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HARDCORE. REACTOR is a new band from Portland. Musically draws on bands like BASTARD and DEATHSIDE, plus a little BROKEN BONES, though more straight ahead hardcore and less metal than any of those bands…with raspy distorted vocals.

7" 6.50€*


HARDCORE-PUNK. This is the classic REAGAN YOUTH Album (now with a few extra tracks from the same session making it a full-length album). By the time this album was made Dave's drug use prevented him from functioning. After many months waiting for him to complete the album, Nicky Garratt (UK SUBS) and Paul Cripple (REAGAN YOUTH guitar Player) kidnapped Dave and locked him in the studio until he finished the vocals. Some classic old REAGAN YOUTH songs for the most part played through a drug haze.

LP 19.50€*


HARDCORE-PUNK. A continuation of "vol 1" - alittle heavier but just as amazing. "volume 2" is the 2nd album by punk band REAGAN YOUTH. The group began working on the record after its decision to disband, and its songs represent material written throughout the band's ten-year initial career. As bassist Victor Dominicis left the band early in the album's recording sessions with an unsatisfactory performance, guitarist Paul Bakija plays both guitar and bass on the record.

LPcol 19.50€*


HARDCORE. THE REAL COST doesn't rely on a tired "members of" list but rather a new stream of pure, youth energy bubbling over from the heart of Texas. Thoughtful lyrics coupled with fast, bouncy riffs that hit you in both mind and body are sure to leave you with what can only be described as "the feeling". Don't sleep on this one.

TAPE 6.50€*


HARDCORE-PUNK. Hailing from Pittsburgh, REAL ENEMY formed and played their 1st show in the early '80s. Sharing stages with a veritable who’s who of '80s American bands – REAL ENEMY burned strong and fast, breaking up after barely 6 months as a band. Before half of the band reformed as HALF LIFE - they left behind a legacy of one tape, released on a newly minted label: Mind Cure Records. 30 years later Mind Cure is back with this restored and remastered version of "life with the enemy" expanded to include live material recorded at CBGBs. Featuring original cover art and a poster sized fold-out insert packed with photos, flyers and extensive liner notes from REAL ENEMY and HALF LIFE founding member and Gearhead Magazine and Records head honcho Mike LaVella.

LP 16.50€*


GARAGE-PUNK. THE REAL ENERGY are a serial killer blues band and they come up with a potent combination of garage squeal and feedback, don't-give-a-shit vocals and a sense of melody that borrows from '60s girl groups and psychedelic pop. Most of the songs on this 3rd record are more than 3min. long. The song structures are repetitive but always fueled with sonic and riff-heavy garage-punk parts which are written intelligently. Repetitive riffs are always accompanied with background noise and feedback, killer solos and melodies which reflect the psychedelic side of the '60s and '70s garage and glam-rock. You just get everything you love in let‘s just call it, what it is - rock 'n' roll.

LP 11.50€*


POP/EMO-PUNK. By reaching that sphere of serenity and confidence, we can achieve our full potential. REAL FRIENDS makes a major leap towards this space on their appropriately titled 3rd full-length album, "composure". The Tinley Park quintet perfect their patented one-two punch of punk and pop, while penning their most personal tunes to date. Colored vinyl includes a digital download card.

LPcol 22.00€*


POP/EMO-PUNK. Chicago's REAL FRIENDS has been steadily making a name for themselves in the pop-punk world with an infectious and emotional sound coupled with relentless touring. With a handful of records and reissues under their belts, the band presents their 2nd album for Fearless Records, a 12-track, pop-punk kicker that's reminiscent of bands like THE WONDER YEARS, MAN OVERBOARD and SPRAYNARD.

LPcol 18.00€*


PUNK 'N' ROLL. It's been 38 years since Boston's THE REAL KIDS debuted with the finest rock 'n' roll record ever committed to tape, and now they're back with a long-awaited full-length. Of course, longtime fans can always be excused for some apprehension when a band of this vintage presents new material so deep into their career, but there's no cause to fret here. "shake... outta control" is a fantastic return to form. While some bands lose track of their own soul in forced attempts at progression, 2014 finds THE REAL KIDS negotiating this path beautifully. Boasting both the raw energy and tough hooks of 1977 and the matured chops and expanded palette of frontman John Felice, the dozen songs on this vinyl settle easily among the band's best work. This is a genuine REALKIDS record that will thrill new fans and old alike.

LP 19.00€*


PUNK-ROCK. Eight previously unissued proto-punk godheaded rippers from the pre-REAL KIDS combo THE KIDS recorded in 10 1974 - plus 4 previously unissued THE REAL KIDS demos from 1977, recorded at WTBS radio station with 1 mic suspended above the band! Comes with gatefold-cover plus huge 32-page booklet inside crammed with tonsa liner notes.

LP 21.50€*


STREET/FOLK-PUNK. After 23 years of traversing the globe to spread their festive, high-octane, booze-fueled brand of punk-rock, THE REAL MCKENZIES show no sign of slowing. With street-punk standards highlighted by traditional Scottish musical elements, "rats in the burlap" is the perfect representation of what the band does best. From fast-paced, ultra-riffy punk classics to penny whistle and playfully ambles the sing-along spirit of the album never lets up. Vinyl includes a digital download card.

LP 14.50€* CD 13.50€*


STREET/FOLK-PUNK. For the last quarter century, the merry band of miscreants known as THE REAL MCKENZIES have circumnavigated the globe, bringing their punk-rock gospel to an ever-adoring throng of rebels, scallywags and ne'er do wells. In celebration of their 25th anniversary, THE REAL MCKENZIES returns with their 10th full-length, "two devils will talk". Brimming with 14 tracks of invigorating, Celtic-tinged punk, "two devils will talk" is a non-stop boot-stomping wassail. Vinyl includes a digital download card.

LP 16.00€* CD 13.50€*


STREET/FOLK-PUNK. Featuring a diverse and insanely talented roster of musicians, THE he REAL MCKENZIES draw on both acoustic and electric instruments to blend a potent concoction of classic punk, rock 'n' roll and traditional Celtic influence. Blistering punk-rock boot stompers stand alongside passionate singalong ballads while good times and joyous camaraderie are always the order of the day. Their latest offering, "westwinds", is packed to the brim with roaring, rollicking, and epic tales that shanghai the listener on a 13 song, sea-tossed journey. Vinyl includes a digital download card.

LP 16.00€*


HARDCORE. It had to happen one day and long time friends from Paris and Warsaw give you those 4 tracks of quality hardcore on a 7" format. If you are still not familiar with REALITY CHECK - they play a perfect mix of L.A. and NYC hardcore while influences from DEATH THREAT can also be found. xDIGx has released an LP so far and already established it's solid position on the hardcore map. Colored vinyl includes a digital download card.

7"col 3.00€*


CRUST-HARDCORE. This latest REALITY CRISIS release shows these Nagoya crusties stalwarts taking their original sound, which was heavily influenced by DOOM, early EXTREME NOISE TERROR and of course DISCHARGE and changed it into more dramatic (similar) CONFLICT and thrilling sounds and bring 8 tracks that is filled with originality. This full-length is a totally devestating release that shows why REALITY CRISIS is one of the top bands from Japan.

LP 13.50€*


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