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HARDCORE. Missouri’s crown jewel of hardcore - Q - finally squeezes out a follow up record. Since their 1st 7" from 2015 they have all finished high-school but their appetite for destruction still has not been satiated. Crushing hardcore alternating between the d-beat and the breakdown with plenty of that modern day half note riffing like GLUE or GAG. What will they break next?

7" 8.50€*


PUNK-ROCK. QUAALUDES are a true force in San Francisco, an all-girl band that seemingly fits on any punk bill with ease. This phenomenon is true to their sound in terms of punk. It's '80s GERMS and a whole lotta riot grrrl, with a hardcore edge. They are a hot unhinged mess live, and although this recording is a hell of a lot cleaner than their live set, it does a fine job of capturing this.

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HARDCORE-PUNK. Breakneck audio level destruction from QUARANTINE on their 1st full-length release. The demo was a glimmer of perfected USHC pastiche but “agony” pushes the limits of aggression to some kind of land speed no man’s land where UNITED MUTATION, GUDON, and “my america” F.U.’s are firing live ammunition into each other’s boomboxes in a bid for hardcore punk long play supremacy. Instant classic from a group of utterly blue chip musicians on the label that can’t be beat

LP 18.50€*


STONER-ROCK. For their 1st album in 6 years, Joshua Homme's mighty QUEENS OF THE STONE AGE called back classic members Dave Grohl and Joey Castillo on drums, and Nick Oliveri and Mark Lanegan on vocals. In addition, some big names came in to perform: ELTON JOHN and more. Vinyl version includes a digital download card.

DoLP 24.50€*


HARDCORE/METAL. Baltimore has done it again. From their initial conception in late 2014, QUEENSWAY has been on a warpath ever since. With 2 demos and their latest release, "swift minds of the darkside", under their hefty belt, the fresh, new band doesn't show any signs of slowing down. Vinyl includes a digital download card.

LP 20.50€*


HARDCORE/METAL. "the real fear" is the 2019 MLP from Baltimore's QUEENSWAY, a 5-track slow burn of dark, heavy hardcore with some hip-hop leanings and loads of groove. A new take on styles originated by bands like MERAUDER and COLD AS LIFE. Limited edition of 500 copies.

MLP 18.00€*


PUNK-ROCK. This classic punk record was originally released in 1998 (20 years ago). Joe Queer was never happy with the way the album sounded and for years had wanted to go back and re-record the album. So, this is his new take on the record the way he wanted it to sound.

LPcol 19.50€*


POP-PUNK-ROCK. Welcome to the wild world of THE QUEERS on this their very 1st DVD! It features footage of all the live energy and behind-the-scenes craziness of THE QUEERS on tour around the world circa '93 to '05. Also included are interviews, music videos, and an unreleased animated video. Its been about 20 years since the first 7" was released so we figured it was time for a DVD.

DVD 13.00€*


SINGER/SONGWRITER. QUENTIN SAUVE is a singer-songwriter from Laval, France. Sauve is the bass player of post-hardcore band BIRDS OF ROW. On his debut solo album, "whatever it takes", he steps out of the shadows to show the world he is an incredible talent in his own right. Vinyl includes a digital download card.

LP 19.50€*


NOISE/AVANTGARDE-PUNK. QUI's latest full-length, "snuh", extrapolates on their genre-bending brand of avantgarde rock. The duo has integrated more shades of unlikely forms and timbres along with their always-present penchant for abrasive noise-punk. The record also features cameo performances from Justin Pearson (LOCUST, RETOX), Trevor Dunn (MR BUNGLE, MELVINS), Dale Crover (MELVINS), and Adam Harding (DUMB NUMBERS). Vinyl version includes a CD.

LP+CD 18.00€*


POST/INDIE-ROCK. "distant populations", just the 4th full-length album of Quicksand's career, comes as a comparatively swift follow-up to "Interiors". "distant populations" has a punchier, more up-tempo sound than its predecessor; its 11 songs are concise, carved sonic jewels boasting not a single wasted note; and its raw power, its gripping lyricism, leaps out from the very 1st listening. It is a striking step up for the band. Colored (red/yellow splatter) vinyl.

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POST/INDIE-ROCK. QUICKSAND emerged from the New York City hardcore scene in the late-'80s and featured members of GORILLA BISCUITS, YOUTH OF TODAY, BOLD and BEYOND. The band split in 1995 after a 2nd album and members went on to form other bands such as HANDSOME and RIVAL SCHOOLS. "interiors" is the band's 1st studio album in 22 years and the anticipation is building. Vinyl includes a digital download card.

LPcol 24.00€* LP 22.00€*


POST-HARDCORE. Their 1st release. A progression from hardcore for Walter (GORILLA BISCUITS), Alan and Tommy (BEYOND) and Sergio. Groundbreaking and a classic already! New pressing now available on turquoise vinyl.

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POST/INDIE-ROCK. First official vinyl reissue of QUICKSANDS's major label debut, "slip", since its original pressing in 1993. In honor of the 20th anniversary of QUICKSAND's "slip", SRC has repressed the album on 180gr black vinyl, touched up the artwork and has included some upgrades on the print pieces. Includes custom, hand-wrapped (tip-on) gatefold-jackets available only with the 20th anniversary pressing. Includes a gold foil sticker and is hand numbered out of 1000 copies.

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PUNK-ROCK. Originally released in 1994, the 1st album from Minneapolis punk rockers QUINCY PUNX "we're not punks...but we play them on tv" sees a re-issue from Rad Girlfriend Records. Remastered from the original tapes, "we're not punks..." sounds fast, loud and better than ever. Inspired by their love for beer, classic punk-rock, and cheesy '80's horror movies, QUINCY PUNX were founded in 1990, releasing several LPs and 7"s before self-destructing a decade later. In that time they inspired a generation of crusty punks to shove a safety pin through their face and start their own bands. More than 25 years later, the Quincy Punx first album will get a chance to inspire a whole new generation of punk kids to do the same.

LP 18.50€*


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