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POST/NOISE-PUNK. Repress of THE MEN's self-released album originally limited to 500 copies. "immaculada" is 8 songs of desperate, fuzzed out, riff laden punk with post-punk hints. This release is really an excellent mash of shoegaze and drony soundscapes with buried vocals beneath it all. Dreamy at times and get that SONIC YOUTH vibe. This re-pressing was remastered, comes with deluxe tip on jacket and includes a digital download card.

LP 15.50€* CD 11.50€*


POST/NOISE-PUNK. THE MEN's 4th full-length in as many years saw the band retreating to the Catskill Mountains, recording in a bare-bones environment letting their emotions and talents show through, and providing 12 more tracks of diverse indie-rock that borrows from shoegaze bands as well as SONIC YOUTH, BLACK FLAG and everything in between. "new moon" is simultaneously an expansion of palette and a contraction of focus, hedged with as much leaden dirge and ecstatic abandon, as it is genuine saccharine steel-string levity and an ever-tightening, no apologies pop concision. Vinyl includes a digital download card.

CD 14.00€*


POP/EMO-PUNK. Their debut full-length, "a lesson in the abuse of information technology" from 2007 now on vinyl available. THE MENZINGERS have it all, the songs, the aggression, the heart and the passion that most only dream of. Their sound reminds of early ANTI-FLAG or RISE AGAINST.

LPcol 18.50€* CD 12.50€*


POP/EMO-PUNK. Two years removed from their lauded Epitaph debut "on the impossible past", Philadelphia pop-punk crewTHE MENZINGERS look to achieve the same accolades with "rented world" that found the band continuing to bring sweet melodies with heartfelt lyrics. Vinyl includes a CD version.

LP+CD 23.00€*


POST-ROCK/INSTRUMENTAL. After a lengthy hiatus, Florida's THE MERCURY PROGRAM return to the musical forefront with "chez viking" a 7 song player released by the band's new label. Undoubtedly, THE MERCURY PROGRAM have established themselves as one of the most exciting bands who place a premium on intricate song craft and a mesmerizing live performance. They have re-emerged with a bracing mix of angular guitars, rhythmic bass lines, jazz-influenced drumming and ethereal vibraphones. Vinyl version includes free digital download code.

LP 11.00€* CD 11.50€*


CD 14.00€*


INDIE/EMO-ROCK. Southern California's THE MESSENGER have built a rabid following through an energetic live presentation and shows seemingly every weekend. Their sound is comparable to bands like CHIODOS, CIRCA SURVIVE and UNDEROATH, with melodic vocals and guitars, broken up every so often by screams and heavy pounding drums.

CD 5.00€*


POST/NOISE-ROCK. "II" is the concussive new full-length from Toronto's METZ. Written and recorded in 2014, after 2 years of constant touring behind their rightly-adored, self-titled debut, "II" is METZ at their most true to form-as pure an expression of what they do as can currently be committed to tape. The guitars are titanic, the drums ill-tempered, the vocals chilling, and the volume worrisome. "II" is the sound of an already monstrous band improving in both subtle and terrifying ways. Vinyl includes a digital download card.

LP 19.00€* CD 14.50€*


POST/NOISE-ROCK. Canada's METZ are a return to everything that's good about loud, ecstatic live music; a frantic nod to NATION OF ULYSSES, SHELLAC, THE PIXIES and THE JESUS LIZARD. At their most vicious, while carving out some heavy new business. METZ have been around for over three years. With this, their debut album, METZ articulate with deafening clarity what they've known for some time: the world of good music needs a new power trio, and this is it. Vinyl includes a digital download card.

LP 19.00€* CD 14.50€*


POST/NOISE-ROCK. The Toronto-based 3-piece METZ have garnered international acclaim as one of the most electrifying and forceful live acts, touring widely and extensively, playing hundreds of shows each year around the world. Now they set to unleash their highly-anticipated 3rd full-length album, "strange peace", an emphatic but artful hammer swing to the status quo. "strange peace" isn't merely a collection of 11 uninhibited and urgent songs. It is this implausible balancing act, moving from one end of the musical spectrum to the other, that only a band of METZ's power and capacity can maintain: discordant and melodic, powerful and controlled, meticulous and instinctive, subtle and complex, precise and reckless, wholehearted and merciless, brutal and optimistic, terrifying and fun. Vinyl includes a digital download card.

LP 19.00€* CD 14.50€*


NOISE/POST-ROCK. "three men and a baby" is the new album by MIKE & THE MELVINS. It was supposed to come out 16 years ago. In 1998, around the time his band GODHEADSILO went on hiatus, Mike Kunka busied himself by tagging along on a tour with his friends THE MELVINS. Sub Pop, ever on the hunt for music's next big thing, enthusiastically agreed to fund and release the super-group's debut, and recording commenced sometime in 1999. The incomplete recording languished on a shelf from 1999 until 2015. So, about the record? Mike's signature bass crunch and vocals are all over it and the MELVINS are in fine form. It has everything from hefty noise-rock churn to a PUBLIC IMAGE LTD. song to cough-syrup blues to deconstructed black-metal. Neither Melvins nor GODHEADSILO fans will be disappointed. Vinyl includes a digital download card.

LP 18.00€* CD 14.50€*


POST-HARDCORE. Combining the melody of bands like SAOSIN and UNDEROATH with the heavy hardcore of THE HOPE CONSPIRACY and SHAI HULUD, Orange County's MIKOTO present their sophomore release "We are the architects". This full-length has enough material to be worth the listen, and if you're into upbeat, poppy lyrics and music weaved with hard transitions and heavy screams you'll probably enjoy the album.

CD 12.00€*


HARDCORE. MILES AWAY hail from Perth, Australia. MILES AWAY take influence from such old-school bands as GORILLA BISCUITS and 7 SECONDS to newer bands like CHAMPION and early COMEBACK KID. But three things are clear: mosh, melody and message. Sandwiched between fast hardcore and catchy harmonic sections lie heartfelt lyrics.

CD 12.00€*


HARDCORE. Proving distance is no divide when it comes to songwriting, now the Berlin-based guitarist collaborated electronically on the songwriting and structure for the new album. When it came to enlisting help to record, MILES AWAY has myriad friends from all corners of the globe to call upon with former DEFEATER drummer, THE OTHERS bass player. Pitching in on backing vocals are members from BANE, DREAMTIGERS, CLEAVE and A DEATH IN THE FAMILY. Vinyl includes a digital download card.

LP 19.00€*


MELODYCORE/PUNK. Swedish skate-punk quartet MILLENCOLIN return with their 1st album in 7 years, "true brew". Titled to reflect the tight bonds and egalitarian politics that have kept the original band lineup in place for over 20 years, "true brew" is a return to the punk roots that inspired the band's formation. Vinyl includes a digital download card.

LP 23.00€*


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