BLACK-METAL. FORETOKEN aren’t another weed-obsessed sludge outfit with a doobie name. FORETOKEN actually means a sign of things to come. In this case, what’s to come is a load of symphonic black-metal. FORETOKEN create something familiar yet unique. "ruin" focuses on the misfortune of some of the better and lesser known characters of the world's mythology.

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HARDCORE-PUNK. In a dismal time period characterized by increasing lawlessness amongst corrupt politicians and an out of control power elite, more Americans' rights seem to be ripped from our Constitution with every coming day. Out of this whirlwind of disaster comes four like-minded veterans of the hardcore scene, inspired by a time period that makes the Reagan era look timid in comparison. Features members of BL'AST, GOOD RIDDANCE, THE DISTILLERS, THE NERVE AGENTS and FAST ASLEEP. Colored vinyl includes a digital download card.

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MELODIC-HARDCORE. Growing up soaked in the punk scene's marinade of overdriven guitar amps, machine-gun drums, and vocals on the verge, there was never a doubt the trio of SHADES APART would someday make some noise of their own. Featuring a 32-year history that includes 7 studio albums seminal New Jersey hardcore band SHADES APART returns after a 19-year hiatus with their 8th studio record. "eternal echo" features 10 supercharged songs with blistering rhythms and infectious hooks that highlight their most refined and focused work to date. Colored vinyl includes a digital download card.

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ELECTRONIC/INDUSTRIAL/NOISE. What if the antihero in your favorite film or book had no chance to repent, reconcile, or redeem himself? There's no victim to rescue. Rather than tell this story on the screen or on the page, UNIFORM tell it on their 4th full-length album, "shame". This record marks the debut of Mike Sharp on drums, adding a natural fire to the engine. His presence grinds down their metallic industrial edge with a live percussive maelstrom. Building on the approach from their last LP, the band perfected the powerful hybrid of digital and analog, electronic and acoustic, synthetic and actual that has become their hallmark.

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