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SXE-HARDCORE. "We aren't caught up in emulating a genre or style. We just play hardcore the way we would want to listen to it". This is a quote that has echoed time and time again when the band has been asked about their sound. All of it's members see IN MY EYES as more than just another hardcore band. It's all about energy and setting your sights on something and achieving it. Colored (clear) vinyl includes a digital download card.

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HARDCORE. "everything you've heard is true" is the 4th full-length album from Kokomo's IN THE FACE OF WAR, and their 1st release in 3 years. This latest CD is slightly more stripped down and straightforward than their previous efforts. Features beautiful full-color artwork and packaged in a digipack with booklet insert, printed on 100% recycled material.

DigiCD 9.00€*


HARDCORE. The 3rd CD release from this Indiana hardcore band, showing lots of evolution from their previous attempts. This band has plenty of catchy youth-crew singalongs blended with both screamed and shouted vocals (their vocalist is also an ex-member of PHOENIX BODIES). This is also insanely positive - songs about staying young, friends, summer, playing hardcore, and being excellent to others and enjoying life. You'll get 11 songs, including a FOO FIGHTERS cover.

CD 5.50€*


HARDCORE. The 1st release for Detournement Records belongs to Indiana's IN THE FACE OF WAR, who combine elements of modern hardcore and melodic punk to create a mix that is both catchy and crushing, putting together 11 tracks with music and lyrics reflecting their unashamed passion for what they love. These boys have been at it for a long time, having existed for nearly six years and playing out often, to become a true mainstay in the Midwest hardcore scene. With similiarities to bands like GOOD CLEAN FUN, STRETCH ARM STRONG, and CARRY ON, this band has plenty of catchy youth-crew sing alongs blended with both screamed and shouted vocals (their vocalist is also an ex-member of PHOENIX BODIES).

CD 11.50€*


GRINDCORE/HARDCORE/METAL. Well, it took some doing before this little bastard was finally born. "kill'em & grill'em" deliver 19 songs spit out in best death 'n' roll tradition. The songs are more individual, technically improved, and complex than the "zeitraffer" full-length, without losing it's brutality, power, and intensity. Hellishly grunted vocals, cool death-metal riffs and a professional production, which reminds on SYSTRAL and MÖRSER, make this record one of a kind. Provocation is the law and key - the lyrics though are anything else but correct - sheer provocation and therefore quite an unusual Per Koro release! Nothing burns more in your ears than this brutal inferno - 666 death 'n' roll cliché newly defined! [PK 038]

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METALCORE. Founded in 2004 by singer Richie Cavalera, INCITE has put in a lot of hard work over 5 years, touring the USA and Europe with a grooving modern metal sound for fans of LAMB OF GOD, SLAYER and DEVILDRIVER.

CD 13.00€*


HARDCORE. INDECISION's "what it once meant" documentary, directed by Derek Morse and edited by Rob Soucy, explores the life and times of the Brooklyn, NY hardcore band with an inside look at what the band went though touring in the '90s. INDECISION started in 1993 in Brooklyn, touring full-time until 2000 when the band imploded in the middle of the tour in the desert town of El Paso. In 2006, the band reunited for a one-off show at the Superbowl Of Hardcore in New York and the band has been playing a few shows per year ever since. DVD contains a 90min. documentary, 40min. multi-camera show and over 30min. of deleted scenes.

DVD 22.00€*


CRUST-HARDCORE/METAL. The 2nd full-length from Montreal, Canada’s crust fucks INEPSY got re-released and comes with a well designed gatefold cover. This is another batch of dynamite. All in all it's the perfect followup to "rock 'n' roll babylon". The guitars push you on and the bass totally drives it. It's dirty, it's ripping, and it's everything that you wanted it to be. If you liked the 1st record you won't be disappointed in this one. INEPSY exactly playing what you would want and expect; more of the same insane MOTÖRHEAD meets d-beat rock 'n' roll.

CD 14.00€*


CRUST-METAL/HARDCORE. These Canadians play some rockin' material with a pretty major set of influences drawn from Lemmy and company, straight down to the vocals (which are totally gruff and slightly deeper Lemmy's own). Shit, even the recording sounds dated in a late early '80s way. This is gnarled and discordant hardcore in a CODE 13 meets MOTÖRHEAD sort of way. If you like your beers warm and jackets studded, this is required.

CD 14.00€*


METALCORE. INKED IN BLOOD's powerful full-length release "lay waste the poets" raises the standard and destroys the norm with lyrics that reach far beyond the typical teen angst issues. INKED IN BLOOD strives to reach their audiences with concepts such as humility, humanity, compassion and life as process, not as product; resulting in one of the most intelligent, inspiring and in-your-face releases hardcore has yet to see. Taking cues from bands such as SHAI HULUD, MISERY SIGNALS and AS I LAY DYING, INKED IN BLOOD deliver punching hardcore inspired metal, driven with anthem like melodies.

CD 7.00€*


METALCORE. After playing over 200 shows in support of their last album, "lay waste the poet", INKED IN BLOOD secluded themselves within the confines of the Spectre Studios compound to work with Troy Glessner (Underoath, Haste The Day) on the new album. The result is "sometimes we are beautiful", a record that is at once heavier and more melodic than any of their previous works. The hooks on this album are founded on addictive melodies and singable choruses; in fact the entire album is rooted firmly in the tradition of evolving hardcore where the energy, intelligence and beauty of a band's sound reflect the current state of the scene.

CD 4.50€*


THRASH-METAL. The alpine 4-piece mows everything down: this is crossover-thrash like in the good old days, with a big evil grin from ear to ear and a skate, party drenched humour. Brutal riffing, gang-shouts, effective moshparts, everything presented in a tight old-school sound which barely keeps me from opening a beer. D.R.I., MUNICIPAL WASTE, S.O.D., early ANTHRAX and NUCLEAR ASSAULT – that’s where INSANITY ALERT gets the toxicated inspiration. It’s all about having a good time and a massive moshpit: metal-punk at its best, that’s what these dudes from Innsbruck, Austria celebrate - and everyone wants to join the festivities. Vinyl includes a digital download card.

LP 14.50€* CD 14.50€*


SXE-HARDCORE. The 100% complete discography for one of Southern California's straight-edge pioneers. A 44 song retrospective that includes 4 never before released tracks as well as both their full-lengths, their 7", and original demo tape. INSTED were one of the most prominent straight-edge bands of the late '80s scene, playing what would now be considered classic hardcore with an ultra positive message. Now available again on colored (red or yellow) vinyl with a gatefold-cover. Vinyl (red) version includes digital download of the entire album as well as a 60min. video documentary/live showcase.

DoLP 26.00€*


METALCORE. Agressive thrash-metal combined with heavy mosh parts. All drenched with a melodic North European touch and American brutality. Mix THE HAUNTED, ARCH ENEMY with GOD FORBID, UNEARTH and HATEBREED.

CD 1.50€*


HARDCORE/METAL. A ten-headed beast of an album, "the blackest curse" is arguably the most cohesive INTEGRITY release of the last 15 years. With the 1st crushing chords it's apparent that INTEGRITY is back in true form, following the metal/hardcore hybrid blueprint they forged themselves over two decades ago. Their formulaic cohesive vision is why "the blackest curse" is truly another brilliant album, adding to their intriguing and bizarre legacy. Colored (black/smoke) vinyl includes a digital download card.

LPcol 17.50€* CD 12.50€*


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