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SINGER/SONGWRITTER. GARRETT KLAHN is best known as the frontman of Revelation Records' own TEXAS IS THE REASON who were a cornerstone of the '90s emo movement. After years of playing in various other bands and writing and re-writing solo material, GARRETT finally presents his debut as a solo artist. He has evolved into a polished singer/songwriter, combining a structured balance of powerful and melodic guitars, equally measured drums and an earnest vocal delivery close to that found amongst his British influences. Vinyl includes CD version.

LPcol+CD 21.00€*


EMOCORE/POST-PUNK. Without the radical departure in style so typical of big musical strides, GARRISON takes their songwriting talent to new heights with their debut full-length, "a mile in cold water". This long awaited album incorporates driving rock with soaring melodies, seamless transitions and insightful lyrics. The record is somehow distorted while clear harmonies run throughout. Fans of everything from MINERAL to FUGAZI will want to give this a listen. But GARRISON's sound isn't easy to classify.

CD 12.50€*


EMOCORE/POST-PUNK. Since their inception in 1998 GARRISON has been setting the independent music world on its ear with songs and a live performance exploding with energy and emotion. Their new album entitled "be a criminal" surpasses all previous efforts with its defined focus and sonic clarity. This release, their sophomore album, leans towards a D.C. influenced post-punk/rock sound akin to JAWBOX, TANNER, and even THE PIXIES.

CD 12.50€*


EMOCORE/POST-PUNK. Over the years, much has been made of the mysterious disappearance of post-punk pioneers GARRISON. Latest offering from Boston's GARRISON. Somewhat heavier and more chaotic than their prior releases.

MCD 6.50€*


INDIE/EMO-PUNK. Side One Dummy 20 year anniversary re-issue. Limited to 1000. THE GASLIGHT ANTHEM's 3rd album reveals a remarkably powerful rock 'n' roll outfit honed by 2 years of nearly non-stop touring. The album burns with the spirit of soul, the energy of punk and the artistic ambition of any hall of famer you'd care to name. "american slang" is the battle cry of a great band finding its own voice and using it to shout to the rooftops and beyond. Vinyl comes housed in a gatefold-sleeve and includes a digital download card.

LP 15.00€* LPcol 18.50€* CD 14.50€*


INDIE/EMO-PUNK. THE GASLIGHT ANTHEM have gone from basements in their hometown of New Brunswick, New Jersey to one of underground music's most celebrated acts in barely over a year, through several tours, bringing a sound that reconciles the band's love for classic rock and soul icons such as Bruce Springsteen and Tom Petty with their New Jersey punk roots to create a unique musical amalgam that transcends genres and stereotypes. If you already bored of your AGAINST ME, HOT WATER MUSIC stuff buy this at once. Vinyl comes housed in a gatefold-sleeve and includes a digital download card.

LP 15.00€* CD 14.50€*


POST-HARDCORE. GATHERERS offer their own fresh take on the post-hardcore genre made popular by fellow New Jersey artists GLASSJAW, LA DISPUTE and THURSDAY - a little faster, a little louder and with even more urgency and rough-around-the-edges appeal. Colored vinyl includes a digital download card.

LPcol 16.50€* CD 13.00€*


HARDCORE/METAL. Originally released on Hit The Deck Records, only a small few copies of GEHENNA's "land of sodom" 7" ever made it into anyone's hands. The 7" is finally available with a few improvements to the original recordings, re-visited as "land of sodom II". Also included is a CD with the "land of sodom II" tracks and the previously unavailable on CD "upon the gravehill" tracks. Comes in a deluxe gatefold package with a poster insert. As per the band's request, this release does not include a digital download code. Please use a record player.

7"+CD 17.00€*


HARDCORE/METAL. The band's 1st full-length debut record from 2000 on vinyl with a bonus track. Pure, raw brutality, GEHENNA is seething with primitive fury and laying waste with barbaric execution. Remastered with original artwork including a gatefold-jacket and poster-insert. For fans of INTEGRITY and HELLHAMMER.

CD 13.50€*


SXE-HARDCORE. GENERATIONS began in the fall of 2005 with the hopes of blending various elements of hardcore from the past to the present. From the very 1st practice, a progressive sound emerged that combined the fast-pace of youth-crew hardcore with the hard-hitting rhythms of rock. This 6 song MCD showcasing a frenzied and impassioned band that easily recalls the memory of bands such as CHAIN OF STRENGTH and YOUTH OF TODAY.

MCD 6.50€*


HARDCORE. GERIATRIC UNIT are back with 12 tracks of uncompromising hardcore - you wouldn't expect anything else from this group made up of ex members of UK hardcore legends HERESY, HARD TO SWALLOW and IRON MONKEY.

CD 10.50€*


HARDCORE. Old, fast loud rules! GERIATRIC UNIT feature former members of UK hardcore royalty HERESY, IRON MONKEY and HARD TO SWALLOW and play a generic..haha style of hardcore. This is not some nod to the '80s inspired rehash, these guys fucking invented it! Following on from the storming debut "nuclear accidents", "life half over" is the follow up and contains 10 tracks of undiluted, straight up hardcore. Raw, real, and the antidote to all the drivel you've had to endure that's been masquerading as hardcore in recent years. An absolute must for fans of HERESY, RIPCORD, POISON IDEA and BLACK FLAG.

CD 10.50€*


HARDCORE. Richmond, VA's GET A GRIP has paired up with Philly's up-and-coming HAMMER HEAD to present their second release. After a small line up change, GET A GRIP is back with 5 tracks, even more raw and hard sound, bringing to mind the sounds of their past bands such as CAST ASIDE, DEAD SERIOUS, and BARFIGHT, but they also feature the raw energy of BLACK FLAG. HAMMER HEAD brings the second half of the split with 6 tracks that are much more slower paced along the lines of TARPIT and NEGATIVE APPROACH.

MCD 2.50€*


HARDCORE. Buffalo NY's GET BACK UP follow up their 7" with the passionate and modern hardcore sounds of "weathering the storm", which expands on the band's modern-hardcore sound that takes cues from groups like DEAD HEARTS, MODERN LIFE IS WAR and HAVE HEART. As a bonus, the CD contains the entire "symptoms of failure" 7" (9 tracks at all).

MCD 7.50€*


HARDCORE. GET RAD capture an energy and excitement that many has thought lost in hardcore. This 2nd full-length from Milwaukee's GET RAD (members of SINCE BY MAN, KUNG FU RICK). GET RAD bring the fun back into hardcore, a genre long dominated by tough guy posturing. Get stoked, stay rad.

CD 6.50€*


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