CRUST-HARDCORE/METAL. Album has been out-of-print for over 3 years, but continuing demand demanded a repress this time on silver vinyl. The album saw the 1st new material from this seminal British band in over 20 years. AMEBIX added top drummer Roy Mayorga (STONE SOUR) to the band to enhance their sound and limits and whose presence on this album cannot be underestimated. Colored (silver) vinyl comes housed in a gatefold-sleeve with spot varnish finish on the outer cover.

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HARDCORE. [RELEASEDATE ???] The seminal, '90s-hardcore band CHOKEHOLD release their 1st new material of the 2000s via Good Fight Music. 1994's "prison of hope" floored the hardcore scene when it was unleashed. Lyrics, replete with fury, tackled political and socio-political topics with a rage that immediately demanded attention. Colored vinyl is limited to 500 copies.

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DEATH-METAL. FUMING MOUTH arrives with their debut full-length album, "the grand descent". The album delivers massive walls of guitar and earth-crushing drums created by Mark Whelan and Cayle Sain respectively, while briefly touching upon moments of melody and clean singing. With "the grand descent", FUMING MOUTH taps into the sound of death-metal and takes a step beyond it. Colored vinyl includes a digital download card.

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HARDCORE. At long last, the follow up to 2017's "who will play" flexi has materialised in the form of "no one wins" on the LP format. With influences and membership that spans the world of hardcore both stylistically and geographically, this platter sports 10 tracks of pummeling hardcore that incorporates metallic elements drawn from the near and far reaches of mid-'80s international hardcore and thrash to the simplicity of domestic hardcore pestilence. Members of ARMS RACE, FUCKED UP, CAREER SUICIDE, SHRAPNEL, VIOLENT REACTION and more.

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STREET-ROCK. It's been a good 2 years since you last heard from British stompers HARD WAX, but now one of UK's finest bovver-rock brigades is back with some brand new sounds. Delivering 10 new scorchers, these boys sure know how to have a good time! Reinventing their own sound with the addition of keys, horns and what not, these English lads crack out one killer tune after another, taking you from the junk shop straight to the dancefloor! Because there is no chance in hell that you'll be sitting still to crackin', razor sharp bovver anthems.

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POP-PUNK-ROCK. Malmö-based VANNA INGET is back with their 1st studio album since 2013. The band has though not been lazy but have been touring frequently and released the live album "vi tar alla minnen härifrån". Here on their 3rd studio album, the words and the lyrics are more accurately balanced, the arrangement more studied and the orchestra seems to no longer try to gain from pure strength and energy. They have learned that perseverance is at least as relevant to reaching the knockout. Avoiding VANNA INGET pulsating breathlessness is not just a challenge, but a minor impossibility. A war against one's own instincts. Vinyl includes a digital download card.

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