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PUNK-ROCK. "scrape the walls" is a spirited 17-song record that successfully molests punk-rock in a similar manner to how SPARKS unwholesomely molested glitter-rock, the MELVINS mauled rock, or the BUTTHOLE SURFERS maimed music in general. "scrape the walls" bounces everywhere from somewhat sunny-dispositioned pseudo anthems to sludgy, stoner rock-esque castings, all glazed with FLESHIES' inimitable sense of fuck-you humor. But honestly, no 200-word summary can neatly tie up the disorderly strands of ideas and musical chaos that is FLESHIES.

LP 18.50€*


HARDCORE. Just off of their East-Coast USA tour with ARMS RACE, THE FLEX returns with 4 tracks of their signature blend of early-'80s UK punk and late-'80s NYHC in advance of their upcoming LP. Limited edition of 250 copies.

TAPE 6.50€*


WAVE/PUNK-ROCK. Eines der besten und intensivsten Alben der FLIEHENDE STÜRME, im Original 2001 auf dem Hostile Music-Label des heutigen Bassisten erschienen und seit mehr als einem Jahrzehnt auf Vinyl ausverkauft. Die FLIEHENDE STÜRME gingen aus der Stuttgarter Punklegende CHAOS Z hervor und schafften den Spagat zwischen klassischem punk-rock auf der einen und dark-wave auf der anderen. "himmel steht still" ist neu aufgelegt im Originalartwork mit 10 grandiosen düsteren punk im Spannungsfeld zwischen klassischem deutsch-punk, wave, gothic. Wer mit Bands wie BAUHAUS oder JOY DIVISION oder eben EA 80 und CHAOS Z etwas anfangen kann, kommt an den FLIEHENDE STÜRME nicht vorbei.

LP 12.50€*


WAVE/PUNK-ROCK. Neuauflage des 2., im Original auf Storm Records erschienenen, FLIEHENDE STÜRME Kultalbums von 1991. "priesthill" perfektioniert nach dem Debut "an den ufern" (1988) den ganz eigenen unerreichten Sound der Stürme und erinnert wieder verstärkt an die Vorgängerband CHAOS Z. Musikalisch wesentlich härter und punkiger als die heutigen Releases der Band prügeln sich die FLIEHENDE STÜRME durch 9 wunderbare düster-depro-songs. "priesthill" wurde teilweise mit Drumcomputer und Synthesizern eingespielt, was dem Sound eine ganz eigene Note verleiht und sich wunderbar ins industriell-morbide, hoffnungslos-depressive Bild des Albums einfügt. Schwermütiger wave-punk mit Texten, die man eher zur Prosa zählen kann. Neben EA 80 wohl eine der individuellsten deutschen bands der ersten Stunde, die bis heute ihren Weg geht und spannende Alben veröffentlicht.

LP 12.50€*


INDIE-POP. FLIGHT OF THE CONCHORDS follow the release of their Grammy Award-winning (it’s true!) MCD with their full-length debut, the conveniently titled "Flight of the conchords". It's not that often when a band’s notoriety comes from their humor more than the music they produce. This time, the FLIGHT OF THE CONCHORDS strive for the same goal. The band consists of 2 witty New Zealanders that take comical music to a whole new level. Their self-titled full-length album covers an array of genres among pop, new wave, electronica, hip-hop/rap, and folk. These 15 songs pay homage to PET SHOP BOYS, MARVIN GAYE, SHABBA RANKS. Vinyl version includes coupon for free MP3s of the entire album.

LP 13.00€* DigiCD 14.50€*


HARDCRE. Blistering hardcore from Rochester originals, FLIP SHIT. Straight to the point, knuckle-busting hardcore-punk. the "outgoing rockers" 7" draws similar lines as sketched by early DC/Discord pioneers, but with the embryo of BIG BOYS funk looming in its arrangements. Six songs of expertly arranged hardcore, meaningful and inspiring in its lyrical reveries, yet entirely harsh and uncompromising in its presentation. Limited edition of 500 copies.

7" 7.00€*


THRASH-HARDCORE. A vinyl pressing of the debut CD from Tokyo's FLIPOUT A.A.. You'll get 10 raging tracks of straight-forward Japanese hardcore, reminiscent of the late-'80s. 1000mph thrash with guitar hooks, shouted choruses and good sense of humor. Pressed for their US West Coast tour in October 2013 with CONQUEST FOR DEATH. Limited to 300, on orange colored vinyl!

7"col 5.50€* CD 7.50€*


THRASH-HARDCORE. "non fiction" is 5 brand new scorchers from Tokyo thrash unit FLIPOUT A.A.. Featuring ex-members of LIE, FLIPOUT A.A. invoke the roots of high-speed Japanese thrash-punk, reminiscent of late-'80s speedcore like DEADLESS MUSS and SxIxC, all infused with a healthy dose of ganja and beer. Limited to 500 copies - released just in time for their US-Tour.

7" 5.00€*


NOISE-PUNK-ROCK. Digitally remastered in 1983 while the band were in New York to play at CBGB's, you get the 9 cuts from the original-cassette plus 4 bonus tracks recorded at the same session but not released till now. Features some of their best songs like "way of the world", "love canal", "life is cheap", "get away". Just one word - awesome!

LP 19.50€*


NOISE-PUNK-ROCK. "love", the brand new studio album from the incredible FLIPPER was recorded with the great Jack Endino. With Krist providing bass, the band dug in and recorded one of their best efforts yet combing noisy guitars with that perfect low end bass and the grind of life and love. "love" was designed to be a twin and companion to Fight. A well balanced experience from the one and only FLIPPER.

CD 13.50€*


NOISE-PUNK-ROCK. Originally released in 1986 as a DoLP of live material culled from 1980-85. The sound quality and playing are both a grimy, distorted mess, which suits the band just fine. Always alternating between endearing and abrasive FLIPPER left no room for the middle ground of "like". The album title is a shot at John Lydon (Minor Threat) and his alleged plagiarism of FLIPPER's artwork for his own PIL and it proves that the band was never opposed to alienating its audience, no matter how sanctified. Harsh, art-rock classics from one of San Francisco's most important post-hippy era bands.

DoLP 26.00€*


FOLK-PUNK. "drunken lullabies" is the FLOGGING MOLLY's follow up to their 2000 release, "swagger" and offers up 12 tracks from this, the best folk-punk act since THE POGUES. This record is nothing short of explosive, brutally sincere, or excellent. The quintessential FLOGGING MOLLY album. A must own for all FLOGGING MOLLY fans.

LP 16.00€* CD 13.50€*


FOLK-PUNK. FLOGGING MOLLY’s songs are just as much about a man at odds with his country as THE CLASH’s "combat rock". The addition of banjos, tin whistles and accordions both amplify the traditional Celtic nature of the band and create a cacophony of sound. There are 2 types of songs on "float" and in FLOGGING MOLLY’s canon in general. You have your fast and loud cuts, pumped to raise a pint and singalong. Song type 2 are your acoustic dirges, designed to slow down the pace and draw and audience in to…well, lift a pint and sing along. If you are tired of the “commercial” sound, and ready to give real music with both something to say and a unique means of saying it a try, FLOGGING MOLLY is for you.

LP 15.00€* CD 13.50€*


FOLK-PUNK. FLOGGING MOLLY feel timeless though they sing of the issues pressing on our collective conscience today: from politics and the economy to unemployment and immigration. With a keen eye for social commentary but always a beautiful orchestration that forces toes to tap, they are a band who continually drop anchor in the melodic celtic folk pool. Wonderfully upbeat despite some heavy realities, FLOGGING MOLLY paint a broad picture with the enchanting "life is good".

LP 23.00€*


FOLK-PUNK. "speed of darkness" is FLOGGING MOLLY’s 5th and arguably most important album. It was written in Detroit and takes a hardnosed look at the economic collapse in the US: the causes and the direct effect it has had on everyday people. While "speed of darkness" attacks much of the greed and ignorance responsible for where we are, the album also delivers a message of hope, humanity and the resilience of mankind. FLOGGING MOLLY is in a category of their own -cross breeding traditional celtic influences and heavy-hearted storytelling with brazen punk-rock.

CD 9.00€*


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