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HARDCORE. Great amazing raw hardcore from Minneapolis. "consumption you feed" contains 4 tracks of hardcore with male/female vocals. This is their 5th and final offering. Nice artwork done by Marald.

7" 5.00€*


MELODIC/POP-PUNK. SCORPIOS made their debut in 2011 with their acclaimed album, featuring the late Tony Sly, Joey Cape, Jon Snodgrass and Brian Wahlstrom. After years of collaborating, the foursome decided it was due time to lay down some cohesive tracks as a group, and the result was some of the most gratifying work of their respective careers. After numerous tours together, SCORPIOS is back with 10 tracks. After the tragic passing of Tony Sly, SCORPIOS enlisted the songwriting of Chris Cresswell (THE FLATLINERS) to fill out the foursome. With one spin of SCORPIOS' "one week record", you'll see that the chemistry among these four talented musicians is grossly palpable.

LP 16.00€*


FOLK/ACOUSTIC-ROCK. "push me on to the sun" deliver 3 new songs from SCOTT KELLY of NEUROSIS. With his unmistakable deep growl, his fearless lyrical honesty, and rich, spare guitar work, SCOTT KELLY lays everything on the line. Only a true artist would be so willingly and completely exposed. So intensely focused on truth, redemption, and healing. So in tune with the song he has always heard inside. ONe-sided vinyl comes with etching on the b-side.

MLP 18.00€*


HARDCORE. SCRAPS AND HEARTATTACKS are a no frills hardcore band that represent all that is precious in New York; they are uncompromising, raw, and ruthless. Drawing influences from many bands before them, their sound is fast, furious, and vicious, and refuses to be ignored. Current members went on in THIS IS HELL, so you know what to expect! Now available again on colored vinyl!

7"col 2.50€*


SKA-PUNK. SCRAPY label themselves as street-ska which detaches them from ska-punk which can only be a good thing. On their 4th full-length you'll get driving ska and punk-rock made in Bavaria. There's definitely hints of THE CLASH via RANCID blended with elements of the BOSSTONES thrown in, but this is raw without doubt street-music and it's not jokey and silly. It has self-respect right from the presentation. This isn't a Ska-release about peace, love and unity.

LP 10.00€* CD 12.50€*


EMO-HARDCORE. After 1st emerging nearly 30 years before this recording from D.C.'s nascent underground punk scene, SCREAM has returned with the release of their "complete control sessions", a 7 song 10" recorded live in their former drummer Dave Grohl's Studio, picking up where their 1993 swansong "fumble" left off. The band features the 4 original members from the "still screaming" full-length plus newcomer guitarist Clint Walsh. Vinyl includes a digital download card.

10" 12.00€*


EMO-HARDCORE. Southern Lord is proud to be chosen to reissue SCREAM's everlasting "no more censorship" album. The band found the original multi-track tapes and Southern Lord had them baked/prepped for a remix at SCREAM drummer Dave Grohl's 606 Studio. The new mix sounds vital and intense; the entire packaging, layout, and design are completely different from the original, with the inclusion of photos, lyrics, poetry, and other personal writings from the band during that era collected in an extensive booklet.

LP 19.50€*


HARDCORE. Re-pressed for the first time in over a decade, the debut full-length from D.C.'s SCREAM is finally seeing the light again on vinyl. This full-length, produced by Ian MacKaye and Eddie Janney of FAITH shows the band's advanced musicianship and rock 'n' roll sensibility while still maintaining the speed and punk fury that characterized the early '80s DC bands. If you are into the hardcore D.C. scene then pick it up - you will enjoy it! Colored vinyl includes a digital download card.

LPcol 17.50€*


HARDCORE. This CD compiles both full-length from D.C.'s own SCREAM. You'll get 30 tracks in total. If you are into the hardcore D.C. scene then pick it up - you will enjoy it!

CD 14.00€*


PUNK-ROCK. Unknown, barely-documented 1st-wave Sydney punk-rock, delivered with speed, energy and a uniquely Australian identity. THE SCREAMING ABDABS (1978) tear through 8 previously unreleased songs of rough and ready female-fronted punk akin to a devolved SUICIDE SQUAD or THE BAGS. Richard "CITY RAM" Waddy was the ABDABS’ drummer, whose 2 very raw/very rare 1979 solo records are compiled and made widely available here for the 1st time. The 6 songs range from some of the most primitive and lo-fi ever released in Australia, to sparse, clean minimalism channeling SUICIDE and PIL, but always infused with Waddy’s idiosyncratic worldview. Comes with huge newsprint poster insert with lengthy interviews, photos and press clippings.

LP 19.50€*


POP-PUNK. The 1992 album "wiggle" is now being released on founder Ben Weasel's own Monona Music. The band finally got their hands on the original master tapes, which allowed them to remix and remaster the audio. The improved sound quality brings this beloved punk classic to where it belongs after 25 years.

LP 24.00€*


HARDCORE. After a couple well done releases (THE TANGLED LINES and SHUT THE FUCK UP etc.) Marker records from the Münster area is back with another awesome rerelease. The 14 tracks are quite good, with lots of anger, energy, and speed. SCREWED UP going to mix their early `80s US-hardcore with today's 625 bandana-trashcore! All tracks are built on a foundation of solid trashy and positive hardcore song writing and the occassional inclusion of a catchy melody. The lyrics shifts from your standard "stabbed in the back" fare to songs that are actually interesting and make you think Fast and energetic hardcore recommended for fans of LIF'S HALT, DEAD NATION, SHARK ATTACK or anyone disgruntled in skate- thrash- and fastcore with a hint of positive message.

LP 6.00€*


HARDCORE. Explosively powerful creative thrash marked with tough metallic breakdowns, floor-punching chunka-chunka, and raucous female vocals. Speeding hardcore filled with abrasive twists and turns, violent vocal trade-offs and dark and thoughtful lyrics. This debut album from Tampa, Florida's SCROTUM GRINDER follows 2 well-received 7". SCROTUM GRINDER is composed of members of the bands HANKSAW, FAILURE FACE, along with Steve, who was in "misery index"-era ASSÜCK and lead vocalist,

LP 8.00€* CD 7.00€*


GARAGE-PUNK-ROCK. These five, fly-faced primates hail from a dirty basement smack in the middle of Bergen, Norway. THE SCUMBUGS play straight forward fuzz and organ driven garage-punk, spiced up with some wailing harmonica and demented lyrics. Top that off with a bucket of earworm hooks designed to stick in your brain and destroy your frontal lobe. Cause this is primitive instinct rock 'n' roll, catchy and infectious. If you imagine THE MIRACLE WORKERS and THE BRANDED. both in a fight with THE CYNICS, or SUPERCHARGER in a one-off recording session with THE MUMMIES and you get an idea what these scary insects are gonna infect you with. A must have for the wild and outrageous music lover.

LP 14.50€*


HARDCORE/CRUST/NOISE. "control" is 17 tracks of pure d-beat noise hardcore insanity culled from the ridiculously "usa west coast tour 2016" tape, the "out of order" and "rip up" 7"s collected on to one perfect platter, resequenced, remixed and remastered with new artwork. This is how SCUMRAID should have been presented in the 1st place, on a proper full-length. Colored (blue) vinyl comes housed in a tipon style jacket and digital download card.

LPcol 18.50€*


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