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DEATH-METAL. Merciless, enormous and all-encompassing, ORIGIN deliver a sonic barrage of inhuman proportions with the mind-eroding 'Informis Infinitas Inhumanitas''. Faster, darker and more complex than anything the death genre has issued to date, ''Informis Infinitas Inhumanitas'' showcases ORIGIN's otherworldly musicianship while delivering heinous amounts of the band's unique ''aggro-tech'' extremity. Akin to awakening into a previously unknown state of consciousness, ''Informis Infinitas Inhumanitas'' is an audio head-trip where the rules of time and space no longer exist. The deadest eyes are staring forth... soon there will be nothing left to destroy.

CD 13.50€*


DEATH-METAL. A torso-opening evisceration of nihilistic deathgrind bloodshed and massive bone-smashing brutality from some former fucking members of CEPHALIC CARNAGE and ANGEL CORPSE. Nine flesh-tormenting tracks that sear, slash and slay with triple vocal vomit, jackhammer percussion and homicidal, ugly guitar riff dismemberment. Instinctually, one recoils.

CD 13.50€*


AMBIENT/NOISE/POST-ROCK. "livandi oyda" is ORKA'S debut full-length. All instruments heard on the record were built during Christmas 2005 by Jens, family and friends using scrap material and power tools found at their farm. After finishing building the instruments ORKA started composing and recording for only 5 days, which ended with a concert in the farm’s machine hall on New Year’s Eve 2005. As well as the original live material, the record features remixes by THE THIRD EYE FOUNDATION, BOOKWORMS, OKTOPUS/DEADVERSE, and COM-DATA. CD release comes with a DVD which features 2 music videos, 2 live videos, from the concert New Year’s Eve 2005 and a short documentary explaining how the instruments were made.

LP 14.00€* CD+DVD 14.50€*


CRUST-HARDCORE. 9 crushing and brutal tracks from Seattle's sludgy swamp-crust bastards ÖROKU. They have recorded this apocalyptic beast (CD also has their 3 song 7'' as bonus tracks) with the addition of Lisa from GARMONBOZIA on cello. Once compared to FROM AHES RISE, this is no longer the case. With that full-length they have a REMAINS OF THE DAY and even EYEHATEGOD feeling, meets doom (the genre) meets filthy crust thing happening. The whole artwork looks great. The recordings also features guest vocals from Renae of SKARP.

CD 11.00€*


PUNK-ROCK. Nothing much needs to be said about Europe’s # 1 horror-punk band THE OTHER. "the place to bleed" is another stormer of a release from THE OTHER. Good solid production and yet more great songs. This 3rd full-length shows that the band has progressed and has more hit-potential today, than ever before, while still remaining truly scary. They have a variety of different styles mixed with their songs, but they still manage to keep it fast! If you like BLITZKID, of course THE MISFITS you will like THE OTHER, too!

LP 14.00€* CD 9.50€*


THRASH-HARDCORE. Make way for your thrashcore heroes. Philly's sons of sonic mayhem are a fearsome foursome who deliver an aural anvil to the cranium with 20 blistering, high-speed anthems. After leveling every club, squat, and basement in America over the course of multiple tours, these ass-kickers have established a massive cult following. Previous 7" releases and compilation appearances have laid additional groundwork for this ultimate hardcore epic.

LP 9.00€* CD 5.00€*


POST-HARDCORE. New Hampshire newbies OUR LAST NIGHT are one of the latest additions to the roster at Epitaph Records and their debut album "The ghosts among us" demonstrates that they could make a really big wave. OUR LAST NIGHT's debut is a dynamic album where lush soundscapes interweave with taut riffs. OUR LAST NIGHT craft brilliantly catchy songs while maintaining cred with their astounding technicality and their talent for finding a balance between the heavy and the melodic. Fans of SILVERSTEIN, SENSES FAIL, SAOSIN and UNDEROATH take note.

CD 13.00€*


SXE-HARDCORE. Featuring ex-members of CHOKEHOLD, LEFT FOR DEAD. SWARM and HAYMAKER, OUR WAR come at you with some pissed off straight-edge hardcore from the frozen wastelands of Canada. Songs about staying true, fallen friends, failed promises, and hardcore pride set to a rumble of brutal hardcore and screaming vocals. Straight-edge, straight-edge, straight-edge.

10" 6.00€* CD 4.50€*


HARDCORE. OUTBREAK has opted to self-release this album through vocalist Ryan O'Connor's ever-growing Think Fast Records. Adding to the dimension is new guitarist Billy Bean (NO TRIGGER) who also shares vocal duties. OUTBREAK's self-titled debut is a direct statement. A testament to the fact that the band is still going strong. Crafted to silence anyone who questioned the band’s future.

CD 12.50€*


SLUDGE-HARDCORE/METAL. Current members of EYEHATEGOD (minus Jimmy Bower who's busy with DOWN) slithered back to life in the crustified form of OUTLAW ORDER. ultra fucking underground pissed as fuck hardcore-punk, as played by heathens who don't give a fuck about punk, and cut their teeth on unhealthy doses of metal. Desperate, unpolished, and not watered down.

7"col 6.00€* MCD 6.00€*


HARDCORE. Based in the New England area, OUTRAGE has been making noise since their inception in 2006, with a '90s inspired, heavy, passionate and desperate sound. They take elements from classic bands from that era like 108 and HARVEST and mix it with the melody and aggression of current contemporaries HAVE HEART and VERSE, with the singers of HAVE HEART, SOUL CONTROL, HOSTAGE CALM and DEFEATER all providing guest vocals.

LPcol 16.00€* CD 12.50€*


HARDCORE. Continuing the current tradition of New England area bands with a mid-'90s feel, OUTRAGE bring seven songs of passionate, heavy hardcore to this debut MCD, with a sound that brings to mind TRIAL, HARVEST and even 108.

MCD 9.00€*


The men of OUTRUN THE GUN are on a mission to bring their technical brand of hardcore to the world. With an intense focus of musical chops and zealous, passionate songwriting, OTG have developed a reputation for caring for the music and loving what they do. For fans of Emmure, Between The Buried And Me and A Day To Remember.

CD 12.00€*


HARDCORE. Melbourne, Australia is not known for producing weak-willed hardcore bands and OUTSIDERS CODE is no exception. Featuring members of 50 LIONS, HER NIGHTMARE, HITLIST and WARBRAIN, this band means business. Not often does such a powerful band incorporate layers of musicality and subtle guitar melody with iron grip vehemence and nail it. OUTSIDERS CODE nails it. For fans of 100 DEMONS, 50 LIONS, TRAPPED UNDER EYES and old HATEBREED.

CD 12.50€*


SXE-HARDCORE. The complete discography for one of Orange County's flagship bands of the early '90s. No frills hardcore culled from the days before metal invaded the straight edge scene. Honest, intelligent, meaningful, and minus the all the silly macho bravado. Hardcore as it is meant to be.

CD 13.00€*


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