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PUNK-ROCK. SMALLTOWN's 2nd full length is "implosion" and as expected, it is a total melodic punk explosion. Eleven more tracks from the same great melodic mod influenced punk found on their last album "the music" full of ultra catchy, anthemic songs with raw tuneful vocals and teeth clenching riffs. Think of the STIFF LITTLE FINGERS, THE CLASH and and LEATHERFACE, as well as current masters like THE GASLIGHT ANTHEM.

LP 7.50€* CD 11.00€*


PUNK-ROCK. The 1st SMALLTOWN full-length "the music" continues where the "years, months" 7" left off. More of the same great melodic mod influenced punk - ultra catchy, anthemic songs with raw tuneful vocals and teeth clenching riffs. "the music" contains 12 brilliant tracks which are bound to grab a whole lot of attention.

LP 7.50€* CD 10.00€*


PUNK-ROCK. Featuring 2/5 of NO TRIGGER and a member of SKOCK NAGASAKI, SMARTBOMB is no stranger to punk-rock, but with the aforementioned bands' hectic touring schedules, SMARTBOMB has been on the backburner and remained one of Massachusetts' best-kept secrets. Their music is much like their name; an explosion of ideas with thought-provoking lyrics that encourage the listener to question everything. Building on influences from a wide range of genres within punk, hardcore, and rock 'n' roll, SMARTBOMB offers an inspiring blend of progressive thinking and progressive punk-rock.

MCD 4.00€*


PUNK-ROCK. Once dubbed as NO TRIGGER's side project, SMARTBOMB is wasting no time shedding the side project ties and is quickly jumping to the frontlines of the punk-rock scene. This is evident with their hectic touring schedule but most prominently on their debut full length, "diamond heist". With the craft of Jim Siegel (Dropkick Murphys, The Unseen), "diamond heist", which was nearly 4 years in the making, showcases an obvious progression since their debut MCD. "diamond heist" is still very much fast, snotty, and punk!

CD 7.50€*


PUNK-ROCK. Just in time for the 20th anniversary of its release, SNFU's "fyulaba" LP is getting the vinyl reissue treatment. Originally released on Epitaph Records and out-of-print on vinyl every since, it features the band's signature melodic, Canadian punk.

LP 21.00€*


PUNK 'N' ROLL. Classic songs from every classic album are represented in this definitive retrospective. From the early So-Cal punk track "mommy's little monster" that put them on the map, on through to 2004's radio hit "reach for the sky". Covering SOCIAL DISTORTION's three decade long career, "greatest hits" showcases the best in band leader Mike Ness' heart-on-the-sleeve songwriting. Their classic cover of Johnny Cash's "ring of fire" is included as well. "far behind", is the hard charging new song recorded just for this collection. Vinyl includes an interview as bonus.

DoLP 28.50€* CD 14.00€*


PUNK 'N' ROLL. Formed in 1979, SOCIAL DISTORTION has come to be known for their distinctive brand of hard rockabilly and punk that's cut with frontman Mike Ness' melodic lyrics, chronicling hard-luck tales of love, loss, and lessons learned. This collection comprises early 7"s and b-sides originally released circa 1981 to 1983, including "1945", "moral threat", and the cover of the ROLLING STONES' "under my thumb".

LP 24.00€* CD 14.00€*


PUNK 'N' ROLL. Over the past 4 decades, SOCIAL DISTORTION has all but trademarked their sound, a brand of hard rockabilly/punk that's cut with the melodic, road-tested lyrics of frontman Mike Ness. And it all started here, with their seminal 1983 debut. This album was recorded in a single session after Mike Ness' participation in the 1982 punk documentary "another state of mind." A must have for any fan of American punk-rock.

LP 24.00€* CD 14.00€*


PUNK 'N' ROLL. A lot has changed since SOCIAL DISTORTION unleashed 1983's punk-rock classic "mommy's little monster", both inside the band and out. "sex, love and rock'n'roll" is the 6th studio album from American punk-icons SOCIAL DISTORTION. First released in 2004 Mike Ness proves with "sex, love and rock 'n' roll" he's still the one to beat. Pound for pound, the album embraces its heart and while baring its soul.

LP 24.00€* CD 14.00€*


HARDCORE. SOCIETY OF FRIENDS was Texas's best kept secret in the mid '90s, situating themselves between the energy of early '90s hardcore-punk and the brutality of power-violence - yet creating a sound that was uniquely their own. This CD collects all of their songs: the full-length LP, some tracks from 7"s and splits, and an unreleased recording of all their earlier tracks. Total brutality. Long live Austin progressive-violence.

CD 7.50€*


DOOM/STONER-METAL. Debut release from this swamp dirge stoner and doom-metal group. Rising from the ashes of STATE OF THE UNION, they polished their sounds and expanded the songs to 8min. monsters - 4 songs in 33min. - just crushing. For fans of SLEEP, YOB, ALDEBARAN and GRAVES AT SEA and all things heavy. Limited to 117 vinyl edition with silk-screened covers includes the CD as well.

LP+CD 15.00€*


HARDCORE. Forged from the desire to express opinions and thoughts in a non-traditional way, SOLDIERS is a band made up of experienced and hard working kids. The relentless attack SOLDIERS unleashes on all who listen is a combination of menacing guitars, punishing drums and vocals, devastating break-downs, lyrics you'll want to scream over and over again.high energy riffs from start to finish. The members (featuring members of THIS IS HELL and THE BACKUP PLAN), that comprise SOLDIERS have been on the front lines for years, and now working together they are poised and ready to fight for what they believe in; the music, their scene, and themselves.

CD 10.50€*


HARDCORE. This Boston group unleashes 5 blasts of late '80s styled New York hardcore. Having already shared the stage with bands like the CRO-MAGS, AGNOSTIC FRONT, DEATH THREAT, and HATEBREED, they have already been warmly received with no signs of slowing down. Recorded by Kurt Ballou at God City Studios (Converge, American Nightmare, The Hope Conspiracy), with artwork by renowned underground graphic artist Jacob Bannon for Atomic-ID). Comes packaged as the first 'clear color-vinyl' translucent CD, which ends up looking like like a miniature 7" record.

MCD 3.50€*


HARDCORE. SOME KIND OF HATE is a hardcore band from the Boston area that incorporates elements of late '80s New York and early '80s Boston hardcore. These 12 songs are a follow up to their debut self-titled debut. For fans of SLAPSHOT, KILLL YOUR IDOLS and early AGNOSTIC FRONT.

CD 11.50€*


INDIE/FOLK-ROCK. This expanded reissue of SONGS: OHIA's classic record gathering together 1 unreleased song, demos and full-band song only previously available in Japan. The hallmark of Jason Molina's career, "magnolia electric co.", is both a confluence of all he would create and a line in the sand to mark a shift in his songwriting approach. It was the last statement under his iconic SONGS: OHIA moniker, and the moment before he began making new legends as MAGNOLIA ELECTRIC CO. This edition comes with expanded artwork includes rare photos from the era in which it was recorded. Vinyl includes a digital download card.

DoLP 21.50€* DoCD 15.00€*


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