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PUNK-ROCK. This split need much introduction at all. All new recording from both bands. KICKER follows up their "not you" full-length with an original and a PARTISANS cover with SUBMACHINE offering 3 new songs on the flipside.

7"col 7.00€*


POST-PUNK-ROCK. KICKING SPIT is an American band influenced by alternative and rock 'n' roll combining elements of hardcore-punk and noise-rock. Melodic guitar solos, droning vocals, feedback, extreme volume and the loud-quiet dynamic. Take everything you love about '80s hardcore, and mix it in a blender with HÜSKER DÜ and DINOSAUR JR. and you've got a pretty good idea of what KICKING SPIT sounds like. The songs are really catchy and definitely have an early '90s feel to them.

MLPcol 7.50€*


ELECTRO/INDIE-ROCK. KID 606 returns to the fray with "die soundboy die" 9 original songs that devour and warp current musical trends like dubstep, bassline, ragga, techno and rave (both old and new!) in his very unique and original way. But that is just a coincidence, These songs are all dark and scary bass heavy jams made to help celebrate life while thinking about death. Hopefully stopping short of being a concept album, every song is different in style and tempo, but a clear musical ideology links these songs together. The perfect teaser for KID 606's new and completely different much happier full-length album "give up then get down" in early 2009. This album includes a CD of all 9 tracks!

LP+CD 16.00€*


MELODIC-HARDCORE. With an aggressive combination of many genres, KID LIBERTY is determined to land a place in the heart of every person that comes across their music. With the mentality of a hardcore band and the catchy melodies of a pop band, this is a band that will leave you dumbfounded. For fans of FOUR YEAR STRONG, SET YOUR GOALS and CRIME IN STEREO. Colored vinyl is limited to 300 copies.

LP 14.00€* CD 11.00€*


HARDCORE-PUNK. KID LIBERTY's debut record, "fight with your fists", was a nice introduction to another band combining hardcore influences with pop-punk jams. Returning on a more amusing, relaxed note, however, KID LIBERTY has decided to have some fun with their latest offering, "give up. give in.". Clearly made as just an entertaining offering for fans, this 7" includes 1 new song, a cover of the ever-so-popular "fuck you" and an acoustic track. Available again on colored vinyl.

7"col 5.00€*


POWER-VIOLENCE-HARDCORE. Three-piece, fast hardcore with brief, feedbacking breakdowns. Their live sets are furious sprints into oblivion. KIDNAPPED aren't done, but what they've accomplished in 2 short years is release 5 tapes worth of hard-as-nails, fast-as-hell, concise, blasting face-rippers. For fans of INFEST, CROSSDED OUT, HATRED SURGE, and DEAD IN THE DIRT.

LP 18.50€*


GARAGE-PUNK. After the stunning debut they got hijacked onto legendary Rip Off Records with the "neon signs“ album. All KIDNAPPERS records received raving reviews and they found their spot between their '90s heros TEENGENERATE and classic Stiff Records sound. "will protect youI" is 10 originals recorded in Chris‘ kitchen during the winter - it ain‘t LoFi! This is the loud on-the-spot punk-power pop album for a long while. The Hamburg boys hail the flag for a sound which seemed to be forgotten the last years.

LP 13.50€*


HARDCORE. Their 2nd album from 2005 alread on vinyl. Raw, pure thrash-skate-mosh hardcore mixed with emotion, anger and angst from a veritable hardcore group.

CD 11.50€*


HARDCORE. Taking off running from where "gator smash" (from "outta control") left off, "the game" forces you to bang your head to 10 tracks of heavy, southern influenced hardcore. "the game" goes where most bands haven't gone before, they don't stick with the same formula as previous albums. It's an exploration of growth for this 7 year-old band that proves they are still in the making and not over the hill.

LPcol 14.50€* CD 11.50€*


HARDCORE. This is a absolutely must have if you dig Finnish hardcore-punk. Finally a follow-up to their great "vapauden illuusio" LP on Feral Ward a few years back, the Turku finnish punkers deliver here 4 pummeling tracks in the great tradition of their stylish brand of rock 'n' roll. Vinyl is wrapped in a classic a3 fold-out poster-sleeve.

7" 6.00€*


HARDCORE. "kuoleva systeemi" is a 4 song 7" released for this Finnish band's recent US tour. KIELTOLAKI picks up right where that last monster LP left off. The production here is huge, taking the template established by DISCHARGE's "why" album and making it bigger, louder, faster, and more complex. More importantly, though, this thing is just brimming with anger. These guys may be the most pissed-sounding band in hardcore today - just ripping.

7" 7.00€*


HARDCORE. "vapauden illuusio" is KIELTOLAKI's 2nd full-length. Blazing, powerful, relentless and simple hardcore. No schtick, no gimmick, just aggression. This is how current scandinavian hardcore should sound - excellent finish hardcore.

LP 16.50€*


POST-HARDCORE. KILL HOLIDAY was formed in 1994 by UNBROKEN, AMENITY, STATEMENT, IMPEL members. Influenced by bands such as QUICKSAND and JAWBREAKER, KILL HOLIDAY set out to create music that was still heavy but emotionally charged at the same time. KILL HOLIDAY reinvented themselves and retraced the footsteps that led them to hardcore in the 1st place; great '80 pop like THE SMITHS, RIDE, THE CHARLATANS - Englishmen with ideals and emotions matched in intensity only by their subcultural counterparts in Washington DC at the time: RITES OF SPRING, EMBRACE, SOULSIDE. It makes sense. Awareness of your own mortality dictates your perspective, expression is gained in experience, and these guys have stories to tell. Colored (red) vinyl is limited to 299 copies and includes a digital download card.

LPcol 17.50€* CD 12.50€*


HARDCORE. Featuring Dwid Hellion (INTEGRITY), Penny Rimbaud from anarchist gods CRASS, Mike from EYEHATEGOD, plus members of FUCKED UP, LEAF HOUND, and PULLING TEETH. Super-group recording from a session finished in London in 2011. Colored 7" includes a digital download card.

7"col 8.50€*


GRINDCORE. This split 7" is KILL THE CLIENT's 1st release since their highly praised "cleptocracy" full-length and raises the stakes with the some of the most brutal Texas grind tracks ever committed to vinyl. Recorded live in their practice space and politically pissed off beyond recognition. THOUSANDSWILLDIE bring 5 tracks of manic Bay-Area grind to their side of the split.

7"col 5.00€*


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