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HARDCORE. This is the 1st recording in demo tape format from Washington, DC area's THE UNKNOWN THREAT who features members of many notable area bands like STUCK PIGS, TROOPS OF TOMORROW, NUCLEAR AGE and SECRET POLICE. Limited edition of 100 copies.

TAPE 4.00€*


HARDCORE. URBAN VOID is a transatlantic retort project with the usual suspects. self-titled demo containing 4 tracks. They're playing traditional, mean, one track minded hardcore. Buy now or whine later!

TAPE 4.50€*


HARDCORE. The sophomore release from Southern California's URSULA sees them building off of last year's debut, "meet is murder", an 7" which was written in large part before they had a full-functioning band. "regurgitate" is the 1st batch of songs written as a cohesive unit and the results are an exciting mix of metal-tinged, fast hardcore, with an almost peace-punk sensibility. A cover of THE CRANBERRIES' "salvation" as well as 3 new tracks that serve as a preview for the full-length release they have slated for the end of the year. Hand-numbered out of 120 copies.

TAPE 6.50€*


POST/EMO-PUNK. USER ERROR is a hardcore-punk band from Austin, Texas. Featuring ex-members of legendary '90s hardcore band ASSFACTOR 4. They harness a similar energy in their sound and lyrics. Catchy and driving at times, sparse at others. These 7 songs should appeal to fans of GANG OF FOUR, NAKED RAYGUN, SELF DEFENSE FAMILY, and JAWBREAKER. Pro-printed and pro-duplicated cassettes housed in hand-screened jackets.

TAPE 3.00€*


PUNK-ROCK. UTOPIAN are based in Los Angeles and play a versatile mixture of punk which doesn't bore. The thick, meaty playing in combination with these super straightforward arrangements generate quite a lot of power. They blending aspects of '80s Italian, Brazilian, Spanish and North American punk with other diverse elements into one great 6-song tape. Dark and claustrophobic, with echoing sharp guitars, galloping drums, and great vocals you believe every word. The sound is dense, frantic, and layered, and despite the fact that it's super raw and punk.

TAPE 6.00€*


DEATH/BLACK-METAL/SLUDGE/DOOM/HARDCORE. "wasteland finland" is an excellent look at the Finnish underground, featuring only the filthiest of the filthy - 16 bands at all: SLAVE HANDS, HAIL CONJURER, ITSESAASTUTUS, POHJAMUNTA, OKSENNUS, TASER, etc.. Tape is housed in an extra cardboard-box and includes a 20 page booklet.

TAPE 8.00€*


POST/DOOM-METAL. This 5 track cassette is the 1st physical release from the Scottish 4-piece, who's post-rock-infused doom has been earning them a burgeoning reputation their native Glasgow. Limited edition of 100 professionally duplicated cassettes which come with a screen-printed patch and a digital download card.

TAPE 5.00€*


HARDCORE. North Carolina's WRIGGLE are pure North Carolina hardcore... loud, fast, heavy, and slightly metallic in a tradition that started with NO LABELS and C.O.C. and carried on through DOUBLE NEGATIVE, DEVOUR, and STRIPMINES. This demo tape is one of the rawest, meanest, and catchiest slabs of hardcore in ages. With its spot-on 4-track production this could have been a lost contribution to the "no core" compilation tape, and the music is undiluted angst of the type only a small southern town can engender.

TAPE 5.00€*


PUNK-HARDCORE. THE WRONG. Contrary to what they'd have you believe, they were the best, a bright shining beacon in a murky sea of bullshit. A flamboyant, raucous, irreverent, nihilistic cure for your hardcore ennui! You'll get 4 tracks of raw, lo-fi hardcore-punk. True believers, basements shook when the WRONG stepped up so here's your chance to bring summa that home. Tape comes with screen-printed cover/inlay-card.

TAPE 6.00€*


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