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HARDCORE/METALCORE. This compilation combines the power of the 1st wave of German metalcore and cutting edge of hardcore and screamo bands. Some songs are exclusive to this compilation. JANE, CHISPA, SYSTRAL, Y, ACHEBORN, HEAVEN SHALL BURN, LINSAY, TUMULT, MAN VS HUMANITY, ENFOLD, NYARI, GOMORRHA, DEAMON'S JADED PASSION, MORSER, INANE, METALFIST (sideproject of MÖRSER and SYSTRAL members), CALIBAN and ACLYS. The LP comes with a huge, full-colored 20 page booklet. Be warned though, this is a bit on the metallic side! [PK 029.5II]

LP 7.50€* CD 3.00€*


HARDCORE. "this is hardcore fest 2008" was filmed live at the Starlight Ballroom, Philadelphia. Three days of the most stagedives, singalongs and hardcore bands that could fit into a weekend. "this is hardcore fest" was 1000 plus kids being able to see the best and brightest and show their support without the interference of barricades or bouncers, yet still have all the bells and whistles of the big club setting. Including 29 bands like TERROR, BLACKLISTED, PAINT IT BLACK, CEREMONY; MONGOLOIDS, KILLING THE DREAM, COLD WORLD, COMEBACK KID, NO TURNING BACK, REIGN SUPREME, CEREMONY, DOWN TO NOTHING and a couple more! This DVD showcase the amazing scene and also shed light on the fest for those of you who couldn’t make the trip. Hopefully these 120min. will keep you excited!

DVD 10.00€*


POWER-VIOLENCE HARDCORE/GRINDCORE. Ass kicking follow up to the previous compilation. International hardcore thrash by some of the best. This time with MK ULTRA, 9 SHOCKS TERROR, REAL REGGAE, KRIGSHOT, UNCURBED, MUKEKA DI RATO, RUIDO, SCALPLOCK. The tunes are fast, hard, unrelenting and there ain't a bad one in the lot. A shure winner as usual!

LP 8.00€* CD 7.00€*


POWER-VIOLENCE HARDCORE/GRINDCORE. No hype, "tomorrow will be worse vol.3" kicks a ton of fucking ass! Pairing up 6 powerhouse bands, doing 22 songs. Three bands from the states: THE FARTZ, FLAG OF DEMOCRACY, and BRODY'S MILITIA, and 3 bands from Japan: IDOL PUNCH, VIVISICK, and STRUCK. These are all bands that rock like motherfuckers on their own, and Sound Pollution combines them together for a full-on energetic hardcore onslaught - an orgy of thrash.

CD 7.00€*


POWER-VIOLENCE HARDCORE/GRINDCORE. "tomorrow will be worse vol.4" delivers another onslaught of high energy hardcore thrash from the U.S. and Japan. Six bands, 28 songs, on 3 split 7"s or CD. Powerhouses VOETSEK, NO VALUE, THE SPROUTS, RUNNAMUCKS, THREATENER, and FASTS do the damage. Top notch from start to finish.

3x7"col 9.00€* CD 7.00€*


HARDCORE/METALCORE. The 1st in a series of Trustkill DVDs, showcasing all of their band's most recent videos. "volume 1" contains videos from BLEEDING THROUGH, NORA, OPHEN HAND, EIGHTEEN VISIONS, HOPEFALL, THROWDOWN and MOST PRECIOUS BLOOD. In addition there are also clips of Trustkill bands from Hellfest 2000, 2002, 2003, and New England Metalfest 2003 (bonus footage - 25 songs). DVD includes video introductions to each band, discussing behind-the- scenes information on band members, directors, actors, and more.

DVD 7.00€*


HARDCORE/METALCORE. 2006 marks a milestone for Ferret Music as they enter into their 10th year of business. The label that was started by owner, Carl Severson, putting out 7"s from his bedroom, has now grown into a major force in underground music. This low-priced DVD collection takes almost all of the videos we have made here at the label and gives them to you in a bad-ass digi-amaray. Most are videos from the past 4 years since they never had the cash to make videos before that! There will be lots of news about all these artists as the year goes on, so this is the perfect piece to appease all fans who haven

DVD 6.50€*


PUNK/HARDCORE/EMO. Dies ist der legitime Nachfolger der ueberaus erfogreichen PUNK-O-RAMA Serie, die es immerhin auf 10 erfolgreiche Jahre und Nummern gebracht hat. Nachdem sich das Epitaph-Labelprogramm in den letzten Jahren auch anderen Musikstilen geoeffnet hat, ist der alte Name wohl nicht mehr ganz zeitgemaess. Diese Nice-Price CD gibt einen guten Einblick in die aktuelle Labelpolitik, die von Emo/Indie, ueber Hardcore und Punk auch Underground Hip-Hop abdeckt. Dazu gesellt sich noch eine Bonus-DVD mit 10 Musikvideos. Vertreten sind: FROM FIRST TO LAST, ESCAPE THE FATE, THE MATCHES, YOUTH GROUP, MOTION CITY SOUNTRACK, MATCHBOK ROMANCE, VANNA, CONVERGE, SOME GIRLS, I AM GHOST, DANGERDOOM, BAD RELIGION, BOUNCING SOULS, PENNYWISE, THE DRAFT, SAGE FRANCIS, ROBOCOP KRAUS und PETE PHILLY. Schlichtweg der perfekte Soundtrack fuer den anstehenden Sommer!

CD+DVD 8.50€*


Step into the Vans Warped Tour's world of Punk Rock Summer Camp with: NOFX, RANCID, BAD RELIGION, DEFTONES, H2O, ALL, NO USE FOR A NAME, UNWRITTEN LAW, OZOMATLI and more. Also features some of the world's best extreme athletes including Andy MacDonald, Steve Caballero, Rick Thorne, Bob Burnquist, Micky Dymond and Carey Hart. Punk Rock Summer Camp takes you behind the scenes while you were in the mosh pit. Meet the people behind the drums, on the stages, under the helmets and inside the buses on the eighty-two minute DVD.

DVD 13.00€*


HARDCORE/PUNK/EMO. 'Wake up screaming' is a one-of-a-kind, behind-the scenes look at the Vans Warped Tour through the eyes of Jason Bayless. Follow Jason and his crew as they spend an exclusive all-access-granted 9 weeks traveling through 48 cities, rubbing elbows with the hottest bands of today and hundreds of punk rock all-stars. This DVD features music and live performances from more than 20 bands, including: HAWTHORNE HEIGHTS, STORY OF THE YEAR, SILVERSTEIN, EMERY, NOFX, THE A.K.A.s, THE EYELINERS, S.T.U.N., STRIKE ANYWHERE, ANBERLIN, BLEED THE DREAM, STREET DRUM CORPS, OPIATE FOR THE MASSES, DESPISTAPO, VALIENT THORR and more. A well done documentary for anyone who joinded (or missed) that Tour!

DVD 13.00€*


Fifty-two tracks (including rare & unreleased tracks from BAD RELIGION, NEW FOUND GLORY, FLOGGING MOLLY, SIMPLE PLAN, and TAKING BACK SUNDAY) from fifty of the best bands on the 2004 Warped Tour, collected on two CDs at a bargain price.

DoCD 9.00€*


The official soundtrack for the 2005 Warped Tour. This double CD features 50 rare, unreleased and insane tracks from a zillion bands. Check out the track list to see if your boyfriend's band is on here. It probably is: Offspring, Flogging Molly, Dropkick Murphys, Zao, Bleeding Through, Silverstein, Relient K, VCR, Hawthorne Heights, Atreyu, Plain White T's, Tsunami Bomb, A Thorn For Every Heart, No Use For A Name, Armor For Sleep, Gogol Bordello, Millencolin, Bedouin Soundclash, Gatsbys American Dream, Underoath, Silverstein, Hot Water Music, Halifax, Strung out...

DoCD 9.00€*


PUNK/HARDCORE/EMO. Fifty of the bands to appear on this year's Warped Tour are showcased on this year's "Warped Tour 2006 Compilation" from Side One Dummy. Some of the bands included are NO FX, UNDEROATH, FROM FIRST TO LAST, RISE AGAINST, FLOGGING MOLLY, MATCHBOOK ROMANCE, AGAINST ME, ANTI-FLAG, ARMOR FOR SLEEP, SAVES THE DAY, CASUALTIES, BOUNCING SOULS, GOOD RIDDANCE, MAXEEN, MONEEN, CHIODOS, HELMET, GOGOL BORDELLO, JOAN JETT and tons more

DoCD 9.00€*


PUNK/HARDCORE/EMO. This is the official soundtrack for the 2007 Vans Warped Tour, featuring a DoCD with 50 songs covering the diversity of the tour with tracks from the best in punk, ska, hardcore, and metal. FLOGGING MOLLY, ALKALINE TRIO, BAD RELIGION, CUTE IS WHAT WE AIM FOR, PARAMORE, NEW FOUND GLORY, AS I LAY DYING, KILLSWITCH ENGAGE, THE CASUALTIES, SET YOUR GOALS, THE USED, AIDEN, AMBER PACIFIC, NORMA JEAN, PARKWAY DRIVE and many, many more.

DoCD 9.00€*


THE VACANCY aus dem A-F Stall mit ihrem Debut. Von der Plattenfirma als punkigeres Singer/Songwriterprojekt angekuendigt, wuerd ich das gar nicht mal so unterschreiben. Eher klingt das hier wie eine Emo-Scheibe im Stile der ersten TAKING BACK SUNDAY, JIMMY EAT WORLD oder auch ALKALINE TRIO. Soll nicht heissen, dass die Platte schlecht waere, im Gegenteil, sie glaenzt durch upbeat Riffs, super catchy mehrstimmigen Gesang, unglaublich eingaengige Refrains und kompaktes Songwriting. Jeder der 11 Songs passt hervorragend auf einem Mixtape zwischen oben genannten Bands. Highlights gibt es so einige, wie z.B. der Song 'Anthem', der mit einer groovigen Basslinie aufwartet, ein schoens Piano hinzuzieht und einfach zum Mitgroehlen im Auto animiert. Hat recht wenig mit den ueblichen AF Releases zu tun. Perfektes Sonnenschein-Album, das von Chris #2 von ANTI FLAG produziert wurde.

CD 12.50€*


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