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PUNK-ROCK. LÜGEN from Dortmund, Germany did a 4-track demo-tape in 2016, which was sold-out in only a few days. Their same-titled debut album is really independent, unique and sympathic. Punk-rock with high political lyrics and female vocals. A bit classic "deutsch-punk", a spot of hardcore, some emo-elements and extraordinary vocals between singing and spoken words. Angry, snotty, sometimes destructive (post-)punk at its very best. Vinyl includes a digital download card.

LP 11.00€*


SLUDGE/STONER-METAL. The debut from the trio known as LUMBAR, founded by Aaron Edge (HIMSA, IAMTHETHORN, ROTE HEXE etc.), who is joined by Mike Scheidt (YOB, VHÖL) and Tad Doyle (TAD). The musical result is as diverse and destructive as one may expect from such a lineup, with the varied influence from this trio of musicians coalescing into seven organic and tonally oppressive movements. Ethereal ghostly passages and spacious expanses of minimalistic disharmony cone to an end in sonic obliteration through mesmerizing and pulverizing, as an array of distinct vocal mantras echo from the heart of it all.

LP 16.00€*


POST-PUNK. LUNCH LADY are a sparky group from Los Angeles redolent of the desert heat, pining hearts and that chorus-soaked cloak of sound held dear by followers of British early '80s post-punk. "angel" features 12 tracks (only 2 of which running over 3min.) and is an album of resounding yearning, of cold fire and hot, sticky blood. It's an album of troubled tales, buried hearts and wandering homeward. Throughout, the singers narrative-heavy lyrics keep things themed and theatrical. Thick 180gr colored (red) or regular black vinyl.

LP 20.50€* LPcol 22.50€*


POST/EMO-PUNK. Dischord presents the reissue LUNGFISH's 2nd full-length, "rainbows from atoms", on LP. Originally released in 1993 - long out-of-print, this version has been remastered for vinyl. From their inception in 1988 until their hiatus in 2006, Baltimore's LUNGFISH released 11 full-length albums. Vinyl includes a digital download card.

LP 17.50€*


POST/EMO-PUNK. Originally released in 1996, "sound in time", was recorded at the legendary Inner Ear Studios and has been out-of-print on vinyl since its initial release. This version has been remastered for vinyl. Vinyl includes a digital download card.

LP 17.50€*


BLACK-METAL. The 1st full-length release from LUSITANIA from Arizona. Deviant and terrorizing black-metal featuring members of GAY KISS, DEALING, SACRED FOLLOWERS, and DETACHED OBJECTS. A voice of the total loss of all hope. You're completely justified in your murderous rage, knowing that you'll find no solace in this life sentence with no retribution. For fans of cold-blooded malice and no looking back. Missing for 25 years and never coming back. War is hell.

LP 7.50€*


DEATH-METAL/CRUST. LUST FOR DEATH deliver once again an explosive cocktail of death-metal-crust. "demons" contain 5 tracks with a total playtime of 25min.. These french crusties are strongly influenced by bands like HELLSHOCK, AFTER THE BOMBS, SANCTUM.

LP 6.50€*


INDIE/ELECTRO-POP. "compassion" restates beauty for a time of crisis and clickbait. Judgement, design, form, and opinion: to what end will we refine our world if we can't also make an anthem of our lives? LUST FOR YOUTH are affectionately vicious, and vulnerably sharp. They are the anticipation of the comedown as you come up on the best you've ever been offered from a bathroom stall. This is the spectrum: a low you know, and a dizzy new height. Vinyl includes a digital download card.

LP 20.50€*


INDIE/ELECTRO-POP. To put it bluntly, LUST FOR YOUTH's "international" is unrecognizable as a LUST FOR YOUTH record on 1st listen. Hannes Norrvide's previous solo albums under the LUST FOR YOUTH moniker have been described as dark, cold, atonal, tormented, lonely, and lower than lo-fi. The approach on "international" has shifted dramatically. LUST FOR YOUTH have entered a completely new territory. The result is stunning. "international" is a buoyant synth masterpiece in the vein of early NEW ORDER and DEPECHE MODE. Norrvide's work has always had pop sensibilities buried deep in the reverb, but the hooks are front and center on "international", and there is nothing lo-fi about it. Vinyl includes a digital download card.

LP 18.50€*


INDIE/ELECTRO-POP. Pirouetting on decadence, meeting eyes with a dizzy sensation, falling and flying at the same time - LUST FOR YOUTH have continually held poise through the most vitalising of times. Their new album, a self-titled collection of 8 songs, is sure-footed where they had earlier feared to tread, and light-headed for a new set of reasons. The album is driven by a dance-pop agenda, hustling its way through upbeat peaks that level out into reflective ballads. While still taking clear cues from a crop of austere synth-pop, LUST FOR YOUTH sound brighter than they ever have before, taking tips from some of the flirtiest Eurobeat to aid their new direction. Colored vinyl includes a digital download card.

LPcol 21.50€* LP 20.50€*


INDIE/EMO-ROCK. LUTHER has a hard time standing still. After 2 years and hundreds of shows, LUTHER has put the finishing touches on their debut full-length. "let's get you somewhere else" finds LUTHER honing their nervous energy to create not only a more straightforward, driving album but also a momentum that will keep the band from slowing down anytime soon. For fans of later HÜSKER DÜ, SAMIAM, JIMMY EAT WORLD and THE GET UP KIDS. Vinyl version includes a digital download card.

LP 12.00€* CD 10.00€*


INDIE-POP. Indie, psychedelic dream-pop tenants THE LUYAS move listeners with spectral and kaleidoscopic "too beautiful to work". An album on which intense focus, strong atmospheric consistency, and mind-bending songwriting are the order of the day. THE LUYAS have crafted a powerfully orchestral suite of music with "too beautiful to work". The sounds of which fit naturally together as they flow from one effortlessly hypnotic track to another. And the overall effect of which is to soothe and whisk listeners off to it's often beautiful worlds and atmospheres. LP includes a MP3 download card.

LP 15.00€* CD 14.00€*


PUNK/OI/METAL. LVGER from New York is a force to be reckoned with, which becomes obvious when you drop the needle in the groove. Shredding guitar, buzz-saw bass, and battering ram drums assault you out of the gate and does not relent, leaving you in shock with bleeding eardrums. Inspired by equal parts punk, oi, and metal, this is backstreet rock 'n' roll that follows no rules and has no boundaries, and that is what gives this the freedom to be unique and original. Vinyl (black) is limited to 200 copies and includes a digital download card.

LP 19.50€*


PUNK/OI/METAL. This is hard driving metal from members of PROWLER, 45 ADAPTERS and TEMPLARS. Heavy riffs that drive with a pulse and vocal style that recalls MOTÖRHEAD, while the band isn't afraid to pull back and indulge in some stoner-rock impulses. Limited edition of 280 copies.

MLP 19.50€*


INDIE-POP. Although self-categorized as slacker rock, Brooklyn's LVL UP is quite an ambitious band. In only a few short years, they have released 2 critically acclaimed LPs as well as a number of 7" and splits with other indie darlings. "three songs" is a quick but fulfilling demonstration of LVL UP's ability to write incredibly understated, indie-pop classics. In typical fashion, a different member of the band takes the lead on each of the 7"s songs. Colored vinyl includes a digital download card.

7"col 7.00€*


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