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STONER-ROCK. They live in Brooklyn, but they sound so damn Southern like, that it´s hard to believe. Produzer Jimmy Bower (Down, Eyehategod), might have had quite an influence. And apart from producing he took over the bass duties as well. All songs sound pretty mature - doomy, heavy, quite psycheledic sometimes, massive riffs and all that mixed to a thunderous sound, that is wafting out of the speakers and setting the listeners teeth on edge. This record is surely everything but boring, variety is top priority and those who have a big grin in their faces when hearing names like KYUSS, DOWN or CORROSION OF CONFORMITY, should rush to the record dealer immediately to get hold of this full-length.

CD 11.00€*


STONER-ROCK/SLUDGE-METAL. The music world is full of fucked band names. And it always gets worse. As stupid as the name is, the quartet burns a musical hellfire. The 5 track 10" is a raw, bloody bastard of southern-rock and sludge. Full of murder riffs, deadly grooves and fierce, cool vocals, MY UNCLE THE WOLF celebrate a firework of revelations. Anyone who likes bands like DOWN, EYEHATEGOD, doesn't come past MY UNCLE THE WOLF.

10" 13.50€* CD 11.00€*


HARDCORE. LEGS UP brings their brand of abrasive, urgent and energetic hardcore blended with a touch of rock 'n' roll. Pouding beats and melodic guitar lines meet with a set of vicious vocals and wailing quick witted lyrics. From Richmond, MY WAR bring you their own abusive array of tracks. With crunching guitars, blast beat breakdowns and a voice that shreds through furious lyrical content; MY WAR contributes an unstoppable set of songs, which are heavy and hypnotic. With many of BLACK FLAG's no nonsense mentalities such as intense live shows, powerfully insistent riffs, powerful lyrics, and an honest approach not often found in a scene that is increasingly commercial. For fans of THE HOPE CONSPIRACY, SEX POSITIONS and AMERICAN NIGHTMARE.

CD 4.00€*


INDIE/FOLK-ROCK. Following 2010's critically acclaimed debut "what we lose in the fire we gain in the flood", singer-songwriter Laura Burhenn teamed up with producer Richard Swift (The Shins, Richard Swift) again and emerged with "generals", a sophomore album fully armed. "generalsd" is filled with armies of stomps and claps, sweeping full spectrum orchestrations, and moments that range from intensely personal please to shout-out-loud protests with teeth. Musically you can hear echoes of early PJ HARVEY, politically-charged NINA SIMONE and low-era DAVID BOWIE. Vinyl version includes a CD of the entire album.

LP+CD 16.00€*


INDIE/FOLK-ROCK. After touring the world as a member of the POSTAL SERVICE in 2013, Laura Burhenn (THE MYNABIRDS) took a year to get lost. "lovers know" is definitely a new territory for Burhenn, forging into '80s, '90s and futuristic soundscapes, recalling KATE BUSH, SINEAD O'CONNOR, THE JESUSC AND THE MARY CHAIN and MY BLOODY VALENTINE. The album may be loaded with a fresh palette of new sounds (swarms of synths, gauzy electric guitars, and electronic drums), but her brooding, unmistakable voice leads the way. Double vinyl comes with a gatefold-sleeve and includes a digital download card.

DoLP 24.00€*


INDIE/FOLK-ROCK. Before GEORGIE JAMES, Laura Burhenn (half of the former duo) had spent her early years crafting music on her own. So when GEORGIE JAMES split, she went back to what she knew. "what we lose in the fire we gain in the flood" was recorded in the rugged hills of Oregon in the summer of 2009 with singer-songwriter/producer Richard Swift at the helm. Laura and Richard took turns at instruments until the record was fully orchestrated. The album features some notable guests besides Richard's Swift's contributions on backing vocals and nearly every instrument imaginable.

LP 15.00€*


BLACK/FOLK-METAL"mareridt" (nightmare) is the highly anticipated sophomore full-length from renowned Danish composer and multi-instrumentalist. MYRKUR explores deeper into the mysterious and the feminine with 11 tracks that further progress her visionary blend of metal with gorgeous, stirring melodies, dark folk passages, choral arrangements and superb, horrific beauty. Further taking MYRKUR to new artistic heights are lyrics in multiple languages, an unforgettable collaboration with CHELSEA WOLFE and an array of special instrumentation. "mareridt" is a profound manifestation of nightmares that demonstrates MYRKUR as one of the truly exceptional artists of our time.

LP 20.00€*


CRUST-HARDCORE. MYTERI’s debut full-length album is a sprawling and unforgiving opera of darkened heavy punk that draws much influence from legendary crust bands like AMEBIX, ANTISECT, and from head-on collision-like d-beat bands like WOLFPACK, DOOM and DISFEAR. In any case, this is a prime example of amazing melodic heavy crust - if you like TRAGEDY, this shit will clamp on to your soul and not let you go ever again. Ten songs of misery and despair - d-beat and booze throughout this raw mayhem.

LP 12.50€*


HARDCORE-PUNK. Harrowing metal tinged guitar, raw punk, hardcore blasts and some furious angry vocals bring this Japanese unit to a raw hardcore form with strong guitar leads.

7" 4.50€*


HARDCORE-PUNK. pasivos/muertos" is the 2nd 7" from this San Francisco band featuring members of LOS CRUDOS, LIMP WRIST and LODO Y ASFALTO. N.N. delivers 4 tracks of hardcore-punk with melody and fury while maintaining a political, personal message with loads of bite. A Spanish-language release and another to add to thegrowing list of U.S.-based Latino hardcore-punk.

7" 5.50€*


Blasts of melodic energy, swaggered with distortion and noise, thrashed out at top speed. An intense tremor of the hardcore punk explosion, crash landing into a Tulsa, Oklahoma Cowboy bar in 1983 on "Punk Night". No nonsense, straight-forward hardcore punk rock, soaked and steeped in enough rock and '77 catchy punk to surface hooks, choruses and melody amidst the blur. Recorded live in 1983, "Live At The Crystal Pistol" was originally released as None Of The Above's demo tape and predates all of their vinyl releases. The demo impressed Maximum RockNRoll enough to include the demo song "Propaganda Control" on their seminal international punk compilation "Welcome To 1984." N.O.T.A. released two 7"s "Moscow" (on Unclean Records) and "Toy Soldiers" (on Rabid Cat), and one self-titled LP (om Rabid Cat) in the 1980s. The 1990s saw a reunion of the band with new members and releases on Unclean and Havoc Records. "Live At The Crystal Pistol" includes five unreleased songs from 1983 and raw, energetic and unpolished versions of classic songs such as "Nightstick Justice," "Moscow," and "On The Pavement." The packaging is similarly raw, true to the demo and the time, with new liner notes from lead singer Jeff Klein.

CD 10.00€*


HARDCORE. For the 1st time ever on vinyl is this often-overlooked mid'80s demo from NYC hardcore misfits, THE N.Y. HOODS, whose members went on to play in bands like SIDE BY SIDE, ABSOLUTION, BURN and BREAKDOWN. Vinyl includes a digital download card.

7" 6.00€*


STONER/DOOM-ROCK. On their self titled debut NAAM conjures both post-apocalyptic dazzle and unsettling feeling via punishing, deeply penetrating repetition and twisted vapor trails of guitar. NAAM’s raw, feedback-powered sound pools densely distorted riff-o-rama with throbbing bass lines and echoey, buzzy vocals that seem to hang in the open spaces in between. Calling for comparison to HAWKWIND, SLEEP, DEAD MEADOW.

CD 14.00€*


INDIE-ROCK. The long out of print NADA SURF "Karmic" release is finally repressed. This release offers up a portrait of NADA SURF in its formative stage, before the New York City-based power-pop band made the leap to a major label during the alternative-rock boom in 1996. With its relatively lo-fi production and restless energy, "Karmic" highlights NADA SURF's punchy, guitar-driven attack more than frontman Matthew Caws's earnest charm or keen songcraft making. This is the one that started it all! "Karmic" includes abonus track called "Pressure free" that has only been previously available on a rare 7''.

MLP 9.00€* DigiMCD 8.00€*


DRONE/AMBIENT. This recording (on a single sided 7") demonstrates NADJA's ability to fuse their sound to the construct of the pop cover, with the cover in question being "long dark twenties", which was written by Paul Bellini of THE KIDS IN THE HALL! In doing so, NADJA displays traits rarely exibited in their music, like full vocals, drumming, even the good old classic pop chorus, all in such a remarkable way this it shows all that the possibilities for reinvention with this group are far from exausted. Comes with hand letterpressed covers (both inside and out) and will be available in colored vinyl.

7"col 6.50€*


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