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HARDCORE. "generations" is Revelation Records' all-star hardcore compilation. It features a lineup of today's best and up-and-coming hardcore bands with all songs exclusive to this comp. Tracks from: GO IT ALONE, LIGHTS OUT, LION OF JUDAH, BLACKLISTED, IRON BOOTS, KEEP IT UP, SNAKE EYES, ROBOT WHALES, INTERNAL AFFAIRS, SINKING SHIPS, RIGHTEOUS JAMS, DOWN TO NOTHING, COLD WORLD, MIND ERASER, FUCKED UP and MENTAL. Available as colored (green) vinyl (limited to 700 copies for * BLACK FRIDAY 2016 *) or as grey colored vinyl. Both versions includes a digital download card.

LP grey 17.50€* LP green 18.50€* CD 12.50€*


POWER-VIOLENCE-HARDCORE. Defunct germany Flowerviolence Records is backwith a bang. This is a lovely made 4x7" box set compilation. Included are 8 german power-violence and fastcore bands: HENRY FONDA, SICKMARK, DERBE LEBOWSKI, CAPT. CAVEMAN, CRUEL FRIENDS, ILL NEGLECT, NEGATIV NULL, THE GENTLE ART OF CHOCKIN. Packed in a screenprinted cardboard-mailer-box. Limited edition of 500 copies!

4x7" BOX 21.50€*


GRINDCORE. Hot off the heels of the 2nd NOISEAR, SUPERBAD tour New Mexican grind-terror NOISEAR teams with Portland blast crusaders SUPERBAD and Seattle instrumental prog-grind duo SEAN to campaign for complete speed noise domination! In total 19 tracks that include 3 collaborations with members from each band- one of which is a MAN IS THE BASTARD cover! The answer to the age old question: what would have happened if DISCORDANCE AXIS and ASSÜCK shared a split with NAKED CITY covering GOBLIN? Limited to only 500 copies pressed on color vinyl.

LPcol 12.00€*


HARDCORE. This is the 1st release from Fucking Kill Records since ages. "grombiera (swabian for potato) & paprika" is a fucking great 4-way split LP with NULLA OSTA from Croatia - they deserve straight-forward hardcore-punk; CORROSIVE from Germany with their Slap-A-Ham power-violence sound, NAKOT from Serbia - with hard hittinmg crust-hardcore and MURDER DISCO X from Stuttgart with fast paced hardcore-punk. The record comes in a very nice gatefold cover sleeve with all necessary infos.

LP 10.00€*


HARDCORE-PUNK. Amok Records is back after +/-20 years abstinence. Compilations are kind of out-of-vogue, right? Well, fuck that, who cares what’s in fashion anyway? "hardkore dokument uk" features 6 of the best known hardcore-punk bands in the UK right now. Well, there’s the snot-caked '80s US hardcore feel of PIZZATRAMP, the punishing crusty d-beat of WOLFBEAST DESTROYER and the JapaneseUS-hardcore assault of THE DOMESTICS, the political thrash-punk of GRAND COLLAPSE, the metallic hardcore of RASH DECISION and the lo-fi hardcore thrills of GUILT POLICE. Each track on this compilation is exclusive to this release. Vinyl includes a digital download card.

7" 6.00€*



7" 5.00€*


Das erfolgreiche Festival geht dieses Jahr in die vierte Runde. Hier jedoch die Shows von letztem Jahr. Randvolle DVD mit HIntergrundberichten, Interviews mit Bands und Publikum, Special Features und natuerlich jeder Menge Bands. diese waere u.a.: ANTI-FLAG, BIOHAZARD, BOUNCING SOULS, BROTHER'S KEEPER, CHAMPION, COMEBACK KID, DILLINGER ESCAPE PLAN, FIGURE FOUR, FROM AUTUMN TO ASHES, HOPESFALL, THE LOCUST, ONELINEDRAWING, STRETCH ARM STRONG, TERROR, THURSDAY, UNEARTH, WALLS OF JERICHO, UNTIL HE END, WITH HONOR. Alles in brillianter Qualitaet und hervorragend gemacht.

DoDVD 16.00€*


One of the most anticipated releases of the year, this official documentary was directed by Doug Spangenberg, who has shot videos for FEAR FACTORY, SEPULTURA, EARTH CRISIS, and more. With four camera angles, this release features fifteen bands, including SHAI HULUD, BROTHERS KEEPER, BURIED ALIVE, CONVERGE, EIGHTEEN VISIONS, HOPE CONSPIRACY, ONE KING DOWN, POISON THE WELL, REACH THE SKY, and more.

DVD 14.00€*


HARDCORE/PUNK. Four way spilt with 1 new and unreleased song from M.D.C., RESTARTS, PHOBIA and EMBRACE THE KILL on this limited edition 7".

7" 4.00€*


PUNK/HARDCORE. A crucial addition to the "killed by death" and "bloodstains" cannon, this compilation collects early punk and hardcore from Alabama from 1981 and running through 2003. Very few of these songs ever saw official release on anything other than home-dubbed demo tapes. Bands are ETHER DOGS, GNP, KNOCKABOUTS, THE ACCELERATORS, DUCKY BOYS, DEAD PIGEONS, DISPERSION, COUP D'ETAT, VOMIT SPOTS, RANDOM CONFLICT, ORDER OF FLAGGENTS, CRUCIAL CHANGE, CAUSTIC OUTLOOK, THE SLACKERS, THIK CHICKEN, JAWAS and GREEN BERET. Limited edition of 300 copies.

LP 18.50€*


HARDCORE. Originally released in 2001 as a CD-only collection of Indecision’s out-of-print split 7". This marks the 1st time this particular collection is available as its own vinyl release. Many tracks were never re-recorded or released outside this collection (VOORHEES, KILL YOUR IDOLS, BANE, ADAMANTIUM, DEATH BY STEREO, ENSIGN, BURIED ALIVE, REACH THE SKY, NO REPLY, LIFES HALT, BOTCH, NINEIRONSPITFIRE). Colored (grey/blue) vinyl includes a digital download card. * RECORD STORE DAY 2016 *

DoLPcol 19.50€*


HARDCORE. This Black Friday, Indecision Records releases it's 100th release (at least in catalog numbers) and it just so happens that it also falls on the label's 25th anniversary. To mark the occasion they've assembled a small collection of tracks that for one reason or another have been lost to time, until now. These are tracks that were recorded to be part of their full-length releases but were left off the final finished albums. You'll get tracks by OVER MY DEAD BODY, COUNT ME OUT, THROWDOWN, DEATH BY STEREO and FADED GREY. Colored vinyl includes a digital download card. * BLACK FRIDAY 2017 *

10"col 17.00€*


HARDCORE/INDIE. "it came from the abyss: volume 1" kicks off a new compilation LP series curated by Dark Operative. The 1st installment features an a-side that highlights bands that encapsulate the best that the underground metal and hardcore genres have to offer, while the b-side showcases some of the label's favorite instrumental, goth, indie, emo, and pop outfits of the past, present, and future. The program encapsulates a range of covers by POWER TRIPm DILLINGER ESCAPE PLAN, HIGHNESS, 1st-time exclusives, like a demo track from ALL-AMERICAN REJECTS, a unheard BLEACH EVERYTHING, THIS WILL DESROY YOU, GRAVE PLEASURES.

LP 18.00€*


SXE-HARDCORE. This 20+ song CD compiles all the early Striving FDor Togetherness Records 7" releases from UP FRONT, WITHOUT A CAUSE, HEADFIRST, PRESSURE RELEASE along with bonus tracks from VISION OF DISORDER, NO REDEEMING SOCIAL VALUE, the "X-marks the spot" (WIDE AWAKE) 7" compilation.

CD 4.00€*


HARDCORE/EMO/INDIE. It's hard to believe Jade Tree Records is celebrating 25 years, after a humble beginning as a hardcore label and eventually expanding into realms of emo and indie-rock, becoming one of the most respected record industries in underground music. This LP is a retrospective look into the foundations and highlights of the label with tracks from THE PROMISE RING, LIFETIME, PEDRO THE LION, STRIKE ANYWHERE, CAP'N JAZZ, JETS TO BRASIL, FUCKED UP, SWIZ, DENALI, KID DYNAMITE, JOAN OF ARC, FROM ASHES RISE and PAINT IT BLACK

LP 18.50€*


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