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GARAGE-PUNK-ROCK. This is the 5th release from Washington, D.C.'s THE SHIRKS and their 1st full-length. On this release, the boys burn through 8 tracks at 45 revolutions per minute with their brand of trashy, fuzzed out garage-punk-rock. Vinyl includes a digital download card.

LP 15.00€*


HARDCORE. When you suddenly shine a light in total darkness you can't see right away but your body still tries. It's a reflex. It's unavoidable. And in that moment, the struggle to maintain what little grip you had becomes so urgent and overpowering that you will do whatever you can just to see anything at all. Wether it means peace or annihilation at least that thing is familiar and you reach for it, right? SHIT COFFINS have that same urgency, contempt and anxiousness. With broken mirror hardcore like this it's no surprise it's coming from members of TALK IS POISON, NO STATIK and MASS ARREST. Smash yourself to this one. Vinyl includes a digital download card.

LP 18.50€*


HARDCORE-PUNK. Blending hardcore, rock 'n' roll and pints of Guinness, Milwaukee's SHIT OUTTA LUCK (featuring ex-members of WINGS OF SCARLET and DIE ALONE) bring a tough sound and a hard luck attitude to their music, combining the sound of bands like BLOOD FOR BLOOD, CLUTCH and MÖTÖRHEAD. In fact, SHIT OUTTA LUCK won’t be a hard sell to fans of CLUTCH's early, hardcore-influenced material. There certainly isn’t as much ambition as CLUTCH, but this Milwaukee band just want to get drunk and headbang.

MCD 7.00€*


ELEKTRO-POP. SHITDISCO is an insanely fun dance-punk act from Glasgow, Scotland. Don’t let the pottymouth name keep you from checking these guys out, as they are really quite catchy. Take everything you ever knew about disco punks like THE RAPTURE, DATAROCK, roll it up into a tiny little ball and blast it into outer space. "kingdom of fear" sets a totally new precedent for this genre of music. It showcases SHITDISCO as an act that can produce a brilliant mish-mash of intelligent lyrics, shouty punk vocals and frenzied rhythms. There is a distinct reminder of THE TALKING HEADS within this menagerie of excitement and this is no exaggeration - the band’s lyrics and tunes are punchy and leave you reeling. Pure genius!

LP 16.00€* CD 7.00€*


HARDCORE/METAL. SHITSHIFTER, the German trio is no slouch when it comes to aggressive tunes. "pyre" is kind of like a "best of" when it comes to their own sound. Every cut of every extreme genre they incorporate is done excellently. Their hardcore, grindcore, crust and death-metal elements are an explosive caustic cocktail. Clocking in at just 25min., "pyre", the vinyl debut by SHITSHIFTER is nothing short of awesome. Every one of the album's 9 tracks will pummel into you unrelentingly - think of a train with no brakes. From grimy hardcore riffage that seamlessly transitions into pure grind-metal madness - furious blast beats with a deadly array of bestial power-violence-esque riffs, the brutal, malevolent and bleak tone of "pyre" waste no time beating the listener to a shitty pulp. The longer/slower tracks on "pyre" delve deeper into the murky recesses of SHITSHIFTER's sound. On these particular tracks the band craft sludgy, plodding, towering riffs that atomize with each note. In addition to their volatility, noisy and chaotic elements also plays an important role in these tracks. Those in need of a outstanding, aggressive fix are going to get that through and through. "pyre" makes curious what the future holds for SHITSHIFTER. These guys got the chemistry and made something that will snap some necks. The record is so simple to love and if you have ever been angry at all, you will love the rage they offer. If you’re a fan of NAILS, TRAP THEM or BEHEMOTH as well as TODAY IS THE DAY or UNSANE. Vinyl includes a digital download card. You need to check out SHITSHIFTER right away. Spin "pyre" - spin this monster!!! [PK 078]

LP 10.00€*


GARAGE-PUNK-ROCK. THE SHITTY LIMITS from Reading and High Wycombe have easily been the most active, prolific and best hardcore-punk band in the UK. They have released 5 untouchable 7"s and now it's time for the debut full-length album. They define themselve as a '60s garage, '70s punk and '80s hardcore band, and that's exactly what you get inside this 23min. album. It has attitude, tunes to kill for and that something special. Think a garage version of MINOR THREAT or "pink flag" era WIRE mixed with the L.A. punk scene of the late '70s. Each song is short, sharp and a fireball of energy. Hands down - the best UK hardcore-punk album in years.

LP 14.50€* CD 6.00€*


GARAGE-PUNK-ROCK. Originally released on Dire Records in an edition of 550, "espionage" is THE SHITTY LIMITS' 3rd 7". While their early stuff stuck to fast and frenetic hardcore, "espionage" deserves the whole a-side of this slab. It is simply one of the best punk songs written in the past 25 years. Just like the early Dangerhouse 7"s, the track drips atmosphere, and it's so catchy that you'll be singing it to yourself for the next month whether you want to or not. Back it up with 2 short and sweet ragers and you have one of the most powerful and memorable 7"s in recent memory.

7" 6.00€*


EMOCORE. Much like their DC brethren did in the early nineties, Oakland’s The Shivering injected melody and raw emotion into the intensity and unharnessed energy of hardcore. Following the lead of melodic punk pioneers Rites of Spring, Swiz and even old timers Husker Du, The Shivering crafted emotionally driven hardcore with a social message; songs of genuine personal and political struggle that has the sincerity that most of today’s manufactured emo is devoid of. The Shivering captured the sound and the state of mind that revolutionized punk in the early nineties and created a series of works that preserves what Revolution Summer was all about; sincerity. In an effort to preserve The Shivering’s previous offerings, Alone Records is releasing the Council Records EPs along with a track form the "Wayfarers All" compilation on a collection of works CD titled, "& Brand the Ground with Storm and Song." Meanwhile, The Shivering are continuing to blaze their own trail and are writing material for a new release due out later this year. In the meantime, the band will be playing live in and around Northern California in the months to come in their quest to stick a knife in the black heart of a hijacked sound. Yes, death to false emo.

CD 12.50€*


HARDCORE. Out of ashes from SOCIAL GENOCIDE, DREADED INSTINCT and SOCIAL KADAVER these Australians playing traditional Japanese hardcore. SHOCK TROOP has been around for a while now and has perfected the powerful Japanese hardcore sounds of classic bands in the vein of BASTARD, DEATHSIDE, and NIGHTMARE. Compared to european bands these guys sounds a bit like BURIAL or SELFISH in their adaptation of European hardcore and crust styles to the template of Japanese hardcore. For shure - SHOCK TROOP are more hardcore and less metal influenced.

LP 12.50€*


POST-HARDCORE/EMOCORE. This split is the final result of the friendship between these two german bands. KIDS EXPLODE come from Freiburg. They remind little bit of bands like FUEL, CHALLENGER and early TRANSISTOR TRANSISTOR. Very energetic, melodic and full of fun and joy. SHOKEI are from Würzburg. They are inspired by the likes of SHELLAC, UNWOUND and OFF MINOR. It really surprise when you listened to them the first time and you recognize that Steve Albini isn't in the band at all. They're just groovy, tight and amazing. This records is packed in a nice designed cover.

LP 10.00€*


MELODIC-HARDCORE. It's not every day that you put on a punk/hardcore record and feel so carefree; somehow, Bellingham's SHOOK ONES has achieved that effect without losing any of the energy and aggression that defines the genre. You can trace the SHOOKS' sound back to classic punk bands such as 7 SECONDS and DESCENDENTS, and while often garnering comparison to LIFETIME and KID DYNAMITE, their unique style has just as much in common with the aforementioned bands as it does with JAWBREAKER. New pressing on colored (purple) vinyl or black (limited to 200 copies) vinyl includes a digital download card.

LPcol 18.50€* LP 22.00€*


MELODIC-HARDCORE. SHOOK ONES play fast-forward hearts-on-sleeves hardcore-punk in the tradition of LIFETIME and KID DYNAMITE - to also mention a more recent representative of that sound. SHOOK ONES do what they do best - they step on the gas and kick out 11 snotty anthems. The raw production highlights the band’s punk roots and delivers the same unpolished sound that worked so well for the band on past releases. Think of a more in-your-face and stripped-down rendition of NONE MORE BLACK and you’re pretty close to what this is all about. And while "facetious folly feat" has plenty of good times to offer. No doubt, any fan of rampant punk-infused hardcore with witty lyrics will fall for this album. Colored (orange) vinyl version includes a digital download card.

LPcol 17.50€* CD 12.50€*


MELODIC-HARDCORE. SHOOK ONES was founded at the end of 2004 in Seattle. They returning for their 1st release in nearly 3 years with a poppy hardcore 2-song 7". The 1st track is one of the longer songs in SHOOKS' catalog, striking a more pensive tone, and "fancy" is the band's learned response to their own now-classic track "order form". Vinyl includes a digital download card.

7" 8.00€*


MELODIC-HARDCORE. "slaughter of the insole", captures moments where the word fun fits perfectly between reckless and powerful - these 2 songs along with their rendition of LEATHERFACE's classic "not a day goes by" round out their 7min. debut release on Revelation. You can trace the SHOOIKS' sound back to classic bands such as 7 SECONDS or early DESCENDENTS, and while often garnering comparison to LIFETIME and KID DYNAMITE, their unique style has just as much in common with the aforementioned bands as it does with JAWBREAKER. Colored (green) vinyl is limited to 500 copies.

7"col 8.00€*


PUNK-HARDCORE. Long awaited sophomore release from these young wasted punks from Long Beach, CA. They deliver 6 new retarded, fucked up drug promoting tracks. A big dose of that good old "fuck you" attitude coupled with some of the best sloopy played tunes. Sure winner for everyone into SURF NAZIS MUST DIE, DEAN DIRG and all those other hyped bands.

7" 5.00€*


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