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HARDCORE. "feil sted, feil tid" is 7 tracks of fast, tight and raging old-school hardcore. THE ØDELEGGERS hailing from Oslo and paying a lot of tribute to classic norge-hardcore but way faster and energetic with loads of double bass action and galloping drums. Members are have been involved in other bands such as ESKATOL, FINAL THRENODY and EMINENT SCUM.

7" 6.00€*


HARDCORE. From the depths of Oakland’s underground, ODIO fulfills the listeners ears with intense rythmatic aggression and delay drenched vocals for the unhinged. ODIO takes influence from the deepest darkest corners of '80s Japanese hardcore and then again from more contemporary bands from Spain. All in all ODIO is making a noise of their own. ODIO's "ancora" (again) is an 8 track record that is not to be missed.

LP 13.50€*


BLACK-METAL. OEDE, a one-man band from Norway is definitly creating something new by blending grim lo-fi black-metal and the very distinct sound of voodoo blues. The songs are recorded with electric cigar-box guitars, which gives them some quite bluesy feeling. Guest appearance by Dwid Hellion of INTEGRITY on vocals.

7" 7.50€*


Intense and interesting hardcore with odd tempo shifts joined by curiously high pitched screams. A sound reminiscent of Mohinder, Honeywell and Born Against. Features Jason from Unruh.

MCD 8.00€*


POP-PUNK. OF FORTUNE & FAME takes a direct approach to the popular pop-punk genre with their latest, "perspective". When the band decided to travel away from the hardcore they were raised on and let their writing be influenced by the likes of NEW FOUND GLORY, it paid off. OF FORTUNE & FAME's fast-paced youthful energy is only surpassed by the lyrical essence and they're "perspective" release will put them on the map and a strong contender in the pop-punk genre. Vinyl includes a digital download card.

MLP 11.50€* MCD 6.50€*


METALCORE. OF MICE AND MEN is back with "restoring force: full circle", a special deluxe reissue and follow up to 2014's "restoring force". This is an exciting release that the band's rabid fan base will be anxious for. For "restoring force : full circle," OF MICE AND MEN decided to re-enlist the help of super producer David Bendeth (Paramore, Bring Me The Horizon, Papa Roach). The result is 4 new songs that have surpassed the band's impressive previous effort with "restoring force". OF MICE AND MEN has found a way to continue maturing into a hard rock band without losing the edge and aggression that made them who they are today. Colored vinyl version includes a CD version.

DoLP+CD 26.00€*


INDIE/ART-ROCK. Grammy-nominated producer Jon Brion has worked with Spoon, Kanye West, Elliott Smith, and Fiona Apple, as well as scored the films "magnolia" etc.. On this MLP, Brion reinterprets 2 OF MONTREAL songs from "skeletal lamping" ("first time high" and "gallery piece") by adding more instrumentation and backing vocals. The vinyl includes a digital download card.

MLP 7.00€*


INDIE/ART-ROCK. OF MONTREAL, aka Kevin Barnes, has been perverting US indie for more than 10 years, with his mix of electronic psychedelia and 1980s funk-pop paving the way for the likes of MGMT. On his 9th album, he has shifted the focus back to his wicked side. It's a complicated and dense thrill ride packed with slinky grooves that demand a physical response. Its unpredictable, completely unique, and epic. And while OF MONTREAL's albums have always been epic, "Skeletal lamping" is an unprecedented achievement that will be talked about for years. Thick 180gr vinyl comes with deluxe gatefold-jacket and includes a digital download card.

DoLP 18.50€*


POST-HARDCORE/METALCORE. Fancy artwork, catchy name and weird song titles all created a very good impression to me. OF QUIET WALLS is a band from Germany. They play a mix of modern and new-school metalcore, in the vein of bands like PARKWAY DRIVE, POISON THE WELL mixed up with chaotic parts that reminded me bands like THE CHARIOT and CONVERGE. All this package wrapped up with a sense of melody. Their 2 singers give them a very good advantage too. OF QUIET WALLS show a lot of potential with this 7 song, drawing their influences and mixing up genres, something that is really important in this genre nowadays.

MCD 1.50€*


HARDCORE. Hardcore (even in Germany) has come a long way and so have the members in OFF THE HOOK on their paths. "the walk" is putting all miscellaneous experiences together into one fused wall of sound reflecting the ambiguity of a road. On the dark side you'll find 13 songs of a matured band defending the inner kid in an almost desperate manner against the hardships of post modern society. Musicwise next to bands like FINAL PRAYER and GHOSTWRITER those are only some of the companions. Hardcore has come a long way and reckoning on OFF THE HOOK, it will have a long way to go - "the walk".

LP 6.50€*


POP-PUNK-ROCK. "all things move toward their end" compiles the numerous splits, 7"s and compilation tracks from this Minneapolis band who play upbeat pop-punk akin to bands like DILLINGER FOUR, J-CHURCH and DESCENDENTS. Paddy from DILLINGER FOUR even appears on a few of these tracks. Originally released by No Idea Records now re-pressed with with 3 additional tracks. Colored vinyl includes a digital download card.

LPcol 18.00€*


POP-PUNK-ROCK. Minneapolis punk-rock heroes OFF WITH THEIR HEADS continue their prolific songwriting with "from the bottom" which showcases the band's ability to write catchy, poppy rock 'n' roll songs with witty lyrics and a serious influence from other Twin Cities party animals. OFF WITH THEIR HEADS is an awesome band that sounds like DILLINGER FOUR on steroids. Colored vinyl is limited to 500 copies, comes with 1 additional track, updated cover artwork and includes a digital download card.

LPcol 18.00€*


POP-PUNK-ROCK. OFF WITH THEIR HEADS' 2nd fulöl-length for Epitaph continues their style of melodic punk-rock delivered the way bands like DILLINGER FOUR deliver it, tinged with Midwestern flavor and plenty of humor. Vinyl includes a CD version.

LP+CD 23.00€*


POP-PUNK-ROCK. "hospitals" is the debut from Minneapolis' OFF WITH THEIR HEADS with 8 tracks of upbeat, yet smart punk with a DILLINGER FOUR or SCREECHGING WEASEL vibe. "hospitals" is a jump-up-and-down blast of energy and passion - angry and pissed off; and yes, it's very good. Ten years after its initial release, "hospitals", from Twin Cities melodic-punk band OFF WITH THEIR HEADS, is again on vinyl courtesy of the band's own label. This version has special hand-made covers.

LPcol 23.00€*


POP-PUNK-ROCK. Before becoming pop-punk darlings on Epitaph and No Idea Records, OFF WITH THEIR HEADS released this 7" on their own label, their very 1st release. Since then, they've released countless LPs, 7"s and splits, and then in 2015, reissued this 7" on another label owned and operated by the band, a document of this Minneapolis band's humble beginnings.

7"col 7.00€*


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