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HARDCORE. Forming from the ashes of local D.C. bands S.O.A. and THE UNTOUCHABLES, FAITH were short-lived but had a profound impact on the early hardcore scene before members moved on to bands like RITES OF SPRING and EMBRACE. This vinyl collects their 1982 "subject to change" record and their 1st demo from 1981 - 19 tracks in total. Vinyl includes a digital download card.

LP 17.50€*


HARDCORE. This record is nothing short of amazing, teaming 2 of the best hardcore bands from the early Washington DC scene. VOID is unlike anything else before or after - totally spastic and disjointed hardcore-punk that often seems like it's about to fall apart into noisy chaos only to go blasting back into anthemnic hardcore. On the FAITH side you get a similarly diverse, if more standard set of DC hardcore. These guys are so underappreciated it's sad. MINOR THREA's influence is still obvious but FAITH definately had their own thing going on. Vinyl was re-mastered and re-cut and includes a digital download card.

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POP/EMO/INDIE-PUNK. Caught somewhere between the warm, fuzzy hooks of THE SMOKING POPES, the DESCENDENTS' urgency and aggression, the unique melodicism of JAWBREAKER, "pig factory" is an undeniably fun, unexpected ride that's teeming with buzzsaw guitars and a seemingly neverending supply of singalong moments. THE FAKE BOYS understand how to evoke the nostalgia of '90s power-pop and indie-rock while diving into modern punk's pool of tension and ferocity. Colored vinyl includes a digital download card.

LPcol 13.50€*


INDIE/EMO-ROCK. Growing up is never easy, but when you’re in a band it often seems impossible. Make the same record twice and you’re chastised for being repetitive. Luckily Naples’s FAKE PROBLEMS have never had to deal with this dilemma because with each release they’ve not only organically reinvented their sound. FAKE PROBLEMS’ unique brand of emo- and indierock finally shaking off the insecurity and soul-searching of adolescence and sees the band embracing a sense of perspective. Floridians FAKE PROBLEMS are just about ready to make waves with their unique brand of indie-rock with the occasional horn thrown in, bringing to mind a style and mood of bands like CURSIVE, AGAINST ME, GASLIGHT ANTHEM and MOUDEST MOUSE.

LP 14.50€* CD 13.00€*


INDIE/EMO-ROCK. "real ghosts caught on tape", the bands sophomore release, is a collection of 11 songs that draws influence from a wide variety indie-rock, 60's girl groups, and a wall of production style that sees the Naples, Florida-based act lifting their artistic veil to show the raw emotion that lies beneath. "real ghosts caught on tape" is the perfect soundtrack for embarking out of darkness and into the light, showcasing a band that has grown to new artistic heights. Produced by Ted Hutt (The Gaslight Anthem, Lucero).

LP 14.00€* CD 13.50€*


INDIE/EMO-ROCK. The A-side of this 7" features "the dream team", the 1st single from FAKE PROBLEMS' new full-length album "it's great to be alive". The b-side features the non-album track "rumble in the jungle". If you like AGAINST ME, GASLIGHT ANTHEM or even MOUDEST MOUSE and if you like very catchy acoustic punk we would strongly recommend adding FAKE PROBLEMS to your collection.

7"col 6.50€*


HARDCORE. FALL APART from Schaffhausen/Swiz is a promising old-school hardcore band. Without stepping into any cliche though, they mix fast youth-crew like hardcore, think early THE FIRST STEP meets BETRAYED, and combine it with an own note and sound. In times when bands add more and more tunes and structure, FALL APART step back and create classic but yet intense hardcore music with intelligent lyrics. Nothing more, nothing less. You'll get 4 tracks of passionate modern played old-school hardcore that packs a punch. Highly recommended!

7" 4.00€*


HARDCORE. FALL APART from Schaffhausen/Swiz hit the studio again after their highly acclaimed debut 7". On their 1st full-length "through their eyes" these Swiss deserve 11 new tracks of fast, yet melodic old-school hardcore with a so called modern-hardcore twist in the vein of BETRAYED and FIRST TEP. Music to fuel your hardcore pride. Go!

LPcol 10.50€*


INDIE/EMO-POP. FALL OUT BOY is back with another astounding album.Now an international multiplatinum heartthrob sensation, FALL OUT BOY had humble beginnings, with members being in local metalcore bands before ditching breakdowns for melodies, which worked out well for the four lads. Colored vinyl comes with an exclusive poster.

DoLPcol 18.00€*


HARDCORE/METAL. Nevada hardcore legends FALL SILENT return from the dead with all the speed and brutality they possessed when they started playing more than 20 years ago. "cart return", brings FALL SILENT full circle. These 4 tracks continue where the band last left us - with lyrical content that rakes today's world over the coals in the way only FALL SILENT can do. Available in 2 colors.

7"red 7.50€* 7"gol 7.50€*


POST-PUNK. FAMILY CURSE are a four-piece post-punk band from Brooklyn, NY, that utilize the aggressive approach to the word "post". They take arty '90s punk and revive it through energy and tempo rather than purely mood. Fans of MONORCHID, UNWOUND, DRIVE LIKE JEHU, and anything angular take note.

7" 5.50€*


HARDCORE-PUNK. After touring whole europe - FAMILY MAN from Berlin, Germany returns with their 2nd full-length. Fast, pissed, and innovative hardcore-punk - guitar riffs reminiscent of early BLACK FLAG, HÜSKER DÜ with a twist of BL'AST and punk as fuck vocals. These tracks rage with creative and devastating lyrics. Comes with an eyecatching silver-foiled cover! Do you seriously need a fucking reason to buy one of this records?

LP 7.50€*


HARDCORE. The classic 1983 hardcore scuzz-rock debut from Berkeley's FANG, "land shark" is a unique mix of erratic thrashers and slow SABBATH-oid noise riffs. Its best-known tune is without a doubt the rumbling and stumbling opening track, "the money will roll right in", which has been covered by Nirvana, Metallica, Mudhoney, The Butthole Surfers and god knows who else. This reissue is remastered and back in print on vinyl for the first time in 20 years, with additional vintage artwork inside. Vinyl includes a digital download card with the addition of "where the wild things are".

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HARDCORE. FANSHEN are from New Jersey and contains members of THE SCARLET LETTER. "Static/kinetic" is the 1st full-length album after an own 7" and a split LP with STORMSHADOW. FANSHEN is an amalgamation of hardcore - 26 bursts of some geniue hardcore fury mixed with poetic interludes of spoken word and flowing post-punk music to back it up. Chaotic, desperate and definitely not your average hardcore-sound. Damn, this sounds good! Comes with thick booklet!

LP 5.00€*


HARDCORE. Aussies going fucking ape-shit. Fast hardcore that has a little youth-crew influence. One of the best bands from Australia in years. If they were from the US they would have had 4 full-length's out by now.

7" 4.00€*


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