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HARDCORE. "loud & clear" features 1 unreleased track each from 6 of 2016's premier, global hardcore bands FORCED ORDER, TERROR, NO WARNING, WISDOM IN CHAINS, WORLD COLLAPSE and RISK IT. Vinyl includes a digital download card.

7" 6.50€*


HARDCORE. Of the many new groups that embodied positive hardcore Reaper Records have chosen a select few they have found inspiring to make for a powerful compilation of young talent. "mercy for none" is 6 exclusive tracks from 6 of hardcore's most promising up and comers including: NAYSAYER, BAD SEED, ABSOLUTE MADNESS, UNFORGIVEN, BRICK and ALPHA & OMEGA.

7" 4.50€*


HARDCORE. This is a double 7" compilation from the Midwest. DAMAGE CONTROL, IN DEFENCE, CHOOSE YOUR POISON and STAND OFF. All the bands bring something to the table, however the underlying feel remains the same: raw and in-your-face fast hardcore. STAND OFF is a band that never released anything and this is their welcome and exit to the scene - IN DEFENCE has been on a handful of labels and their releases should be known. CHOOSE YOUR POISON lays down their breed of doom infused hardcore and DAMAGE DEPOSIT is back with some unreleased covers. This is a real close look into the Midwest scene, and expect to be grounded in their roots!

Do7" 7.50€*


ACOUSTIC/FOLK-ROCK. "mild in the streets" is a collection of songs from Fat Wreck Chords artists who trade in their blaring amps and distortion pedals for acoustic guitars and orchestral arrangements. You see, it's not always about smashing the state. Sometimes the state needs to be gently dismantled. "mild in the streets" boasts 17 soulful songs including 5 previously unreleased ones. It all culminates in an impressive rendition of the 18min. NOFX epic "the decline" performed by a full orchestra (as a download bonus). Others are: TONY SLY, SWINGIN' UTTERS, STACEY DEE, SAM SADOWSKI, MORNING GLORY, OLD MAN MARKLEY, ANTI-FLAG, YOTAM BEN HOREIN, MATT SKIBA, KARINA DENIKE, GET DEAD, JOEY CAPE, AMERICAN STEEL, AGAINST ME, RUSS RANKIN and UKE-HUNT. Vinyl includes a digital download card.

LP 16.50€*


EMO/POP-PUNK. Run For Cover Records' 50th release, "mixed signals", marks a special occasion for the label. The roster for "mixed signals" reads like a best-of, must-hear list of current independent acts, bringing together new, unreleased and exclusive songs from a list of bands who collectively have released some of the most worthwhile records of the past few years. POLAR BEAR CLUB, BALANCE AND COMPOSURE, TIGERS JAW, HOSTAGE CALM, THE MENYINGERS, CSTVT, DAZLIGHT, END OF A ZEAR SELF DEFENSE FAMILZ, DAZTRADER, MAKE DO AND MEND, THE TOWER AND THE FOOL, THE WORLD IS A BEAUTIFUL PLACE & I'AM NO LONGER AFRAID TO DIE. Vinyl comes with huge booklet and includes a digital download card.

LP 18.00€*


SXE-HARDCORE. Camp Records' compilation, "more than a piece of mind", features modern straight-edge and hardcore bands like TRUTH INSIDE, CAUGHT IN A CROWD, RAZOR X FADE, INJ/SYS, IN TIME, WRITTEN OFF and NO HEROES. Limited edition of 500 copies.

7" 6.50€*


HARDCORE/GRIND/DEATH-METAL/DOOM. This is the 2nd volume from this awesome festival compilation LP. This compilation is the perfect soundtrack for all the people which haven’t been at the festival. What you get is power-violence, death- and grindcore and doom. SUFFERING MIND, ENTRAILS MASSACRE, BAD LUCK RIDES ON WHEELS, IDIOT SAVANT, AUGIRRE, MALIGNANT TUMOUR, LIGHT IT UP, OBSCURE MORTUARY deliver some unreleased tracks or from their current releases. Get the spirit of d.i.y. ethic and friendship.

LP 5.00€*


HARDCORE/GRIND/METAL/DOOM. This is the 3rd volume from this awesome festival compilation LP. This compilation is the perfect soundtrack for all the people which haven’t been at the festival. What you get is post- and progressive-hardcore, power-violence, death- and grindcore. PLANKS, SS20, SAYWHY, DEATHRITE, SCREWED UP, LYCANTHROPHY, LIGHT IT UP and ICON OF EVIL deliver some unreleased tracks or from their current releases. Get the spirit of d.i.y. ethic and friendship.

LP 5.00€*


HARDCORE-PUNK. Showing that central California is more than something you pass while driving to San Francisco, this collection showcases the classic and often duplicated "nardcore" sound. Features RKL, ILL REPUTE, SCARED STRAIGHT, RAT PACK, HABEAS CORPUS, AGRESSION, FALSE CONFESSION, DR. KNOW, STALAG 13, A.F.U., ROTTERS. comes with poster, folded lyric-sheet, flyer and a couple stickers. This is a real skate-hardcore-punk classic!

LP 17.00€*


HARDCORE. The "new breed tape compilation" was originally released in 1989 by Freddy Alva and Chaka Malik (BURN) with only 700 copies made and released with a 20 page booklet chronicling the New York hardcore scene at the time. The tape became an underground classic, featuring tracks from ABSOLUTION, LIFE'S BLOOD, OUTBURST, OUR GANG, COLLAPSE, BREAKDOWN, BEYOND, UPPERCUT, PRESSURE RELEASE, TRUE COLORS, DIRECT APPROACH, RAW DEAL, FIT OF ANGER, DIRECT, ABOMB-A-NATION, DISCIPLINE, BAD TRIP, UNDER PRESSURE, STAND PROUD and ALL FOR NOTHING. Double vinyl featuring the original booklet plus liner notes, a photo collage and 5 exclusive tracks not included on the CD.

DoLP 25.00€* CD 11.00€*


HARDCORE. This full-length compilation is considered by many to be a classic, documenting NYC hardcore as it was in 1988. More than just a straight-edge collection, it compiled bands from all facets of the hardcore scene including BOLD, NAUSEA, WARZONE, GORILLA BISCUITS, TRIP 6, BREAKDOWN, YOUTH OF TODAY, SICK OF IT ALL, KRAKDOWN, SIDE BY SIDE, YOUTH DEFENSE LEAGUE and SUPERTOUCH. Comparable to Boston's "this is boston not la" or Washington, DC's "flex your head", "new york city hardcore: the way it is" helped push New York to the forefront of the American hardcore scene. Colored (gold) vinyl version includes a digital download card.

LPcol 17.50€*


HARDCORE. Brand new installment in the "no bullshit" series. This time you'll get CITIZENS PATROL, ANTI YOU, BORN BAD, CIVIC PROGRESS, LOGIC PROBLEM, VIOLENT ARREST and INSOMNIO. All great tracks in the usual "no bullshit" tradition.

7" 5.00€*


CRUST-HARDCORE. Well compiled international d-beat and raw-punk 4-way split with BESTHÖVEN from Brazil, WARVICTIMS from Sweden, KRUEL from the USA and finally PEACE OR ANNHILATION from Indonesia. Packed in an authentically crust-cover with lyricsheet.

LP 11.00€*


POWER-VIOLENCE/GRIND HARDCORE. Nice power-violence, grind and noisecore 7", which mainly unreleased songs by SICKMARK, ARNO DUEBEL, STRAFPLANET, DERBE LEBOWSKI, HANSGRUBER, CREVASSE, BATTRA//, CAPTAIN CAVEMAN and WORMHEAD. Handnumbered vinyl is limited to 300 copies.

7" 5.00€*


POP/EMO/INDIE-PUNK. This compilation brings together the bands who make up the scene centered around sound engineer Will Yip and his Studio 4 in Pennsylvania including tracks from TITLE FIGHT. DAYLIGHT, CIRCA SURVIVE, POLAR BEAR CLUB, CITIZEN, KOJI, TIGERS JAW, TURNOVER, PITY SEX, MAN OVERBOARD, BALANCE AND COMPOSURE, ANTHONY GREEN, LIGHT YEARS and NONE MORE BLACK.

LP 16.50€*


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