-METAL. "shadow of life" is the 10-song debut album from UMBRA VITAE. The project reunites CONVERGE, THE RED CHORD, HATEBREED/TWITCHING TONGUES and UNCLE ACID/JOB FOR A COWBOY members. It takes a special band to mercilessly beat and cerebrally torment in equal measure. UMBRA VITAE certainly packs as much intensity as possible into under 30min., but "shadow of life" looks beyond blunt force trauma. Colored vinyl includes a digital download card.

LPcol 20.50€*


HARDCORE-PUNK. Two brand new long awaited songs to follow up last year's incredible "observant com el món es destrueix" LP. UBI have managed, working so smoothly it almost seems effortless, to make music that is timelessly familiar and crackling with modern energy. Anthemic industrial tinged hardcore-punk with an anarcho slant from Barcelona. Truly, music of the people for the people. One of the best bands going these days. Ring, ring, don't miss this call. Colored (orange) vinyl comes with a digital download card and comes packaged in a heavy feltweave sleeve.

7"col 8.00€*


HARDCORE-PUNK. Barcelona's UNA BÈSTIA INCONTROLABLE came out of nowhere a few months ago. Within a few weeks of their existence they had recorded a promising demo of experimental noisy hardcore, played a few shows and started working on their debut album. Barely 6 months later they give birth to "observant com el món es destrueix". A 9 track LP integrally sang in Catalan and with a psychedelic approach to their previous bands sound (GLAM, ATENTADO, DESTINO FINAL, INVASION, CROSTA amongst others). Their primative anthems of nature seeking dreams are distorted, repetitive and heavy at times. With their boots firmly stuck in hardcore based while keeping the overall sound free of any boundaries and styles. An explosion of hardcore between day dreaming of peace and nightmares of reality.

LP 14.50€*


HARDCORE. Lasting a brief 4 years (1991-1995), UNBROKEN’s legacy has continued on as reference point for so much of current day hardcore music. Twenty-five+ years gone and their highly sought after and revered album, "life, love, regret" is still considered an influential landmark for the genre and one that still continually shows up on current playlists. This is the 1st time vinyl has been available since a 20th anniversary pressing was made in 2014 (which sold out immediately). This is the black vinyl version.

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HARDCORE-PUNK. After several well-received worldwide demo cassettes, Russian hardcore thrashers UNBROKEN BONES are back with their debut 7" called "the last weapon". If you missed their demos and never have listened to them, UNBROKEN BONES play killer thrashing hardcore-punk-metal heavily inspired by prime-era BROKEN BONES, but also with hints of ATTITUDE ADJUSTMENT and even AGNOSTIC FRONT, as well as other good mid-late '80s UK/US crossover. "the last weapon" contains 5 songs (included a classics EXIT CONDITION cover). First pressing 500 copies, all on black vinyl

7" 2.00€*


DEATH-METAL/GRINDCORE. UNCHALLENGED HATE of Essen, Germany was formed in 1997. They released a couple releases so far and got highly acclaimed critics all over the planet. "new hate order" contains 13 explosions of grindcore cacophony, but underneath it all is a subtle hint of old-fashioned death-metal. Limited vinyl includes a CD version.

LP+CD 12.00€*


POST-PUNK. Schizophrenic Records presents a slab of unhinged, lasting ephemera from Hamilton’s UNCONTROLABLE URGE. Freshly minted, UNCONTROLLABLE URGE weave a post-punk blend of early UK '70s punk, haunting vocals and jarring rhymes that will have you bopping that foot. This is punk music for the post-alt-whatever leaners: songs for the overworked, misinformed and the perpetually connected. For fans of KLEENEX. WIRE and GANG OF FOUR.

LP 14.00€*


CRUST-HARDCORE. "chords for freedom" deliever 8 tracks from Sweden’s masters of punishing hardcore-punk packaged in a beautiful digi-pack. Originally recorded in 1999 to be released by Retribution Records to coincide with their 2000 tour of England, now years later "chords for freedom" sees the light of day. UNCURBED have been at it since 1990 and there has never been a band as consistent at delivering kick ass crust influenced hardcore.

CD 7.50€*


DEATH-METAL. From Sicily with fury, UNDEAD CREEP come out strongly with their 1st full-length, a pure Swedish-oriented death-metal assault without compromises. Obscure, raw, brutal guitar riffing, granitic rhythm section and occult lyrical themes, as tradition teaches. If you love NIHILIST, early ENTOMBED and DISMEMBER, you'll love these guys too. Featuring members of HAEMOPHAGUS , GIUDA and MORBO. Vinyl comes in gatefold-sleeve.

LP 12.00€*


POST-PUNK. There are new bands which catch your attention like a gripping face coming out of nowhere. UNDER 45 probably says nothing to you but it’s only a matter of time before you get charmed by this very unique form of musical expression. Some might describe it as post-punk or try to assign to it a wide range of influences from different time periods, styles or scenes but it’s not the point. Seduced by the sarcastic but clever poetry, by the bright guitars and by the persuasive bass lines. Anyway, we can give you some names to set up the scenery if you need : THE FALL, PUBLIC IMAGE LIMITED, UK DECAY.

LP 15.00€*


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