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HARDCORE. UNDERDOG has been a staple in the hardcore scene since their inception in the 1980's and the release of "matchless" will further cement the impact that the band had upon the world. The 2 key constant elements of UNDERDOG during its span of 4 years were Richie Birkenhead (vocals) and Russ Iglay (bass) who decided to form a band while talking at CBGB in 1985. Fast forward over 20 years and UNDERDOG is back with this comprehensive release that will include both "the vanishing point" and "the demos" on one release. Colored (white) vinyl comes with a gatefold-cover and includes a digital download card.

DoLPcol 19.00€* CD 12.50€*


HARDCORE. UNDERTOW can be considered one of the founding fathers of the straight-edge scene in Seattle. At a time when grunge was "in", these boys made their own noise and laid the tracks that every hardcore band in WA has followed since. Untainted, unspoiled, and uncomprised, the way hardcore is supposed to be played. This collection with 28 tracks includes all of the essential material from one of the founding fathers of Seattle straight-edge with John Pettibone singing. Colored vinyl comes with a well designed gatefold-cover.

DoLPcol 19.50€* CD 12.50€*


METALCORE. Building on the momentum generated by back to back 125000+ sellers, Massachusetts' UNEARTH are set to release their career retrospective on DVD, spanning their humble beginnings to UNEARTH's ascension to leaders of the metal genre. Shot at the Glasshouse in Pomona, California on Oct 9th 2007 by the team from Space Monkey (Killswitch Engage, All That Remains) and mixed by UNEARTH's Ken Susi, "Alive from the apocalypse" puts you on stage and behind the scenes with one of the most exciting and crucial bands in metal.

DoDVD 18.00€*


DOOM-METAL. On their Relapse Records debut "the trident", New York's UNEARTHLY TRANCE explore the mind's third eye, putting to sound the heavy, doom-laden thoughts that are buried deep in all psyches. UNEARTHLY TRANCE delivers chilling, hostile vibes taken straight from the mind’s cold steely abyss with a merciless strike. With "the trident", UNEARTHLY TRANCE has embraced its' past and fused it together with a new and exciting sense of momentum. "the trident" is the result of a band that has never been more focused and determined. UNEARTHLY TRANCE is set to bring on the mental apocalypse.

CD 13.50€*


SXE-HARDCORE. Reissue of the classic 7", originally released on Wishingwell Records in 1985. Members of UNITY went on to form highly influential bands such as UNIFORM CHOICE, IGNITE. This record pioneered the way for the West-Coast straight-edge scene.

MCD 8.00€*


HARDCORE. "misery strengthened faith" contains 18 tracks of unapologetically metallic hardcore from these Arizona legends. The CD includes their full-length LP, their 7", the split 7" with ENEWETAK, as well as a compilation track. This is just bludgeoning, vicious, and metal.

CD 6.00€*


HARDCORE. THE UNRULED dominated the early '80s montreal hardcore scene with their rabid blend of hardcore, metallic leads and some of the fastest drumming pre grind hardcore. The band split up before they could record a proper full-length. THE UNRULED have reformed now with 2 members from INEPSY. The newly reformed band have recorded many of the classic UNRULED songs and have written a few newer songs that continue to meld a crustier, heavier element to their sound.

LP 13.50€* CD 6.50€*


PUNK-ROCK. THE UNSEEN staying true to their punk roots, with classic anthemic choruses and head-cracking beats. It’s fast, furious, and loud, never taking time to feel clean or really produced. Each song comes off as an anthem for whatever the band feels like shouting about. For fans of the band, or hardcore in general, the record will be welcome with an arm wide open and a fist raised. "internal salvation" is a 30min. adrenaline rush, but anyone not accustomed to the rough and tumble hardcore sound, steer clear: your ears will most certainly bleed. Like their Boston label mates DROPKICK MURPHYS, THE UNSEEN are both the heart and soul of punk, and can reach beyond its borders to fans of all styles of hardcore-punk.

DigiCD 14.00€*


PUNK-ROCK. Merely mention THE UNSEEN to anyone in the Boston punk scene, and you're likely to get an earful of how THE UNSEEN is recognized as one of the few bands that helped kick start the now infamous punk scene in that city. THE UNSEEN combine intelligent lyrics with aggressive music, and their sound is peppered with influences ranging from GBH, MISFITS and CONFLICT.

CD 13.50€*


HARDCORE. UNTIL THE END formed with the objective of bringing new life into a dying straight-edge scene. Although the band was only in existence for 5 years, their 4 releases raised the standard for modern straight-edge hardcore to follow. The discography release of "From the beginning, until the end" serves as a testament to the band's endeavors and the foundation they have paved.

DoCD 11.00€*


HARDCORE. UNTIL THE END formed in January 2000, with a goal of putting a message back into the current hardcore scene. Heavy, message driven, HATEBREED-esque songs featuring all-star members Alan Landsman on vocals and Chris Hornbrook on drums (both current members of POISON THE WELLoison The Well), as well as John Wylie (ex-MORNING AGAIN and WHERE FEAR AND WEAPONS MEET) on guitar.

MCD 6.00€*


SXE-HARDCORE. UP FRONT were an influential part of the late '80s straight-edge hardcore movement that helped pave the way for the 3rd generation of straight-edge bands. "spirit" is the classic full-length from 1988. Colored (green marble) vinyl includes a digital download card.

LPcol 15.00€* CD 12.50€*


ALTERNATIVE-ROCK. URGE OVERKILL returns with their 1st release in 16 years - all aboard the "rock & roll submarine". Almost 2 decades since their Pulp Fiction hit cover of "girl, you'll be a woman soon", founding members Nash Kato and Eddie Roeser have reformed the band. Joined by former GAZA STRIPPERS guitarist Hadji Hodgkiss and Cherry Valence's BONN QUAST on drums. With the energy of past albums' fusion of arena-rock and punk coupled with the evolution of Kato and Roeser's songwriting over the years, "rock & roll submarine" is set to deliver its cargo of a new breed of URGE OVERKILL rock torpedos to fans hungry for new material.

CD 14.50€*


NYC-HARDCORE. Originally released as a now-legendary underground VHS tape in 1999, "N.Y.H.C." will come to DVD for the first-time as a deluxe double DVD set. This incarnation features interviews with Jimmy Gestapo (MURPHY'S LAW), John Joseph (CRO-MAGS), Lou Koller (SICK OF OT ALL), Lord Ezec (CROWN OF THORNZ, DANNY DIABOLO), Roger Miret (AGNOSTIC FRONT), Rick Ta Life (25 TA LIFE), Toby Morse (H2O), Vic DiCara & Rasaraja Das (108), Freddy Madball (MADBALL), Tim Williams & Mike Kennedy (V.O.D., BLOODSIMPLE), DISTRICT 9, NO REDEEMING SOCIAL VALUE and more. The DoDVD includes "Where are they now?" interviews shot 10 years after the original documentary, flashbacks of key venues and previously unreleased live performances of iconic songs by VISION OF DISORDER, 108, MADBALL, 25 TA LIFE, CROWN OF THORNZ and more.

DoDVD 19.00€*


HARDCORE. STRONGER THAN ALL teams up 3 of the hardest-hitting metallic hardcore bands in all the land, with 2 songs each from WINDS OF PLAGUE, who hail from Los Angeles and are on Century Media, XAFBX, on Seventh Dagger from Reno, and Japan's LOYAL TO THE GRAVE who have put out records on Devils Head.

MCD 9.00€*


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