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PUNK-ROCK. Punk often focuses so much on hip and hyped big city scenes that we forget that punk is more than just fashionable young people going through their expected motions. Predictable style, cool personalities, high school politicking; destroy it all. GLOBSTERS is a resounding wake-up call that punk should be for true freaks and geeks, an open door for those unable to fit into the beaten path that society at large will offer us. This new 7" trades in the tape-spliced style of the first 7" for real instrumentation and a wider variety of songwriting, from short, fast, loud ragers to mid-tempo melodic love songs.

7" 3.00€*


POST-PUNK. Yes - GLOOM SLEEPER are very late to the post-punk party, but they don't particularly sound like the contemporary and earlier bands of the genre. Nothing from this release sounds dated or trite. GLOOM SLEEPER's style extends from post-punk to new wave, from gothic atmosphere builders to upbeat guitar pop. The band used the recording session to create a textured sonic art that married a breath taking understanding of atmosphere (without loosing its punky edge) with a sense of emotional fury. The music soars where it should and drifts when the listener needs a break from the intensity. The layered, jangly guitar releases liquid notes, the dedicated bass player pumps out rhythms, the fairly powerful drum section bites and the somewhat gothic styled vocals mixed into the songs take everything to a higher level. These guys from Bielefeld, Germany are creating their music based on the sound made popular by British bands like THE SOUND and ECHO & THE BUNNYMEN or THE WIPERS from the other side of the pond. At the same time, the influence of today's THE ESTRANGED or TERRIBLE FEELINGS is obvious. The result is a unique sound that is somehow beyond mere words – "a void" feels entirely cohesive and unified. The inventive arrangements and intricate playing can't take the catchiness out of these 10 songs - vinyl comes with a heavy printed innersleeve and includes a digital download card. "a void" will leave you re-playing to excess! [PK 073]

LP 11.00€*


POST-PUNK. GLOOM SLEEPER return to the fray with a mighty sophomore album – a manic collision of driving pop melodicism, post-punk sang-froid and four-to-the-floor garage rock energy. Physically they’re in Germany, but their hearts are scattered all over the place: Macclesfield, where they’ve absorbed the raw gothic clatter of proto-Joy Divisionists WARSAW; Notting Hill, where the darkling shimmer of KILLING JOKE somehow found its way into the world…plus all manner of US punk-rock hotspots (New York, Detroit, Cleveland, you name it) dribble into the music like blood into water. They’re at their best when the strands unfurl across each other, like when the shredded-nerve guitars of "city of unrest" soft-fade into a tense, crystalline synth finale. Meanwhile out-and-out rock’n’roll cuts like "perceptions" and "he smiles" prod and poke at your punk-rock heart, daring you to reach into their sweaty embrace while simultaneously keeping you at a distance with a foreboding stare and an outstretched arm. Cold always feels warm once you’ve acclimatised, of course, and these are songs you’ll wanna get inside – if they don’t get inside you first. Essentially, "luminous galaxies" is a stunning leap forward. The best bit? Oh, just the creeping suspicion that there’s even better to come… but for now, this is a mighty fine place to start. Limited colored vinyl comes housed in an eyecatching cover with printed innersleeve and CD version. [PK 077]

LPcol+CD 14.00€* LP+CD 13.00€* CD 10.00€*


SLUDGE-METAL. Debut with 4 tracks by this band from Switzerland. This is sludge with an almost hardcore-like stripped-down approach plus an almost continuous set of deceptively simple and smart riffs that make for a nasty, negative and surprisingly fun time. For fans of: WINTER, NOOTHGRUSH, CELTIC FROST, AMEBIX. Comes in silkscreen cover and on 180g black 'n' white-marbled vinyl. Limited to 200 copies.

LPcol 12.00€*


POST-ROCK. The 2nd from former American underground sensation Geoff Farina, and his band GLORYTELLERS suitbaly takes the best jazz elements of his former band KARATE and blends them in with the gentle lyrical richness of his SECRET STARS projects. Actually, it's better than that - "atone" has something rather magical about it that sets it apart from the majority of records released this year.

LP 16.00€*


POST-ROCK. As the creative force behind Boston's GLORYTELLERS, Geoff Farina is probably better known for fronting indie stalwarts KARATE and SECRET STARS. GLORYTELLERS are musicians' who have been individually mining the dusty bins of 20th century American music for many years, and revitalize their findings with this unique set of delicate ballads. In GLORYTELLERS, Geoff Farina is more storyteller than proselytizer. He delivers lyrics with the same staccato, stream-of-consciousness style that helped define KARATE’s sound, but these image-laden lyrics are decidedly more narrative.

LP 16.00€*


INDIE/ELECTRO-POP. GLÖS began as a collaboration of former members of ENGINE DOWN. Because they were living in different cities at opposite ends of the country the songs were developed on computer, with the pair swapping files back and forth through the internet. Originally released as digital purchases through a social networking site that has now, sadly, gone bankrupt, this is the 1st time the 4 songs have been released in any kind of physical form. Vinyl includes a digital download card.

7" 6.50€*


HARDCORE. Listening to GLUE has always felt like you're standing next to a ticking time bomb, but something about this latest recording with its noisy, everything-in-the-red mix makes the band sound even more explosive. However, once you get past the immediate, visceral thrill that this record inspires, you'll be able to appreciate how GLUE is expanding upon the primal beats and weirdly circular, almost psychedelic take on hardcore riffing that has made them stick out from the pack since the beginning. (US-pressing)

LP 16.50€*


HARDCORE. GLUE TRAPS come crawling from the filthy rat infest streets of Baltimore, smashing 12 Mystic Records-styled early USHC rippers into their first 7". A complete knuckle dragging throwback to the halcyon days of the quick and dirty hardcore of RKL, CLITBOYS, and THE NEOS. Members have also served time in SYRINGE, DEEP SLEEP and WARXGAMES.

7" 7.50€*


POST-NOISE-ROCK. Hailing from the deep and storied woods of Western Massachusetts, GLUEBAG deliver an exceptional collection of luring, blown out sounds with their "confused" LP. Featuring members of SQRM, WORLD DOMINATION, and CRYSTALLINE ROSES, this 3 piece blends the songwriting of late '60s rock with the urgency of American hardcore-punk to create a sound that is far from commonplace in the current underground scene. Originally recorded in 2008 and distributed on a small number of tapes by the band, Framework is thrilled to celebrate GLUEBAG's recent return from dormancy with the release of "confused" in it's original intended form on vinyl. Vinyl includes a digital download card.

LP 13.00€*


DOOM/NOISE/ELECTRONIC. While the debut was fashioned almost exclusively from basement experimentation and assemblage, "horrible chamber" evidences the band in the studio pounding through live material just as often as building sounds and textures from scratch. Together they mold murderous sound rituals where the collective sentiments of fear, trauma, rage and repugnance collide into a cathartic state of brooding, audio disease. Featuring members of KHANATE, OLD, IKE YARD, and ENOS SLAUGHTER. Vinyl includes a digital download card.

LP 15.00€*


DOOM/NOISE/ELECTRONIC. GNAW's debut, "this face", sounds like a computer hate-fucking rock band. Vocalist Alan Dubin of KHANATE fame and drummer Jamie Sykes of BURNING WITH have teamed up with shrewd instrumentalist Carter Thornton and award winning sound techs Jun Mizumachi and Brian Beatrice to create the newest signpost in extreme music. Over the course of 50min. the quintet aurally accosts the listener with myriad squeaks, squeals, and good old fashioned doom. GNAW has a strong industrial feel - both dissonant rock and abrasive noise sections trudge mechanically forward like an electric hate golem. GNAW’s 1st stab at a record marks a killing blow. "this face" is strange, disturbing music for warped minds and hopeless deviants.

LP 15.00€* CD 14.00€*


NOISE/POST-PUNK. Realistically it was only a matter of time before GNOD and SHIT & SHINE shared a slab of vinyl together. GNOD replace their usual live drumming with drum machines. Mixing heavy sounding rhythms with the heavy echo and studio effects of dub. The track recalls the great THIS HEAT and PIL as well as the Wax Tracks bands of the late '80s and the post dub-step sound. Next up is SHIT & SHINE. They have been disembowelling the underground music scene for several years. For this LP they have delivered possibly one their finest tracks to date. A repetitive journey that brings to mind the sound of a clear spotted BEEFHEART and a post acid trip BUTTHOLE SURFERS caught in a kraut-step mind warp.

LP 17.50€*


HARDCORE. "influence" is an achievement by nature of its very existence, an unyielding display of GO DEEP's determination distilled into sonic form. It's an album that is undeniably hardcore but reshaped into something more; something more distinct, more powerful and above all, more intense. For fans of AMERICAN NIGHTMARE, MODERN LIFE IS WAR and THE HOPE CONSPIRACY.

CD 10.00€*


HARDCORE. Back after 15 years NYC's GO! has picked up where they left off, retaining their original vision and sound with this hard-hitting new release. 14 songs in 12 minutes, as GO! brings us through political divisions, same-sex marriage, loss, joy, terrorism, life in general and... record collecting. GO!’s 1-minute songs bring up issues in a real and unique way - without being preachy. So, expect solid Hardcore, but nothing about being ''stabbed in the back'' Behind this music is meaning and fun. And it’s just fucking good. The CD contains 11 extra live songs from 1990.

7" 5.00€* MCD 8.50€*


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