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PROGRESSIVE/NOISE-METAL. The Norwegian band carry all the hallmarks of a sonic spectrum that has always been a wide and wild field of purposeful mismatches, a world of friction between the noisy, the disharmony and the tension, with rivalling moments of harmonic relief. But there is more than noise-rock to ARABROT's formula. The driving salvos, the potent rises and falls of energy and the overall punishing sense of sonic oblivion is delicious. This is a band who fascinate the listener and seem excited to keep pushing and exploring exciting new ideas no matter what the consequences. Vinyl includes a digital download card.

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HARDCORE. [RELEASEDATE 18.10.2018] CANDY has once again teamed up with Triple-B Records for their most fantastical and sinister release yet. Keeping in line with the artistic dualities of pleasure and pain, fact and fiction, peace and violence, their debut full-length, "good to feel", delivers 9 songs of their most ambitious and focused material to date. CANDY has finally achieved the type of artistry that transcends the confines of its own medium. Colored vinyl includes a digital download card.

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HARDCORE. [RLEASEDATE 05.11.2018] Next exit Bremen. Hell yeah, 22 years is a f**king long time and it’s hard to believe that the recording of these nine tracks are that old - and yet, the "1996 reconstructed" stands the test of time - it's still as fresh and vital as when it was recorded. CAROL was permanently disbanded in 1997 after their brief existence and was another legendary band of the almighty mid-90s Bremen scene, with members involved in bands such as SYSTRAL and MÖRSER. It's very difficult to find the words to describe their music - they obviously take all kinds of elements from hardcore and metal just to create the most perfect mutation of all of them in the form of songs that come alive as new and unique entities. Their blend of discordance and precise, barrelling riffs, laid out within the framework of frantic bursts of violence and chronic brutality, combined with the most ear-splitting vocals around is what CAROL was all about. What really sets CAROL apart was their absolute, unrelenting passion for the chaotic brand of hardcore they played. "1996 reconstructed" is what you've been waiting for: a collection of nine lost songs (two previously released tracks from the "cry now, cry later vol.4" compilation and their split 7" with STACK) and seven new tracks from the same recording session in 1996. Everything has been remastered for pristine sound quality, while maintaining the raw, frenetic feel the band had always given off. Listening to this album repeatedly just might kill you, but at least you will die with a smile on your face. Do not pass on these lost songs - fury, emotion, intensity, it's all here in spades. CAROL has helped to shape a style that has been imitated over decades by countless bands but remains unequalled. There’s no better time to (re)acquaint yourself with a band that’s gone, but certainly not forgotten. REGULAR BLACK vinyl (limited are sold-out) comes with an inlay, a small poster and includes a digital download card with the three additional tracks from the 7".

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HARDCORE. On this record DECOMP plays some pummeling hardcore-punk with a mostly scandi influence but flirts with UK crust as the band progressed. GAASP play jawbreaking swedish style hardcore in the veins of ANTI-CIMEX, NO SECURITY. This is the 1st vinyl output by both bands, and while GAASP has now disbanded, DECOMP will soon have a release out on the Portland label Whispers in Darkness. Limited pressing of 300 copies only.

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HARDCORE. DESTRIPADOS play high energy DISCHARGE and CHAOS U.K. influenced hardcore-punk. Like a high speed TOTALITÄR meets SKITLICKERS. Super raw and aggressive from start to finish. Manic guitars and machine gun drums coupled with psychotic screaming. The spanish lyrics giving it a heavy '80s South American feel (think RATOS DE PORAO or LOBOTOMIA). "gutless" is 8 tracks of raw energy!

LP 16.50€*


HARDCORE. Ushering in a new sound of groove and intensity, DROWNING breaks all the molds in the underground on their sophomore full-length "23". DROWNING cull a refined stance with their urban-influenced vocals and lyrical stories written into their d-tuned vision of extreme music. With a bruise your face bass and drum rhythm section, you'll feel like you are in the middle of the pit before you realize that you straight-up blew your speakers.

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PUNK-ROCK. Montpellier, France punk-beat-freaks LES LULLIES are back with the follow up to their impressive "don't look twice" 7". This time with their 1st full-length album: self-titled and hittin' in all the right spots! LES LULLIES know what they want out of rock 'n' roll, and they nail it but good with 10 tracks of Aussie punk styles ala FUN THINGS and the classic American riffery of REAL KIDS bowing down to make out with Little Richard's ringed fingers, 100% geared for the dancefloor! Vinyl includes a digital download card.

LP 18.50€*


INDIE-ROCK. From their 1st show in 2001 to their impending dissolution at the end of 2018, the Seattle band thrived on the musical awakening in the era of the mp3, the internet, poptimism, and the crosspollinations generated from an expanded consciousness of new music forms. With their release, "fair enough", MINUS THE BEAR closes the book on their hybrid of art-rock, indie-pop, and warehouse party appeal. Colored (pink) vinyl is limited to 1000 copies and includes a digital download card.

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HARDCORE. [RELEASEDATE 09.11.2018] For the 1st time in over 20 years, MORNING AGAIN returns with their "survival instinct" 7", offering up 4 new, powerful, riff-heavy tracks. The lineup still consists of vocalist Kevin Byers, guitarists John Wylie and Stephen Looker, and bassist Gerardo Villarroel. Now, they are also joined by Joshua Williams (formerly of CULTURE) on drums.

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HARDCORE-PUNK. Only a handful of bands have been abhorred more than NO TREND were during their brief tenure on the D.C. hardcore circuit. Founded to bewilder and antagonize the harDCore scene, NO TREND crafted an abrasive, dirge-industrial sound impossible to slam dance to. Their 1st self-released 7", "teen love" is a prime document of the band at their most cantankerous. Few bands had a sense of humor as dark as NO TREND's - but they're not laughing with you, they’re laughing at you.

7" 9.00€*


HARDCORE-PUNK. In 1983, NO TREND booked time at Inner Ear studio to record material for what would become the "teen love" 7”. In this session they also recorded 6 additional songs: some were re-recorded and featured on their 1st album, "too many humans"; the rest never saw a release until well after the band was finished. This record, "you deserve your life", contains the earliest recorded iteration of NO TREND’s material from their 1st Inner Ear session, and 2 live songs never recorded otherwise. This is the 1st time that this material has been available on vinyl.

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LP 15.00€*


HARDCORE. [RELEASEDATE 09.11.2018] There is no doubt WARZONE was one of the most crucial and influential bands that came from the New York hardcore scene. Their landmark debut LP, "don't forget the struggle don't forget the streets", is heralded as one of the most important NYHC records of all time. WARZONE's 2nd album, "open your eyes", includes a huge 16-page booklet with previously unseen photos, lyrics, liner notes, interview and includes a digital download card.

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GRIND-HARDCORE. Debut LP from Phoenix's WOUNDVACoundvac. "terrorizing the swarm" deliver 13 tracks of riff-heavy blast beats with lyrics that focus on nihilism and the current political state. A chaotic blend of grind, death-metal and hardcore that goes from blisteringly fast to punishing breakdowns with elements of d-beat laden throughout. WOUNDVAC takes influence from MAGRUDERGRIND, NAPALM DEATH and DSCHARGE. Self-released and on black-splatter vinyl.

LPcol 16.50€*


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