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HARDCORE-PUNK. Richmond's HAIRCUT deliver 5 tracks of furious hardcore-punk on their debut. The speed and precision displayed across "shutting down" is rarely captured so well on a band's 1st record, but the execution on these 5 tracks (all of which burn through in 60-90 seconds) is hard to match. Just as essential to this release are Juliana's tireless, outspoken lyrics (both in English + Spanish) and vocal delivery which echoes from a very candid perspective often missing in contemporary punk and hardcore. A standout 7" devoid of any gimmickry or trend-worship. Simply pure, classic hardcore-punk. Limited edition of 500 copies.

7" 7.50€*


HALF GIRL is an all-girl-group. "all tomorrow’s monsters"is their debut full-length. Children of the night expect some glorious songs about monsters, broken hearts and werewolves. You'll get '60s melodies meets singalong punk-rock. Sheer heartwarming. Vinyl includes a digital download card.

LP 17.00€*


POP/INDIE-PUNK. New Bedford's HALF HEARTED HERO refuses to fold under the weight of the responsibilities and pressures that come with adulthood. Instead, determined to continue, they started over. "isn't real" is a true album, tied together by a consistent energy and voice. Where 2013's "whatever" and 2011's "running water" were more aggressive, relying on speed and heaviness, "isn't real" displays the band in a more refined manner. There are still high-energy passages full of driving drums and huge distorted guitars that suggest influences from POLAR BEAR CLUB. As "isn't real" progresses, nods to bands like SAVES THE DAY and MOTION CITY SOUNDTRACK emerge. Colored vinyl is limited to 500 copies and includes a digital download card.

LPcol 19.00€*


POP/INDIE-PUNK. From New Bedford, HALF HEARTED HERO play melodic pop-punk along the same lines as A WILHELM SCREAM and FULLBLAST. This release featuring 6 songs of technical fast paced pop-punk from one of the most talented bands. Limited, colored vinyl includes a digital download card.

LPcol 14.50€*


INDIE/ART-ROCK. Leading the lo-fi movement of the early '90s burgeoning indie-rock scene, HALF JAPANESE's lasting influence and prolific output has seen them experiment with alternate tunings, chords and melody and in recent years they've produced more cohesive offerings. Wildly eccentric and humorous, the energetic "hear the lions roar" is an art rock record where Jad's expertly thrown out lyrics remain optimistic and fresh alongside a fierce and compelling rhythm section. Featuring a cohort of past musicians from the '90s, their dexterous instrumentation brings further depth to Jad's songs.

LPcol 19.50€*


PUNK-ROCK. The 2nd album of the Flensburg punk trio including Piet of TURBOSTAAT on drums. Founded as a fun project of work mates they got really famous for rockin as hell live on stage. Musically they homage to the punk like CIRCLE JERKS, BLACK FLAG (incl. a cool acapella version of "wasted" this time), mixed with a portion of death-punk ala early TURBONEGRO, old MOTÖRHEAD, Gainsville sound like HOT WATER MUSIC and some garage influences. Recorded in only three days "gurus of peace" shows the band's pure live power, punk music reduced to the prime components without any gimmicks captured.

LP 11.00€* CD 5.50€*


DOOM-METAL. BATILLUS a band comprised of members of bands such as A STORM OF LIGHT and INSWARM takes extreme doom to the extreme. The 3 installments by BATILLUS are epic and psychedelic doom inspired tracks, they have megaton weighted riffs, an almost ISIS and MINSK atmosphere in areas that is equal parts dense and melodic, and a great variation of tempos. HALLOWED BUTCHERY is a solo prog-doom project masterfully pulled off by Ryan Scott Fairfield makes up the last portion of this split with his ambitious and brilliant “coffin life”. The track starts out in a compressed almost NEUROSIS style slow and funereal sludge and doom riff assault complete with great bluesy riffs and solo bits thrown in that scream '70s doom groove. Essential for fans of MINSK, MOUTH OF THE ARCHITECT, NEUROSIS etc.. A colossal and sophisticated dark and psychedelic/black/doom influenced masterpiece!

LP 12.00€*


POST-HARDCORE/PUNK. The debut 10" by HALO OF SNAKES is a lacerating document of gut wrenching noise and blues influenced punk. Featuring ex-members of HOT CROSS, THE BOILS and several others. For fans of BLACK FLAG, REVOLUTION MOTHER or even BORN AGAINST. Limited colored edition comes with MP3 download card.

10"col 11.00€*


CRUST-HARDCORE. Formed in Copenhagen, Denmark only 2 years ago, the riotous, young act, HALSHUG, unloads some of the most traditionally-styled crust d-beat hardcore to be found. The enraged sentiment of archetypal leaders of the genre, DOOM, ANTI-CIMEX and, no doubt, DISCHARGE, and direct influence from INFERNOH, HOAX and DEATH TOKEN are unapologetically present. This, fueled by society's modern-day ills, finds HALSHUG already in line with NUCLEAR DEATH TERROR, WOLFBRIGADE, SKITSYSTEM and the best of the movement's current top acts.

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CRUST-HARDCORE. "sort sind" is the 2nd album from the Danish d-beat punk destroyers. HALSHUG firming up their fundamental take on hardcore-punk with Scandinavian leanings and the signature biting blend of d-beat and distorted stomp. Rather than succumbing to the trappings of sub-genres, HALSHUG intuitively blast out pure hardcore tracks that make fists clench and bodies slam. "sort sind" is as gritty as it gets without shedding any of the crucial coherence that makes HALSHUG so memorable.

LP 19.00€*


HARDCORE. "blue" contains 7 tracks from Japan’s HAMMER. With a LP and two 7"s already under their belt this new recording offers more of the speed and accuracy delivered in their previous outputs but this is far more superior than anything they’ve ever released before. Taking cues from Japan god’s GAUZE, HAMMER deliver tight and furious Japanese hardcore.

LP 7.50€*


OI/PUNK-ROCK. HAMMER AND THE NAILS are one of Boston's finest oi! bands out there. Recording and mixing in the true spirit of 'oi! yourself', the band released one modern classic after another, each selling out with the blink of an eye! Therefore Rebellion is proud to release the band's latest installment, a brand new same titled MLP.

MLP 15.00€*


HARDCORE-PUNK. HAMMERHEAD, seinerzeit teilweise verehrt, aber oft auch kontrovers diskutiert, sind spätestens seit ihrer DVD "sterbt alle!" als DIE deutsche Hardcore-Punk-Band der 90er Jahre anerkannt. Dabei machte HAMMERHEAD eine Entwicklung vom End- 80er Ami-Hardcore zur Rückbesinnung zu den Punkwurzeln, welche auf dieser Zusammenstellung exemplarisch abzulesen ist. Vom ersten HAMMERHEAD-Song überhaupt bis hin zu den letzten Werken sind auf dieser Compilation alle Songs vertreten, die nicht auf den drei regulären Alben sind. Die Stücke sind entweder teilweise seit über 15 Jahren nicht mehr erhältlich oder unveröffentlicht. "Cut the Melon" beinhaltet komplett die beiden ersten EPs und eine Split- EP, die im Gründungsjahr 1990 in Eigenproduktion in 400er- Auflage veröffentlicht wurde. Außerdem sind alle Samplerbeiträge vertreten, so wie Songs, die kurz vor der Bandauflösung aufgenommen und nicht mehr veröffentlicht wurden. Hits wie "Resist", "Sterbt alle", "Act" und "New-York Firefighter" sind mit diesem Release nach Jahren wieder - oder zum ersten mal - erhältlich. Komplett Remastered wurde das Material von Toxoplasma-Frontmann Wally Walldorf. LP und CD kommen in üppiger Ausstattung: Die Platte beinhaltet ein 16-Seitiges Booklet und Klappcover. Die CD wird als "Fanpaket" mit A5 Booklet und Button in Plastiktasche mit Zip-Verschluss geliefert. [PK 046]

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HARDCORE-PUNK. The wait is over - was it worthwhile? Surprise surprise - YES. These are the 1st new recordings after nearly 15 years from the legendary obnoxious german hardcore-punk band. In the tradition of their previous releases you'll get non-compromising hardcore-punk combined with equally-minded lyrics! Probably the next release likely in 2030!

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HARDCORE-PUNK. 20 years after its initial release in 1994, the debut-album by the legendary controversial german HAMMERHEAD is available in a limited edition of 220 yellow copies. Surely one of the most important german hardcore-releases of the '90s, a non-compromising, brutal, US-influenced hardcore-sound combined with equally-minded (mostly german) lyrics! This re-release comes with the same huge-sized booklet, containing the same obnoxiously controversial artwork as with the original! Like a forgotten piece of german-hardcore history. Vinyl includes a digital download card.

LP 12.00€*


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