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INDIE/EMO-ROCK. "harmlessness", the Epitaph debut for THE WORLD IS A BEAUTIFUL PLACE & I AM NO LONGER AFRAID TO DIE, ranges from the hushed folk of opener "you can't live here forever" to the epic, grandiose "mount hum" - spanning the bedroom pop of the band's salad days to the sweeping scope of 2013's "whenever, if ever", and beyond. Their early records were atmospheric, impressionistic tone-poems, balanced somewhere between the twilit emo of AMERICAN FOOTBALL and CHRISTIE FRONT DRIVE and the pensive, mood-heavy post-rock of THE APPLESEED CAST. "harmlessness" finds the band developing some of its very best songs, even as certain tracks sprawl and stretch into abstract shapes.

CD 12.50€*


POST-HARDCORE. WORN IN RED hail from the long-standing promised land of thick, blistering hardcore; Virginia. They share hometowns in both Richmond and Charlottesville, drinking deep from a rich history of since-fallen bands like HOOVER, FOURHUNDRED YEARS and FRODUS etc., while also paying tribute to contemporary titans GLASS AND ASHES. Vinyl version includes download code.

LPcol 11.00€* CD 11.50€*


HARDCORE. Fast hardcore with a melodic feel similar to later era TURNING POINT. This CD rounds up this group's recorded material, compiling their 7" on Youngblood (that shares the same name as this CD), their self-titled 7" on Malfunction, and 7 previously unreleased tracks. In addition you also get a video for "Here's the door". Crewcial!

CD 6.00€*


INDIE/EMO-PUNK. Originally released in 2017, 6131 Records is incredibly excited to make this fantastic album by WORRIERS available again. This newly expanded version contains 2 additional songs. WORRIERS have taken their brand of punk-meets-indie balladeering across the globe touring alongside the likes of AGAINST ME, THE WONDER YEARS and many more. Colored vinyl includes a digital download card.

LPcol 19.00€*


HARDCORE. THE WORST started terrorizing the Jersey Shore in the late 70's and didn't stop until the mid '80s. The 1st release on the highly acclaimed and collectable Mutha Records label, they also released a follow up 12" a few years later. While CHRONOC SICK seems to get all the attention, probably due to their LP being impossible to find, THE WORST truly held the crown as the best shore core band ever. This CD compiles all of their recorded material the 7", the "Expect the worst" 12", the previously unreleased 2nd LP, and a set from Max's Kansas City which includes never before released songs. Liner notes by the one and only Stuart Schrader aka Dr Punk!

CD 11.00€*


HARDCORE. From 1987 until into the '90s, WRECKING CREW ruled the Boston and east coast hardcore scene. This collection is 26 songs composed of rare, out of press and previously never heard gems from demo, live and 7" recordings as well as a re-recorded version of the classic track "why must they". Learn another chapter of Boston (and east coast) hardcore by checking out WRECKING CREW.

CD 12.50€*


POP-PUNK. A creative outlet born from lack of options, a cathartic escape from the norm... these tropes lie at the heart of many a band's origin story, but few fresh-faced acts come out of the blocks and flourish as quickly as WSTR. For fans of NEW FOUND GLORY, BLINK 182. Colored vinyl includes a digital download card.

LPcol 18.00€* CD 12.00€*


POP-PUNK. A creative outlet born from lack of options, a cathartic escape from the norm... WSTR's debut, "skrwd", is a full-force introduction to the band's keen ear for instantly familiar hooks and head bobbing grooves, showcasing more savvy and swagger than many bands with ten times their experience. For fans of NEW FOUND GLORY, BLINK 182.

MCD 7.50€*


GRINDCORE. Modern fastcore's blackest cult ascends once more from its knighted abyss to deliver 31 hymns of infernal savagery. "deprogrammed" deliver 27min. grinding music. Vinyl comes with gatefold-jacket and includes a digital download card with 40min. of bonus material.

LP 15.50€* CD 11.00€*


POST-HARDCORE. XBXRX's joyous, high-energy musical outpourings have been championed by major figures in underground rock such as SONIC YOUTH, PEACHES, UNWOUND, DEERHOOF, and Q AND NOT U. They've also worked with such producers as Steve Albini, Ian McKaye, and Don Zientara. The band continues to progress and expand their musical horizons with this release, incorporating a wider palette of textures, rhythm, and structure, as well as gaining a newfound clarity in an effort to move beyond the non-stop blastbeat/screaming assault of previous releases while retaining their exhilaration that people expect from them.

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POST-PUNK. With a new line-up and some years removed from their young, violent, hardcore days, the instrumental prowess on "collision blonde" sounds less like their elder contemporaries and more a cleaner tone reminiscent of JESUS AND MARY CHAIN and THE CURE, yet sharp and uneasy in the vein of BAUHAUS' early, gothic post-punk edge. Some thracks are aggressively built up into a cathartic release, alluding to CEREMONY, ICEAGE and MEWITHOUTYOU at times. Colored vinyl includes a digital download card.

LPcol 14.00€* CD 12.00€*


POST-HARDCORE. "our home is a deathbed" features 11 songs by XERXES. The band took shape in early 2008 in Louisville with a sound that channels the energy and passion of mid-'90s originators YOU AND I and SAETIA, while adding the more upbeat and brutal thrash mentality of contemporaries such as TRASH TALK and AMPERE, making for a sound that runs the gamut of blast-beat aggression and emotional rumination. Colored vinyl includes a digital download card.

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HARDCORE/METAL. "hasta la muerte", Spanish for "to the death", is XIBALBA's new full-length. The previous full-length "madre mia por los dias" stormed the hardcore world with its apocalyptic, down-tuned, slow-motion brutality. The band's ultra-energizing buildups and relentlessly brutal breakdowns instantly drawing comparisons to DISEMEBODIED, BLOODLET, and the heaviest of the late early 2000s hardcore scene as well as kings of low-end, groove-laden death-metal like OBITUARY. "hasta la muerte" once more is a lethal collision of brutal death-metal, vicious hardcore and oppressive sludge. Taking the concept of heavy to a new, crushing level!

CD 15.50€*



CD 7.50€*


POWER-VIOLENCE. Y from Berlin/Potsdam plays hardcore at hypersonic speeds with stop on a dime tempo changes into some hectic and catchy slow parts that quickly explode back into high speed fury. This CD contains the "ali bomaye" LP, split 7" with DISCRIPT, the 1st 7" and 2 unreleased songs all re-mastered - 40 tracks in 40min.!

CD 7.50€*


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