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EMO. Das bereits dritte Album von MAYDAY, die zu 3/4 aus Leuten von THE WORKING CLASS, plus dem Saenger von CURSIVE bestehen. Musikalisch schlagen sie ungefaehr in die gleiche Richtung wie ihre Labelkollegen BRIGHT EYES: Locker flockiger und folkiger Rock/Pop mit Alt.-Country Elementen. MAYDAY erforschen hier aber noch mehr klassische Americana-Musik. Einige der 14 Songs, wie der Opener ''Pelf-help'', das countryesque ''Booze &pills'', oder die duesteren Balladen ''Continental grift'' und ''Hidden leaves'' koennten aus der Feder von Greg Oblivian stammen und erinnern an COMPULSIVE GAMBLERS oder das erste REIGNING SOUND Album. Das getragene ''Standing in the line at the gates of hell'' klingt musikalisch und vom Aufbau her an aktuelle Nick Cave Sachen, die INXS Coverversion mit Banjo klingt nach 16 HORSEPOWER, ebenso das traurige und mit Geigen unterlegte ''Father time''. Und dazwischen immer wieder treibende und simple Songs wie ''I'm not afraid to die'', ''Dave D. Blues'' oder ''Exquisite corpse'', die sich mit ruhigeren Stuecken (''Rock'n'Roll can't save your live'', ''Burned my hands'') abwechseln. Leicht duester und melancholisch und trotzdem hochmelodioes, gut arrangiert und einfach schoen! Gefaellt!

CD 13.00€*


HARDCORE. This is collection of all of MEAN SEASON's out-of-print studio recordings. "the memory and i still suffer in love" is 19 tracks of pioneering, early '90s, metallic hardcore, 3 of which have never been released. It includes both their releases on New Age, various compilation tracks. Colored vinyl is housed in a gatefold-cover.

DoLPcol 21.00€* CD 13.00€*


HARDCORE. "reality or nothing" is the 1st full-length release since 1999. MEANWHILE never wavered from the trademark heavy hardcore that sweden and themselves as part of the old-guard, are known for. "reality or nothing" contains 14 songs of loud, proud, uncompromising hardcore. This is the band at their rawest and most aggressive. Members were/are also in: TOTALITÄR, DISFEAR, NO SECURITY, IMPERIAL LEATHER, AARITILA, KRIGSHOT, DISCHANGE, VARUKERS, etc..

CD 11.00€*


POST-PUNK. MEAT WAVE is constantly being asked about its name, though it gets why you keep on doing it. Formed in 2011 the 3 Chicago punk scene stalwarts came together and, just a year later, released its self-titled full-length, through that was never the intention. "delusion moon" is a record that's varies, versatile, and endlessly venomous, offering biting social criticism the way only MEAT WAVE can - raw, grungy drive of distorted guitars, pounding drums and a fittingly repetitive lyric that will no doubt embed itself in your mind. For fans of current acts like DIAMOND YOUTH, METZ or classics like SHELLAC and HOT SNAKES. Colored vinyl includes a digital download card.

LPcol 16.00€* CD 13.50€*


HARDCORE-PUNK. Re-issue of the 1995 classic by THE MEATMEN. Tesco Vee recruits some new 'men and ups the dose to near death proportions. This fantastic recording features some insane covers like GANG GREEN's "alcohol", DEEP PURPLE's "space truckin'", THE SMITHS' "how soon is now" and a boatload of sarcastic and beautiful originals.

CD 13.50€*


HARDCORE-PUNK. After a 19 year long hiatus, Detroit's most politically incorrect band THE MEATMEN have returned with a new album full of 19 original meat classics to loyal listeners and new audiences alike. Every track is different...19 different slabs from 19 different directions - with nods to every decade of THE MEATMEN - from the minute long ball peen to the melon '79 style rippers - to the cock knockin '80s juggernaut of full on rock. Colored vinyl includes a digital download card.

LPcol 18.00€* CD 14.00€*


HARDCORE. Originally formed featuring members of current New England area bands VERSE and LEARN, MELTDOWN is the warped product of one Pauly/Final Word Fanzine creator. And while most hardcore bands are mixing pop-punk into their sound in order to appeal to the masses, MELTDOWN resists this, taking a base blueprint of hardcore with influences like the CRO-MAGS and the almighty INTEGRITY, which is a pretty good place to start, and adding thrash and metal to the mix, reminiscent of old Bay-Area Thrashbands. The potent mixture serves the band well, with Pauly's lyrics serving up world apocalyptic views.

7" 7.00€* MCD 4.00€*


HARDCORE. MEMENTO MORI contain members of COBRA KAI, SUTEK CONSPIRACY and SCROTUM GRINDER. Metal tinged hardcore with the most scathing female vocals on the planet - just brutal. This CD has the songs from the LP, split 7" with KYLESA and 4 unreleased songs; 12 tracks in total.

CD 4.00€*


POST/NOISE-PUNK. Repress of THE MEN's self-released album originally limited to 500 copies. "immaculada" is 8 songs of desperate, fuzzed out, riff laden punk with post-punk hints. This release is really an excellent mash of shoegaze and drony soundscapes with buried vocals beneath it all. Dreamy at times and get that SONIC YOUTH vibe. This re-pressing was remastered, comes with deluxe tip on jacket and includes a digital download card.

LP 15.50€* CD 11.50€*


POST/NOISE-PUNK. THE MEN's 4th full-length in as many years saw the band retreating to the Catskill Mountains, recording in a bare-bones environment letting their emotions and talents show through, and providing 12 more tracks of diverse indie-rock that borrows from shoegaze bands as well as SONIC YOUTH, BLACK FLAG and everything in between. "new moon" is simultaneously an expansion of palette and a contraction of focus, hedged with as much leaden dirge and ecstatic abandon, as it is genuine saccharine steel-string levity and an ever-tightening, no apologies pop concision. Vinyl includes a digital download card.

CD 14.00€*


POP/EMO-PUNK. Their debut full-length, "a lesson in the abuse of information technology" from 2007 now on vinyl available. THE MENZINGERS have it all, the songs, the aggression, the heart and the passion that most only dream of. Their sound reminds of early ANTI-FLAG or RISE AGAINST.

LPcol 16.00€* CD 12.50€*


POP/EMO-PUNK. Two years removed from their lauded Epitaph debut "on the impossible past", Philadelphia pop-punk crewTHE MENZINGERS look to achieve the same accolades with "rented world" that found the band continuing to bring sweet melodies with heartfelt lyrics. Vinyl includes a CD version.

LP 23.00€*


POST-ROCK/INSTRUMENTAL. After a lengthy hiatus, Florida's THE MERCURY PROGRAM return to the musical forefront with "chez viking" a 7 song player released by the band's new label. Undoubtedly, THE MERCURY PROGRAM have established themselves as one of the most exciting bands who place a premium on intricate song craft and a mesmerizing live performance. They have re-emerged with a bracing mix of angular guitars, rhythmic bass lines, jazz-influenced drumming and ethereal vibraphones. Vinyl version includes free digital download code.

LP 11.00€* CD 11.50€*


CD 14.00€*


INDIE/EMO-ROCK. Southern California's THE MESSENGER have built a rabid following through an energetic live presentation and shows seemingly every weekend. Their sound is comparable to bands like CHIODOS, CIRCA SURVIVE and UNDEROATH, with melodic vocals and guitars, broken up every so often by screams and heavy pounding drums.

CD 5.00€*


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