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HARDCORE. KINGDOM formed in 2006 with the intent of making pissed off and socially relevant vegan-straight-edge hardcore. In a scene where bands trade their ideals for merch sales and kids trade their rage for a pair of sneaks, KINGDOM strives to maintain the ideas and ethics that lay however buried at the foundation of this movement. This 10 song record contrasts feelings of hopelessness, suffering and despair with those of empowerment, hope and rage. Seething and spiteful, "the rage that guides" is a dose of broken glass for a spoon-fed scene.

CD 12.50€*


INSTRUMENTAL/POST-ROCK. "alpine static" is an immediate, visceral record. On it, KINSKI use riff, repetition, incremental layering, bursts of noise, sudden changes in pace and volume, all shot through with a sense of melody to provide new ways of seeing and feeling guitar-based rock. But, more importantly than all that, KINSKI manage to infuse experimental music with emotion and fun. What they offer and the source of their appeal is more a full-bore sensory thrill-ride than anything else. KINSKI wants to take you to faraway places and show you exciting things - and "alpine static" is the key.

CD 14.50€*


INSTRUMENTAL/POST-ROCK. KINSKI is a four-piece rock band from Seattle. Their unique evocation of post-rock is deconstructionist and heady, but also emotive and visceral. "down below it's chaos" is KINSKI’s 3rd full-length for Sub Pop. The record is a kaleidoscopic mix of KINSKI’s expansive, over-driven power and intricate beauty. With majestically fuzzed-out guitar tones, spare and pounding rhythms, and swirling sonic textures, "down below it's chaos" sums up KINSKI’s past and propels them into the ozone. What’s left of it, that is.

DoLP 19.00€* CD 14.50€*


PROGRESSIVE-HARDCORE. This is the final chapter for Seattle's insane, discordant, hardcore band KISS IT GOODBYE, who split up in 1998. Shortly before the breakup, they recorded a 7" for Sub Pop Records with new guitarist Demian Johnston. The record was never released and so subsequently the band decided to release it on Revelation. Those long sought after songs have been coupled with another unreleased track the band recorded later and their "target practice" 7". This 5 song (2 song 7") will offer some solace to fans still mourning the loss of KISS IT GOODBYE and nightmares to others who never witnessed the horror. Kiss 'em goodbye...

MCD 8.50€*


Finally, the discography from Florida's Kite Flying Society sees the light of day. This band has a cult following and their releases never had proper distribution, and often sell for stupid prices on the internet. This CD collects the self-released 7", the self-titled (a.k.a. "Pink") CD, and the "Jochem" CD, along with 7 unreleased songs, 4 live songs, and the original 2-song demo tape.

CD 10.50€*


NEW-SCHOOL HARDCORE. Philadelphia punk/hardcore played with raw discordant riffing, hyperactive rhythms and vicious vocal deliveries. Heartburn is a six-alarm fire of dark anthems, red-hot pessimism and searing rage. Lavishly packaged and flawlessly recorded, it serves as the notorious starting point for a rap sheet that would make any convicted felon blush. And with former culprits from AMERICAN NIGHTMARE, BOY SETS FIRE, I HATE YOU, and DAMAGE in the line-up, these serial arsonists are destined to make headlines everywhere they go.

MCD 8.50€*


SXE-HARDCORE. This discography collects the complete works of Philadelphia's KNOCKDOWN compiling their self- titled 7", the "Full contact" demo and 2 unreleased songs. 14 tracks of straight-edge hardcore in the vein of YOUTH OF TODAY. Members of SHARK ATTACK, NO WARNING and VIOLENT MINDS.

MCD 7.50€*


HARDCORE. KNOW THE SCORE was initiated through the aggravations of day-to-day stress and a common lack of resentment within the current hardcore scene. The motivations behind KNOW THE SCORE are made apparent through their cut and dry lyrics that recite frustration and disgust for everything around them. Blunt lyrics combined with short blasts and mid tempo stomps serve as the blueprint for the band’s stylized brand of hardcore. Other elements of Cleveland hardcore and classic thrash can be found peppered throughout the mix. The end result is a wave of short, violent anthems that bridge anger and honesty to a new low.

CD 11.00€*


HARDCORE. Florida's KNOW THE SCORE are back for another round with their debut full-length, "all time low". The album follows 2005's highly praised "all guts, no glory". The record doesn't stray from the sound established by the MCD, which garnered such descriptions as in-your-face hardcore that never lets up from start to finish. The songs are still just as heavy, straightforward and pissed off as ever before. KNOW THE SCORE deliver a raw, honest second release that doesn't pull any punches.

CD 11.00€*


GARAGE/PUNK 'N' ROLL. On their 4th album the Finns have a look back to their roots: blues, rock 'n' roll, hillbilly, surf. A wild mixture with a goodie for everybody. The rising of CHUCK BERRY, LITTLE RICHARD and JAMES BROWN, flavoured with some modern influences. You'll listen to 8 originals and 3 cover songs. Their best album so far!

LP 9.50€* CD 8.50€*


HARDCORE. KNUCKLEDUST are a band that are not trying to re-invent the wheel, but what they will do is give you slab upon slab of crushing hardcore. The rawness, the emotion, the pulverizing heaviness and the barked, pissed off vocals of Pierre embody everything KNUCKLEDUST is and all these traits are ever present and more dynamic than ever. "bluffs, lies and alibis" seamlessly fuses that well known brand of hardcore out of the Big Apple with the punk sound that was born on the streets of their native London. Powerful grooves intertwine with breakneck hardcore and edgy basslines giving every KNUCKLEDUST fan just what they want.

LP 16.00€* CD 14.50€*


HARDCORE. Expect a diverse and enthralling album with the right dose of crushing riffs, breakdowns, fast parts, some punkrock tunes and lyrics spitting anger and frustration, guaranteeing numerous singalongs, stage dives and relentless mosh pits. "songs of sacrifice" is 10 brand new brutal, intense and hard-hitting songs from these London based hardcore legends plus 2 bonus tracks which were recently released on 7" only.

LPcol 16.50€* CD 14.50€*


HARDCORE. "time won't heal this" is the re-mastered version of KNUCKLEDUST's very 1st album, released for their 15th anniversary. With these groovy, obnoxious and brutal 10 songs it more or less started for KNUCKLEDUST back in the late '90s. Since then, nonstop around with the same line up, KNUCKLEDUST survived. Colored vinyl comes on 180gr vinyl and includes a digital download card.

LPcol 16.50€* CD 14.50€*


HARDCORE. Finally KNUCKLEDUST's 2nd album from 2005 is available on vinyl. KNUCKLEDUST likes to keep it simple, so there are no line-up changes or weird experimentations on this record. “unbreakable” is exactly what you would expect from this four piece from London: just plain pounding hardcore. To record this album they once again found their way to the Antfarm Studios owned by Tue Madsen and here we find the one thing that has changed compared to “universal Struggle”, because the production is heavier than before. Fans of KNUCKLEDUST can go on and buy this release blindly. The same goes for everyone who loves powerful hardcore but somehow never took the time to listen to KNUCKLEDUST.

LPcol 16.00€* CD 14.50€*


HARDCORE. A bit over 10 years after the release of the CD version for "universal struggle", KNUCKLEDUST's debut on GSR, the LP version will be released. Hardcore through and through with a strong NYC hardcore influence - this has all the breakneck fast parts, earth shattering breakdowns and singalongs any kid could ever want. Fueled by the way the world stands today KNUCKLEDUST bring you some truly pissed off and aggressive hardcore with their incredible breakdowns and whirlwind like fast parts which throb and surge with such a crushing groove that it will be impossible to stand still. Vinyl includes a digital download card.

LP 16.00€* CD 8.50€*


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