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PUNK-ROCK. Does this band need any introduction? Ugh…alrighty then, if you’ve lived under a rock for the last 6 to 8 years – this is for you: P.R.O.B.L.E.M.S. from Portland, Oregon is a 5 piece rock 'n' roll - punkasfuck monster which consists of several Portlandb veterans. This new record is all about powerful punk ’n’ roll with sleazy guitars, a tight rhythm section and a frantic singer with just the right amount of snottines. P.R.O.B.L.E.M.S. are a crazy ride on a rusty roller coaster train that is about to derail.

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MELODIC-HARDCORE. Although PACER itself is in its infancy, the 4 members have been releasing music for over a decade. Most appropriately, Mark and Dave were members of anthemic UK hardcore band THE STEAL who broke up in late 2009; leaving 2 full-length albums and memorable tours. PACER are there musical inherits and will please fans of LIFETIME, LATTERMAN and BOUNCING SOULS.

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INDIE-ROCK. Sometimes, PAERISH guitarist/vocalist Mathias Court will sit down in front of a movie, TV episode or video game and play around on his guitar. The idea is for him to capture and channel the emotion of what he's watching into music by what's on the screen. That's exactly what happened during the making of the Paris-based band's 2nd full-length. "fixed it ll" truly shows how transcendental their music is, and how easily it can break barriers that plenty of others have failed to break. Colored (red) vinyl includes a digital download card.

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HARDCORE. Members of HANGMAN, RAIN OF SALVATION, LIFE'S QUESTION among others bust out 5 songs of streetwise, heavy hardcore with a hip-hop vibe akin to bands like BIOHAZARD, CROWN OF THORNZ, DEATH THREAT, and FURY OF FIVE. Limited edition of 600 copies.

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HARDCORE. PAIN STRIKES is a five-piece hardcore band from Douglassville. These 5 songs are very reminiscent of '97-era youth-crew revival, while still sounding refreshingly current and modern. Fans of CARRY ON, COUNT ME OUT, and CHAIN OF STRENGTH will find something they like here.

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HARDCORE. After 3 full-lengths on Jade Tree, PAINT IT BLACK have made one thing known - they are going to give you hardcore that is discordant; melodic at times, ferocious at others. Dan Yemin's lyrics will be angry, poignant and philosophical. Most bands with this pedigree would rest on their laurels, but PAINT IT BLACK has shown the only thing they're going to do every time is mix it up. Colored vinyl includes a digital download card.

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HARDCORE. PAINT IT BLACK was a revelation of the mid-'00s. Formed by 2 remaining LIFETIME and KID DYNAMITE members, PAINT IT BLACK took the fast, melodic hardcore formula of both and injected more straght-forward hardcore-punk influences and lyrics that delved deep into the world of politics on global, national, and personal scales. "paradise" is the band's 2nd full-length from 2005 and featured Andy Nelson, currently of CEREMONY. Vinyl includes a digital download card.

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PROGRESSIVE-HARDCORE. Baltimore's PALA feature members of PULLING TEETH and bring a technical and rather innovative style of hardcore that can somewhat be described as CONVERGE crossing paths with early MASTODON, NEUROSIS and even raw AT THE DRIVE IN.

7" 5.00€*


PROGRESSIVE-HARDCORE. PALA's debut LP is a creative recipe loaded with hypnotic echos, chaotic drumming, and outbursts of huge stoner riffs blended with delicate musical passages and topped off by three distinct vocalists. Featuring Chris Kuhns of PULLING TEETH and HATEWAVES, this is heavy music for nerds, by nerds. The style doesn't stray too far from the technical sounds of CONVERGE, KYLESA, or early MASTODON. Colored LP includes a MP3 download card.

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THRASH-METAL. A valiant, thundering power-metal opus, "ascension" - the Prosthetic debut from Atlanta quartet PALADIN. Self-styled face-shredding power thrash. Fast, melodic, and technical, PALADIN is on a mission to bring some European flavor to the Atlanta's metal scene. The foursome blends soaring vocals, harsh rasps, catchy melodies, and fiery guitar work reminiscent of the '80s power metal's finest to create their own brand of thrashy power metal. Colored vinyl is limited to 500 copies.

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HARDCORE. Bands have fused hardcore and metal before, but PALEHORSE adds a new dimension to the sounds that have made HATEBREED and INTEGRITY cornerstones within the hardcore world. Now, PALEHORSE is taking the groundwork laid and mixing it with the discordant melodies from modern influences like HIS HERO IS GONE and the intricate guitar work that is not far off from '80s thrash-metal. Combine this broad range of influences with the drumming, the raspy vocals and lyrics touching on everything from religion and politics to personal struggle, and you have a record that is going to surprise everyone who hears it.

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HARDCORE/METAL. Drawing influence from all over the world of heavy music ranging from CONVERGE to BLACK SABBATH, and making their sound their own, PALM has been making waves in their native country since "my darkest friends" was released as a CD on Alliance Trax. Colored vinyl is limited to 500 copies and includes a digital download card.

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HARDCORE/METAL. "the unusual" is PALM's follow up to their 2012 debut masterpiece "my darkest friends". Continuing in the tense Japanese punk-metal style and increasing in sharpness and harshness, this work is the most intense of the band to date. Colored vinyl includes a digital download card.

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PUNK-HARDCORE. PANDEMIX are rightly regarded as one of the best US underground punk bands out there right now. Their debut album "scale models of atrocities" received great critical acclaim, and highlighted how PANDEMIX had a knack of making unique, thought provoking punk that was innovative as well as powerful and engaging. "in condemnation" is the follow up second album, but this shows a band not resting on their laurels, but developing and pushing their agenda further. Comes with an poster and 24 page lyric zine.

LP 14.50€*


PUNK-HARDCORE. The 3rd release on the new Boss Tuneage offshoot label Flexipunk. . PANDEMIX hail from Boston and "patholgical culture" was their amazing demo. Limited edition flexi disc with wraparound cover.

7" FLEXI 4.50€*


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