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POWER-VIOLENCE HARDCORE. Australia's EXTORTION and AGENTS OF ABHORRENCE team up on this brutal piece of vinyl. AGENTS OF ABHORRENCE offer up more of their frantic, discordant and all around brutal grind/fastcore, while EXTORTION offer some blistering hardcore tracks that will turn into a sickening sludgy crawl without warning. All fans of hardcore and speedcore in the vein of INFEST, SIEGE, MUNICIPAL WASTE, D.R.I. and LACK OF INTEREST will love this splatter!

7" 6.00€*


POWER-VIOLENCE HARDCORE. Australia's foremost power-violence export, EXTORTION, return with 11 tracks. This time a split with the long running and long overlooked COLD WORLD from Austria (not to be confused with the tough guy band). Both bands play full on raging hardcore. The focus on COLD WORLD's side lies on their '80s highspeed hardcore-roots (the 3 members having played in Austria's premier band EXTREM). However the band is proudly still breaking every rule of the punk police, even if this means another 25 years in blastbeat obscurity away from any d-Beat, noise-punk or whatever-hype that just happens to be the retro flavor of the moment. Just fucking fast hardcore!

LP 12.00€*


HARDCORE/PUNK. This is the yellow vinyl repress of the sold-out 7" by EXTORTION and JED WHIREY. Scratched and bloodied, JED WHITEY stumble back into base camp after what seems like years in the wilderness, but they somehow sound better for it. Some have confused EXTORTION’s raw unapologetic honesty with belligerence. And they’re right: there’s no hiding the bile that’s simmering below the surface. This split confirms it - EXTORTION is the best australian hardcore band.

7"col 6.00€*


POWER-VIOLENCE HARDCORE. The notorious RUPTURE kick out 1 unreleased killer track. This is yet again a snotty scumfuck punk 'n' roll mayhem while their fellows from australia EXTORTION rip out 3 hateful tracks in the vein of early Slap A Ham stuff like INFEST, NO COMMENT.

5"col 5.50€*


POWER-VIOLENCE HARDCORE. Here is another spit release by down under haters EXTORTION. This time with 4 older tracks recorded 2006 - fast as fuck hardcore. SEPTIC SURGE, from down under too, deliver 7 tracks of ugly, harsh power-violence influenced by MAN IS THE BASTARD and CROSSED OUT, also from down under. This is the 1st part of 4 split 7"s between bands of the same country. So watch out of all parts of it.

7" 5.50€*


CRUST/GRIND-HARDCORE. EXTREME NOISE TERROR are back - 7 years after their last death-metal nonsense album and their already very promising split with DRILLER KILLER they return finally even more back to the roots with "law of retaliation" which features bleak and filthy raging grindcore assaults that remind alot to "phonophobia" if not "a holocaust in your head" - sure you find progress here and there and a very few times you have the odd metal guitar. "law of retaliation" contains 19 politically charged songs with socially aware lyrics set to a musical assault. This shows why they are one of the godfathers of that sound!

LP 14.50€*


CRUST/GRIND-HARDCORE. EXTREME NOISE TERROR have been at it for over 30 years now and with their tumultuous history and countless lineup changes it's pretty impressive to see that they are still together. Their new self-titled record is a perfect reflection of all that has made the band great over the years. Loud, visceral, and ceaselessly destructive this is a record for the ages - one that will leave the listener on the edge of their seat. While containing a number of original ENT tunes, the band have also reworked '80s-era Japanese punk crew Outo's "i like cola" as "i like coca".

LPcol (US) 14.50€* LP 14.00€*


HARDCORE/METAL. Originally formed under the name FOREWARNED by Jav of 18 VISIONS and THE MISTAKE, and Chris from 7 GENERATIONS, the band produced this 4-song demo then changed their name to EXTRICATE. Coinciding to the name change, the 7" has been pressed onto vinyl using the name EXTRICATE and delivers vegan-hardcore in the vein as a lot of the '90s masters like MORNING AGAIN, ARKANGEL, and the like. Limited edition of 300 copies.

7" 8.00€*


HARDCORE. EYE FOR AN EYE was Boston's answer to what was happening in New York in the late-'80s and early-'90s. This full-length collects 20 tracks from the band's two 7"s plus live tracks and is topped off with an interview.

LP 16.50€*


SLUDGE-METAL/HARDCORE. This is the reissue of EYEHATEGOD's debut album "in the name of suffering". If there is a singular offering within the field of Southern fried sludge-metal/hardcore that really typifies all the best and worst aspects of the genre, the extremely raw and fairly disjointed debut of EYEHATEGOD is about as good of a representation as AMEBIX’s early material is for crust-hardcore. Ultimately, this is the sort of album that can and should be appreciated for how it has influenced the genre and paved the way for a number of solid albums. Comes on thick 180gr vinyl.

LP 17.50€*


SLUDGE-METAL/HARDCORE. EYEHATEGOD present their 5th full-length since forming in 1988. By the end of '80s and early '90s EYEHATEGOD crafted and created sludge for generations to come. The band fought through disaster, including the passing of drummer Joey LaCaze, to present another 11 tracks of the world's premier sludge/heavy metal that's laden with behemoth, SABBATH-influenced riffs and countless drug references. They’re back to prove to anyone they’re still the best. Colored (silver) or regular black vinyl comes with a gatefold-cover.

LP 19.00€* LPcol 20.50€*


SLUDGE-METAL/HARDCORE. "take as needed for pain" is the 2nd album by EYEHATEGOD, released in 1993. To sum it up - this full-length is quite simply a sludge-metal masterpiece. EYEHATEGOD have a formula and they stick with it, and with albums like these it is no wonder they are renowned as among the best in the sludge genre. The best way to describe the bands sound is a drugged up, alcohol soaked, punishing slab of sludge. Each track on here is relentless in its heaviness. Comes on thick 180gr vinyl.

LP 17.50€*


HARDCORE. First released in 1996 and unavailable for years, these original colored vinyl copies of the EYELID "..days infected" 7" were recently uncovered and are available again for a limited time only. EYELID was part of the Southern California hardcore scene in the mid '90s and featured Dan of DEATH BY STEREO on guitar and Mike of STRIFE on bass. Another 7" was later released on Phyte Records as well as a 3rd 7" and full-length on Indecision Records, so don't miss your chance to hear where it all began.

7"col 4.00€*


HARDCORE. Two years after "call it war", EYES OF THE LORD returns with "misery feels like home". Fourteen new tracks features original 100 DEMONS vocalist Bruce Lepage with members of TWITCHING TONGUES, GOD'S HATE, and TERROR. Colored vinyl includes a poster-inlay and a digital download card.

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HARDCORE. Pittsburgh's F.L.A.K. offers a blistering fast hardcore LP that builds from the blunt guttural sounds of swedish and japanese hardcore to the riffage of Portland hardcore. Just flat, no frills, balls to the wall hardcore that is spat out in a venomous disdain for the real life. However F.L.A.K. also have an interest in the contemporary sound of Portland. F.L.A.K. are no TRAGEDY knock off - insted they incorporate some jangly bits and an ever so slight d-beat into a flat out galloping hardcore. FLAK are like a VOORHEES cover band from Portland. This lyrically bleak and dark sounding record has 11 tracks to follow up their self-titled 7".

LP 6.50€*


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