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PUNK-ROCK. One of the best and most underrated of the early West-Coast punk bands who started up in 1980 and who were quickly signed to Posh Boy. The band was right in line with contemporaries like T.S.O.L., CHANNEL 3, AGENT ORANGE and ADOLESCENTS. This reissue includes all the band's early Posh Boy material including their "self-titled" MLP from 1982 and their 1987 song from the punk compilation "the future looks brighter" plus unreleased demo and live songs circa 1980-1982. Includes never seen Ed Colver photos! Limited to 500 copies.

LP 14.00€*


METALCORE. Themed and titled after a passage in the book of Revelation, "the whore's trophy" is an apocalyptic metalcore assault! After the success of last year's debut album "lost memoirs and faded pictures", SYMPHONY IN PERIL is back with a heavier and more focused display of musicianship. The battle of Armageddon is near and "the whore's trophy" very well could be the soundtrack for it.

CD 7.00€*


OI!/HARDCORE-PUNK. France’s SYNDROME 81 started gaining momentum in the hardcore-punk scene with their demo, drawing comparisons to the plethora of great bands that defined the French oi! sound of the '80s with a heavy stomp culled from classic USHC. "beton nostalgie" LP is a collection of songs released on various previous releases - 18 songs from the demo, LITOVSK and URBAN SAVAGE splits, "desert urbain" and "la rouille du quotidien" 7"s. It's coming in a gatefold-jackets.

LP 12.50€* LP (US) 16.50€*


POST-PUNK-ROCK. There’s a new best band in San Francisco. And this band plays a beautiful cacophony of raw, frenetic guitars, fiercely pounded drums, and jerky yet oddly melodic vocals. Perfect timing and guitar damage reminiscent of the PROLETARIAT underscores a vocal delievery not dissimilar to THE OBSERVERS but less operatic and more desperate. It's jerky, derailed, and draws heavily from early post-punk, but chugs along at a classic punk tempo, blasting out totally agitated lyrics the whole time. This record is a tight, fuzzy underground treasure in the waiting. SYNTHETIC ID is reacting to their urban locale with more spite, damage and unnerving vitality.

LP 12.00€*


HARDCORE/METAL-PUNK. Although SYPHILITIC VAGINAS has produced 2 full-length albums in its 13-year history, it is probably most recognized for the much more prolific number of 7"s and split recordings that it has released during that time. Five of the earliest of these recordings, along with 8 previously-unreleased tracks, were 1st compiled and released in 2008 on CD format. This same compilation of destructive metal-punk mayhem is now hereby released for the 1st time on vinyl format.

DoLP 28.00€*


HARDCORE-PUNK. This is the 1st full-length album from this Japanese hardcore-punk unit - and it's fucking furious! A non-stop barrage of roaring, howling insanity. Killer!

LP 14.50€*


HARDCORE. SYSTEMATIC DEATH who walk with GAUZE, LIP CREAM and DEATHSIDE as forefathers of the Japanese hardcore-punk scene drop 4 brand new ripping thrash tracks. These Japanese hardcore veterans are still alive and kicking ass, with powerhouse drumming by Koba of BASTARD fame. Intended as a special release for the 3 USA shows with DROP DEAD and the INMATES. This is a one time pressing, there will be no repress.

7" 7.50€*


HARDCORE. Vancouver, British Columbia's SYSTEMATIK is a raw mess of d-beat hardcore that has amazing energy and raging ferocity. These punks create a whirlwind of searing guitar chords, walls of crashing cymbals, dirty bass parts and insanely pissed off vocals. This is some rough, driving and nasty punk that's undeniably rad and will have you hooked right away. Vinyl includes a digital download card.

LP 11.50€*


HARDCORE. Raw hardcore from Vancouver, Canada with a solid d-beat backbone that doesn’t bore you to tears. Searing guitar work and a vocalist that can actually manage to convey his live frustration through recorded media, a rare feat. A distinct sound is hard to pinpoint. Influences range all over the place from DEATH SIDE to POISON IDEA. Members of UNLEARN and VACANT STATE.

LP 14.50€*


GRINDCORE/HARDCORE. Follow up to their brilliant and classic "maximum carnage" 7", this CD compiles the apocalyptic, heavy killer output "fever" (originally releases on 10") with 13 songs (included a KYLE MINOGUE cover) with more great samplings and the above mentioned 7", as well you'll get some compilation songs and an unreleased MOTÖRHEAD cover-tribute song to the highway. SYSTRAL manages to combine brutal but still emotional hardcore with grindcore and comes up with something that sounds excellent! Low growly and high screechy vocals, all over diverse energetic music and you've got something that sounds great! This CD will leave you standing speechless. Packed in a simple cardboard-sleeve! [PK 013]

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GRINDCORE/HARDCORE. "maximum entertainment" is the phantastic 9 song debut which starts together with ACME the whole Bremen-style hype. These are ultra intense, infernal, sick and brutal hardcore-attacks with a death-metal-edge and exceptional soundsamplings. Members included former and current members of CAROL and MÖRSER. A great production and fine coverartwork. [PK 004]

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HARDCORE-PUNK. Hannovers' newcomers T-34 with their debut release. Double guitars, pounding bass, heavy drums and a singer which leaves you scared to the bone! T-34 from have something for everyone in their music and lyrics! T-34 mix of mid '80s UK-hardcore, driving punk tunes and a hint of Japanese styled hardcore - all well played with skill and taste. Feature members of NOVEMBER 13TH, CAVE CANEM, PIAZZA DROPOUT, KIDS OF THE BLACK HOLE etc..

LPcol 10.00€*


HARDCORE-PUNK. This is the 2nd strike by Hannovers madhouse. You'll get 10 aggressive tracks of outbursting anger against everything in about 20min. speak a clear language - sounds like an unemployed doesn't get his dole in time. An unstoppable force of hardcore-punk not needing a description by naming a whole new genre.

LP 10.00€*


HARDCORE-PUNK. AC4 called it a day and guitarist Karl Backman has started a new outfit, THE T-55?S. They describe themselves as hardcore-punk meets MOTÖRHEAD, with female vocals. "power up" are 5 simple track that drums up images of dirty, sweaty, punk gigs that practically explode the minute the music starts. From heavy, thunderous bass lines, to the fast-as-fuck guitar fretwork, guttural growls and gang vocals – the band belt out 5 tracks that are impossible not incite a riot. Certainly, "power up" is a force to be reckoned with. It's in-your-face, takes no prisoners and certainly makes no apologies for its opinions. Limited 1st edition of 600 copies comes as a one-sided LP with 5 songs on a-side and a screen print on b-side.

LP 11.50€*


PUNK-ROCK. On March 23, 1991, Richard White captured T.S.O.L. raw, real and extreme at a live performance at the UCI campus in Orange County. The antics at this show were incomparable: Jack in lingerie, nudity, and more! Features 19 tracks. New additonal concert footage from The Huntridge Theatre in Las Vegas + New skateboarding footage + 34 image photo gallery.

DVD 7.00€*


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