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POST-HARDCORE. Combining the melody of bands like SAOSIN and UNDEROATH with the heavy hardcore of THE HOPE CONSPIRACY and SHAI HULUD, Orange County's MIKOTO present their sophomore release "We are the architects". This full-length has enough material to be worth the listen, and if you're into upbeat, poppy lyrics and music weaved with hard transitions and heavy screams you'll probably enjoy the album.

CD 12.00€*


HARDCORE. MILES AWAY hail from Perth, Australia. MILES AWAY take influence from such old-school bands as GORILLA BISCUITS and 7 SECONDS to newer bands like CHAMPION and early COMEBACK KID. But three things are clear: mosh, melody and message. Sandwiched between fast hardcore and catchy harmonic sections lie heartfelt lyrics.

CD 12.00€*


HARDCORE. Proving distance is no divide when it comes to songwriting, now the Berlin-based guitarist collaborated electronically on the songwriting and structure for the new album. When it came to enlisting help to record, MILES AWAY has myriad friends from all corners of the globe to call upon with former DEFEATER drummer, THE OTHERS bass player. Pitching in on backing vocals are members from BANE, DREAMTIGERS, CLEAVE and A DEATH IN THE FAMILY. Vinyl includes a digital download card.

LP 19.00€*


MELODYCORE/PUNK. Swedish skate-punk quartet MILLENCOLIN return with their 1st album in 7 years, "true brew". Titled to reflect the tight bonds and egalitarian politics that have kept the original band lineup in place for over 20 years, "true brew" is a return to the punk roots that inspired the band's formation. Vinyl includes a digital download card.

LP 23.00€*


METAL/HARDCORE. ENTOMBED meets ATTHE GATES. Bremen, Germany's band started in 1994. They play a combination of swedish influenced metal and hardcore. Features members of MÖRSER, CAROL.

CD 2.00€*


POST-ROCK. Rob Pennington, former frontman of ENDPOINT, BY THE GRACE OF GOD and BLACK CROSS, along with his wife, Becca Lindsay, present MINNOW, which features Pennington's unmistakable vocal style over an indie-rock and emo-influenced sound. Don’t let the title and cover art fool you, that is where MINNOW's similarity with FUGAZI ends. Instead, MINNOW sounds like a classic midwestern indie-alt-underground-whateveryouwannacallit combo. There is a straight line from HÜSKER DÜ early SOUL ASYLUM through SQUIRREL BAIT through SONIC YOUTH right into MINNOW.

CD 11.50€*


HARDCORE. The complete discography from one of the most important bands in hardcore punk history. 26 songs, newly remastered, including the MINOR THREAT "filler" 7", the 2 MINOR THREAT songs from the "flex your head" compilation, the "in my eyes" 7", "out of step" 12", and the "salad days" 7". And, yes, "straight edge" was a song by MINOR THREAT! More than a classic - a must have!

CD 14.00€*


HARDCORE. In early 1981 MINOR THREAT made their 1st trip to the studio. The band recorded all of the songs that they had written in the short time they had been together, but were apparently unsatisfied with their performance and never bothered to do a final mix of the tape. Instead they went back into the studio a month later and recorded what would become their debut, the 8 song eponymous 7" (Dischord #3). The tape of the 1st demo was discovered when Dischord started work on the "twenty years of dischord" boxset. The rough mix of this 1st demo has appeared on bootlegs over the years, but this is the 1st time that the master tapes have been made available.

7" 7.50€* MCD 8.00€*


PROGRESSIVE-METAL/ROCK. MINSK combines a sonic onslaught of dirge-like walls of doom and metal with HAWKWIND and JETHRO TULL inspired '70s psychedelic rock and tribal elements reminiscent of DEAD CAN DANCE. The vocals range from soulful singing, to 3 and 4 part anthemic arrangements, to barbaric screams, and the result is a dynamic and emotional piece of sensory overload that has been compared to NEUROSIS, MASTODON, CULT OF LUNA, ENTOMBED and ACID BATH. Vinyl comes with gatefold cover.

CD 12.50€*


PROGRESSIVE-METAL/ROCK. Transcending the current crop of heavy music imitators, MINSK bleed their tribal conviction with an atmosphere of total psychedelic delirium. Hypnotic percussion thunders beneath thickly layered guitars as synths and samples provide a backdrop for searing melodies and deeply spiritual vocal ruminations. Superbly produced at the Volume Recording Studio by Sanford Parker (Pelican, Unearthly Trance), "the ritual fires of abandonment" is a profound and provocative experience that will have an intense and lasting impact on all who dare approach.

CD 13.00€*


PROGRESSIVE-METAL/ROCK. Here's the 3rd, and by far the best full-length from MINSK. This is an absolute masterpiece of psych-metal and post-rock. In the end, MINSK succeeds where other bands fail by marrying the range of human emotions with a vast sonic tapestry to create a provocative, stirring and supremely heavy album experience. For fans of NEUROSIS, ISIS, KYLESA, BARONESS and EXPLOSIONS IN THE SKY.

CD 13.00€*


INDIE-ROCK. The 2nd Suicide Squeeze full-length from Seattle indie-pop darlings MINUS THE BEAR. Recorded and produced by the band itself, "menos el oso" features 11 forward-thinking and angular tracks that weave through prog, post, and art-rock styles.

CD 14.50€*


INDIE-ROCK/POP. MIRAH's 4th solo album strikes a bold path across a landscape of dynamic and varied melody forms and holds many surprises within its undulating reverie. "(a)spera" is Latin for hopes and difficulties linked inseparably, as we all are. This brave trek through a fragile ancient forest unfolds, revealing the destruction wrought by cruel conquest, recalls the relics of a love never realized, and decries the loss of ancient wisdom. Kalimba, hurdy gurdy, bongos, horns - instruments for all worlds, all times.

CD 14.50€*


INDIE-ROCK/POP. On her 5th solo album, MIRAH breaks it down and builds it back up again with the street smarts that only years behind the wheel of love can inspire. Ready with the maps and driven to the rhythms on the radio dial, "changing light"s reassuring compass is found in MIRAH's shimmering vocals and incisive descriptions. There is yearning and hot anger, but no shortage of lyrical and musical playfulness. The album corrals string sections and vintage synths with horns, a multitude of guitar tones and overdriven drums. With calm and clamor, MIRAH brings us all closer together through her universal honesty and occasional use of the vocoder.

CD 14.50€*


GRINDCORE/DEATH-METAL. A skull-opening assault of extreme thrash violence split between two of the most vile bands on the planet. MISERY INDEX (ex-members of DYING FETUS) continue their scorching technical death metal viciousness, while STRUCTURE OF LIES unload some brute-colliding, finger-flying obliteration of their own.

MLP 11.50€* MCD 8.50€*


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