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SXE-HARDCORE. Energetically clearing hurdles that would be the demise of most bands, CALL TO PRESERVE has persisted, spending years developing their signature sound. They comfortably join together heavy BURIED ALIVE-type moments, vintage NYC-hardcore style bounce and melody-infused flavor in the vein of GIVE UP THE GHOST. The result is an assault of burly hardcore anthems about faith, perseverance, friendship, loyalty and the straight-edge lifestyle to which they strictly adhere.

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SXE-HARDCORE. CALL TO PRESERVE's 3rd album, "life of defiance", was recorded at Warrior Sound Studios. Like the straight forward hardcore they have become known for, this is 11 tracks of hard-hitting, in-your-face, anthemic music and lyrics from Florida's finest. CALL TO PRESERVE is prepared to release the strongest album of their career so far with "life of defiance".

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SXE-HARDCORE. Rising from the fertile hardcore grounds of Florida comes a young band with passion, discipline and integrity to positively influence those they encounter. Whether it's sharing their beliefs and faith with someone or encouraging a drug free lifestyle, CALL TO PRESERVE are genuine, honest and real in both their music and message.

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INDIE/POP-PUNK. CANDY HEARTS release their new album, "all the ways you let me down" via Bridge Nine. This 11-song album is the highly-anticipated follow-up to their critically-acclaimed debut from Violently Happy Records. This new full-length is sure to please any fan of CANDY HEARTS' previous work and any fan of pop-punk persuasion. Colored vinyl includes a digital download card.

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INDIE/POP-PUNK. CANDY HEARTS introspective lyrics create a portrait of youth for all that it is - carefree, innocent and fun, yet uncertain, lonely, ambivalent and pissed off. The "best ways to disappear" is produced by Chad Gilbert of New Found Glory and is the best collection of songs the band has ever recorded and the 1st release on Chad own Violently Happy Records. Colored vinyl includes a digital download card.

MLPcol 14.00€* MCD 7.50€*


DEATH-METAL. Following in the tradition laid down by their earlier releases, each of the 12 songs on the record (originally released in 2011) is inspired by a classic death-metal track - this time around, MORBID ANGEL, DEICIDE are getting the CANNABIS treatment! "beneath grow lights thou shalt rise" is the incarnation of death-metal we all crave, the balls-to-the-wall onslaught of righteous riffage and victory over pretentious horseshit attitude that the genre was founded on. CANNABIS CORPSE brings something else to the death-metal table that is sorely lacking at the moment, a sense of humor.

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DEATH-METAL. Ever wondered what would happen if members of MUNICIPAL WATE and BATTLEMASTER got together to shred out some old-school death-metal while inhaling suicidal amounts of weed? The answer is CANNABIS CORPSE, a killer new homage to the fathers of brutality (CANNIBAL CORPSE, MORBID ANGEL, SUFFOCATION, DEICIDE) with hilarious lyrics about stoned zombies and skull bongs. The guys have painstakingly re-created the catchy early '90s era Tampa sound.

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DEATH-METAL. Grow-housing the traditional heavy sounds cultivated by heroes of the '90s Floridian death-metal scene, Richmond's CANNABIS CORPSE feature dudes from MUNICIPAL WASTE and bring that same sickening metal crunch back in an overt homage to CANNABIS CORPSE and the sacred green plant that's fueled nearly 20 years of deviant metallic riffing and skull-smashing drumming that comprise the genre. On their 2nd full-length, CANNABIS CORPSE bring more of their silly, weed-inspired death-metal that takes influence from two things - herb and CANNIBAL CORPSE.

CD 11.00€*


EMO-HARDCORE/PUNK. Anthemic, catchy, and angry, "homefront" comes bursting out of the gate with 13 songs molded by lives growing up in a part of the country synonymous with "suburbia" - Long Island. CAPITAL take a fresh approach to melodic hardcore. Their sound is a mix of many familiar elements blending the melodic style of DAG NASTY, the punk aspect of early BAD RELIGION, and post-hardcore tendencies of QUICKSAND. Stemming from quintessential Long Island hardcore bands SILENT MAJORITY and THE REFORMATION, CAPITAL is defined as much by their experiences as their musical influences.

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HARDCORE. This CAREER SUICIDE release is the 2nd anthology of releases that the band has released since their inception in early 2002. CAREER SUICIDE have made a name for themselves playing purist hardcore influenced by the genre's pioneers as well as drawing heavily on influences spanning 1st wave punk. This CD contains tracks from the "invisible eyes" LP, split LP with JED WHITEY, "signals" 7" as well as compiling previously unreleased tracks, rare out-takes and even a live track from their 2005 Japanese tour.

CD 7.00€*


INDIE-POP/ROCK. With their full-length debut ”Gothenburg rifle association”, the five gentlemen in THE CARNATION show beyond any doubt that they are capable of writing classy pop tunes that will stand the test of time. Of course, one tends to find loads of references popping up while enjoying the album’s 12 tracks, but the final result is totally THE CARNATION’s own. The swedes seems to master many different musical genres, from haunting rock paranoia in the opening track to the straightfoward pop, right down to the mellow nostalgia of dreamy ballad. This pared with the fact that the band has three talented vocalists will prevent the listener from ever losing interest. Holding this diverse piece together is strength of the melodies and a very British feel, making the punkier numbers sound more like THE LIBERTINES than THE STROKES. Which is a good thing.

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INDIE-POP/ROCK. On ”Human universals” THE CARNATION are leaving their new wave-infected sound for something rather different. While the harsh vocal delivery remains intact in places, the overall impression of the album is one of development. With the inclusion of synthesizers, dance grooves and melancholic-psychedelic slide guitar parts the band has certainly come a long way since their debut with “Gothenburg rifle association”. The new record begins in a stylish way with the delayed drums of soul-pop effort, before the punky guitar and bass of kicks in. These are followed by a list of songs that combines anger, hate and frustration with political awareness and hope for the future. When singer Eric barks about terrace aggro it’s actually hard not to believe him. After a staggering 42 min. the final chord of the 13th and last song fades out and the listener is guaranteed to have been affected in some way or another.

LP 11.00€* CD 13.00€*


DEATH-METAL. Leading the pack of the new wave of American death-metal is a band from San Diego known as CARNIFEX. Armed to the teeth with an arsenal of blast-beats, machine gun riffs and vocals exorcised from the deepest pits of hell, CARNIFEX is prepared to lead legions into battle and slaughter the opposition in the process. "The diseased and the poisoned" was produced by Zeuss (God Forbid, Shadow's Fall etc.).

CD 13.00€*


DEATH-METAL. CARNIFEX has mastered the unique combination of varying facets of extreme metal including crushing death-metal grooves, fast-paced trash-metal guitar work and alternating raspy black-metal vocals with guttural death-metal growls. "until i feel nothing" is an unrelenting and intense piece of work with dense galloping riffs, sharp pinch harmonics, fierce blast beats and devastating breakdowns.

CD 13.00€*


HARDCORE. CARPATHIAN have been an indestructible force on unstable ground. Within each of the 10 songs that comprise "isolation", CARPATHIAN's overall growth is apparent. Cohesive song writing, fantastic recorded performances and a powerful collective vision shine throughout. CARPATHIAN are one of the few bands out there today that remain as inspiring as they are highly entertaining.

DigiCD 11.50€*


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