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HARDCORE/PUNK. Arizona's HOUR OF THE WOLF team up with San Diego's LEWD ACTS for a split release that knows no boundaries. Between the 7 tracks, you're walking the fence of hardcore, punk, and metal.

MCD 7.50€*


SINGER/SONGWRITER. True to the ever-present dichotomies that serve as a source of inspiration for her, LIA ICES' emotionally driven and experimental pop music is both avant-garde and timeless. A natural yet refined grace permeates her work: she is a piano herself. Dancing on a finely crafted line between the percussive qualities of her instrument, and the melodic elements within the rhythm of her voice, ICES' music reveals itself as epiphany. With such overt elegance as if from a bygone era, listening to her songs inspires a psychic time slip, and its hard to know if you're wading in the warmest of memories or awed by the invention and glow of new surroundings. Appearing as a guest vocalist, the only duet on the album, is Justin Vernon of BON IVER. Vinyl includes a digital download card.

LP 15.00€*


SINGER/SONGWRITER. LIA ICES, is a singer-songwriter from Westport, Connecticut, currently living in Northern California. "ices" is a celebration of flight, levity, and the conviction that you can leave earth. You take wing in an airplane, you go to real places when you dream, you have out-of-body experiences, you get high, you lose yourself in someone else. For the 1st time, LIA ICES felt like an inclusive project with its own identity, not just a name. Vinyl includes a digital download card.

LP 16.00€*


SINGER/SONGWRITER. Indie wunderkind LIAM FINN has burst onto the musical landscape with the force and presence of an artist twice his age. The 23 year old New Zealander plays nearly every instrument on his 1st solo release "i'll be lightning". Recorded with a mixing deck that once belonged to THE WHO, "i'll be lightning" melds ELLIOTT SMITH-style melodies with loosey-goosey execution and the big, airy harmonies of yacht rock. Liam's sound ranges from foggy and intimate to fuzzed-out garage but melodies are always the order of the day. This package includes a special 19 track CD and a digital download code. The colored vinyl features 5 bonus tracks!

DoLPcol+CD 18.00€*


The latest of Brooklyn's music makers to create a big stir, this is a collection of three songs recorded prior to their full-length "They Threw Us All in a Trench and Stuck a Monument on Top". Mashing up elements of punk, new wave, and funk, the end result is a sound reminiscent of Gang Of Four and The Pop Group.

CD 10.00€*


MELODIC-HARDCORE/PUNK. LIBERTY MADNESS from Mannheim, Germany deliver a debut full-length after their split 7" with the DERBY DOLLS. Yet again, you'll get fast, melodic punk tracks with a hardcore hint - melodycore was the term which used back in the days for that kind of music. So there is no wonder that LIBERTY MADNESS sounds a bit like early SATANIC SURFERS, STRIKE ANYWHERE and of course NO FX. Get on your skateboard and listen carefully to this 13 songs which connecting past and present melodic hardcore-punk perfectly!

LP 6.50€*


HARDCORE. LIBERTY STANDS STILL is the name of a young band, coming from no-man’s-land Zittau/Germany. The 5 songs on this colored 7" perfectly connect aggression, rage and toughness with melancholy and melody - modern hardcore that undoubtedly can keep up with any other band in international comparison. Without copycatting, LIBERTY STANDS STILL shows enough originality to impress in every aspect. In their lyrics they deal with the boring and sometimes frustrating provincial way of living.

7"col 4.00€*


HARDCORE-PUNK. Boston's LIBYANS has always segued seamlessly between blistering, catchy hardcore and huge, anthemic punk in the mold of the AVENGERS, but "a common place" takes both of those approaches to new levels of intensity and artistry. If you're not circle pitting to "blood and rust", or if you don't have your fist in the air during the chorus to "paralyzed", you may have to question whether you have any soul left in you. Vinyl inlcudes a digital download card.

LP 12.00€*


HARDCORE-PUNK. It's been a while since we've heard from Boston's LIBYANS, but "expired language" proves that the passage of time and the increase of space between members hasn't blunted this band's attack at all. While not quite as frantic as "a common place", you still get plenty of rapid-fire vocals and Dan's trademark epic snare rolls, but "expired language" is an entirely subtler and more melodic record than the previous one. And if you liked the big singalongs on the previous releases, then be prepared for "expired language" to knock you out, because the choruses on this record are truly epic. Vinyl inlcudes a digital download card.

LP 12.00€*


HARDCORE-PUNK. LIBYANS female fronted hardcore-punk hailing from Boston. This debut LP offering featuring 8 blasts of snotty in-your-face punk and hardcore. A strong combination of fast old-school hardcore with a dash of more melodic, west coast punk. Think Dangerhouse-style meets hardcore. This release features almost everything they have released so far including both 7", their MLP and a song from a compilation on Too Circle Records.

LP 6.00€*


HARDCORE. Members of SKIN LIKE IRON and THE HOPE CONSPIRACY proudly stand by their long-time hardcore influences, with a nod to Swedish hardcore ala ANTI-CIMEX, SKITSYSTEM or newwer bands like GREEN BERET or evebn NAILS. A sick delivery of infectious, raging, brutal hardcore. One-sided vinyl includes an etched b-side.

LP 15.00€*


HARDCORE. LIES is a vicious band featuring members of SKIN LIKE IRON and THE HOPE CONSPIRACY. WHITE JAZZ is a frantic band featuring 3 quarters of RISE AND FALL. Colored vinyl includes a digital download card.

7"col 7.00€*


HARDCORE. The 3rd full-length release from Tokyo’s seasoned crasher crusties. With headfirst full on power and brutal raw punk, this is an amazing follow up to their previous releases. Thirteen blistering tracks filled with energy showing that there’s no stopping them in their quest of anti-nukes protest punk. True to their beliefs and practicing what they preach, here raising political awareness in a time where censorship is law and silence is maintained through fear. LIFE as a collective takes a stand and inspires a resistant culture.

LP 14.00€*


HARDCORE. "violence, peace, and peace research" is the amazing 2013 full-length from these Tokyo punk bastard masters. "violence, peace, and peace research" is a 22 tracks (>45min.) mayhem - ranging from raw punk to Buring Spirit japanese classic and early UK crust-hardcore.

LP 17.50€*


CRUST-HARDCORE. Split 7" for their common japan-tour. If you're not familiar with LIFE - they're a japanese crust legend. Ranging from raw punk to buring spirit japanese classic and early UK crust-hardcore, contemporary with bands like DISCLOSE, GLOOM, FRIGORA or COLLAPSE SOCIETY. INSTINCT OF SURVIVAL formed in 1995 as SPERRZONE in Hamburg, Germany. They started off playing rough hardcore. At some point in the late '90s they renamed the band INSTINCT OF SURVIVAL and changed their style to crust-grindcore. Around the mid-'00s they changed their style again, this time to the stenchcore sound they are known for today. Comes with great screenprinted cover.

7" 6.00€*


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