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POST/INDIE-ROCK. "the satanic satanist" is unmistakably PORTUGAL THE MAN, as the group has returned to working with loops and samples once more, certainly the most they have since their 2006 debut, "waiter: you vultures". This album, originally from 2009, is once more for fans of MINUS THE BEAR and FALL OF TROY.

CD 14.00€*


BLUES/GARAGE-PUNK. From the swampy depths of the Floridian Everglades comes bluegrass blues-punk Konrad Wert aka POSSESSED BY PAUL JAMES. Bearing that name in honour of his father and grandfather and armed with nothing but fiddle, banjo, guitar and a battered suitcase POSSESSED BY PAUL JAMES sings, growls and hollers songs of love and loss and exorcises his demons. To the contrary, his raw and desperate sound is the ideal soundtrack for uncertain times where questions outweigh the answers - a shot of untarnished wild human emotion to soothe our aching souls.

DigiCD 14.00€*


INDIE/ELECTRO-POP. It's been 10 years since the little long-distance collaboration between Ben Gibbard (aka DEATH CAB FOR CUTIE's frontman) and Angeleno Jimmy Tamborello (DNTEL, FIGURINE) emerged from seemingly nowhere and began to burrow into the ears of anyone who came into contact with the band's infectious electro-pop. To celebrate, Sub Pop is reissuing THE POSTAL SERVICE's sole album and including in the multidisc set 15 bonus tracks, including 2 brand new songs. Vinyl comes in a deluxe hardcover and includes a digital download card.

3xLP 34.00€* DoCD 16.50€*


HARDCORE. After forming in 1999, POUND FOR POUND have been working hard to spread their take no shit attitude and bleak outlook on life, complete with a soundtrack of brutal, no nonsense hardcore. Heavy and to the point angst filled music for fans of MERAUDER, SKARHEAD, 100 DEMONS. The 2nd full-length from these Illinois heavyweights and features 11 songs clocking in at almost 28 min..

CD 12.00€*


POST-HARDCORE. THE POWER & THE GLORY walk the fine line between the worlds of crust punk, contemporary metal and hardcore. Creating a post everything musical bombardment as compelling as it is difficult to classify by traditional means. From song to song the album rages forth as a soundtrack to worldly and emotional catastrophe. Building to an epic finale that evokes the apocalyptic spirit of their contemporaries NEUROSIS and CONVERGE, while maintaining their own sense of character. Shaking the foundation of the independent music community as it firmly roots them in place as a new and powerful mainstay.

CD 9.00€*


THRASH-METAL/HARDCORE. Steel, speed, and destruction! Drawing from the sacred texts of CRO-MAGS, LEEWAY, EXODUS, and NUCLEAR ASSAULT, Texas savages POWER TRIP have unleashed their debut album "manifest decimation". They leave in their wake a multitude of crushed generic and feeble contemporaries. POWER TRIP don't emulate, they properly channel the old-school energy of the crossover gods and add their own brand of modern thrash warfare. The recording is absolutely face-peeling and will ensure maximum head-banging from the hordes. Behold the debut album from POWER TRIP!

LP 18.00€* CD 13.50€*


STREET-PUNK. Since forming in 1994, Sacramento's skin stompers PRESSURE POINT have become Northern California's premier street-punk and oi band, mixing the styles of punk and reggae with ultra-catchy singalong anthems. The boys have played with and toured with all the big names in the busines and more over their 13 year career. Sounding like the bastard songs of BLITZ and THE BUSINESS, these boot boys taken no prisoners!

CD 5.00€*


INDIE/EMO-ROCK. PREVENT FALLS has emerged from the remote suburbs of New Jersey to deliver a debut album packed with 11 contagious and energetic anthems. "a newer more shattered you" features the urgency of post-hardcore coupled with the catchiness of the current indie-punk scene. PREVENT FALLS is pushing the boundaries of the new melodic rock scene with this impressive first offering. Recommended for fans of THURSDAY, SAVES THE DAY, and RIVAL SCHOOLS.

CD 4.00€*


CRUST-HARDCORE. Upon returning from a European tour, BALLAST promptly broke up. 3/5th of the band would continue to play together and soon would form PREYING HANDS including new members. The sound seamlessly blends an odd combination of crust, melodic hardcore and a touch of punk. The powerful female vocals, that lyrically combine the personal with the political, complete an intense picture. The whole thing is packaged in a beautiful cover and including a digital MP3 download card with the LP.

LP 11.00€* CD 11.00€*


HARDCORE/METAL. PRIMAL RITE is the shot in the arm the hardcore and metal scenes need. With 7"s already on Revelation Records, Grave Mistake and Warthog Speak Records, the band is unleashing their debut full-length. Guitars scream and solo, mixing the speed and chaos of Japanese hardcore, the crunch of Cleveland hardcore, the riffing and solos of thrash-metal, and the pure, crushing power of the Floridian death-metal scene of the '90s. Colored (red) or limited black (limited to 300) vinyl includes a digital download card.

LPcol 16.00€* LP 18.00€* CD 12.50€*


POWER-VIOLENCE-HARDCORE. Scotland's THE PROCESS feature former members of SHANK and play a high-speed power-violence hardcore hybrid with metallic buzzsaw guitars, drums that range from outright blast beats to slow sludge and everything in between, and howled vocals. This release compiles 2 demos and an 7" and serves as the band's introduction to the world outside of their home country. Pulverizing full-throttle hardcore - bring out the sledgehammer!

CD 7.50€*


SXE-HARDCORE. Again and again...after a couple years a new repress. Released initially as a one-time 7" pressing of 500 in 1988, "straight edge revenge" was released as a supplement to hardcore fanzine, Schism issue #7. PROJECT X featured members of JUDGE, YOUTH OF TODAY, SIDE BY SIDE, GORILLA BISCUITS and WARZONE! Tongue in cheek lyrics set to classic NYC-hardcore from these youth-crew allstars.

MCD 8.00€*


HARDCORE. THE PROMISE mean business and pull no punches in achieving the goal of breathing life into a lost scene and misdirected genre. Save all your speculation about what is and what isn't hardcore for the internet, because Syracuse, NY's THE PROMISE are here to show you just what it is, and with a vengeance.

CD 13.50€*


MELODYCORE/PUNK. PROPAGANDHI join the Epitaph roster with their new album "failed states", just in time for their politically engaged anthems to form a soundtrack to that magical theatrical production known as the US elections. "failed states" is the band's 6th album, and their 2nd as a four-piece. This has led to a distinctive thickening and fortifying of the band's sound, to the point where they now achieve maximum heaviness, in a good way. This is most definitely the best PROPAGANDHI album yet, full of loud, fast, indignant songs that stick in your head. Vinyl includes a CD version.

LP+CD 23.00€*


MELODYCORE/PUNK. This 20th anniversary reissue includes the full original album, the 3 outtakes that Fat Wreck cut from the initial record, and a super rare, 4-song "how to clean everything" demo. The 1st wave of Canadian vegans to cross the US punk border. A whole bunch of fast melodic songs that'll make you wanna laugh as the government burns to the ground.Of course, the album was re-mastered from the original analog reels as well. All in all this edition is a worthy update to an absolute classic. Vinyl includes a digital download card.

LP 16.50€* CD 11.50€*


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