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EMO-HARDCORE. Originally released in 1987, this classic album was remastered and recut and features updated graphics. Certain songs on here actually sound like they could have belonged on "can i say" but other songs show an obvious progression with Baker using Doug's different vocal style to try something different. Vinyl includes a digital download card.

LP 17.50€*


HARDCORE-PUNK. Six sonic blasts that harken back to the days when there was no hardcore that wasn’t punk 1st and the players could actually play. Where whip-smart hooks at speed were as necessary as brute power when it came to matching bark with bite. A glass ceiling that hasn’t felt but a fingerprint in the accelerated nuance-void, but DAGGER make a great showing. When you factor in CONEHEADS and LIQUIDS members, the success makes clear sense.

7" 7.50€*


HARDCORE. DAGGERMOUTH's 5 members come blasting out of Vancouver with their 2nd full-length. Tracks about good times, bad times, getting older and life in general. DAGGERMOUTH is a band thats plays old-school hardcore music with sprinklings of sweet pop-punk mixed in. The songs are filled with melody, passion, and tons of great hooks leaving kids singing along instantly. If you dig into DEATH IS NOT GLAMEROUS, SET YOUR GOALS, SHOOK ONES older more hardcore SAVES THE DAY you should check this out!

CD 10.00€*


GARAGE-PUNK-ROCK. "demons" is 11 horror storys told by THE DAHMERS. The band takes the primitive energy of punk and mix it with THIN LIZZY guitars that strike like lightning. Add melodies that will stay in your head like a leech to your eye and lyrics that would make Dario Argento and George Romeros work sound like bedtime stories. Now your starting to understand what THE DAHMERS is all about, an ambitious band thats not afraid to throw all of their influences into the mix.

LP 18.00€*


POST-PUNK. Singapore's finest unload their debut and it certainly does not disappoint. If you didn't know better, it would be safe to assume that this excellent LP from Singapore's DAILY RITUAL was in fact a lost recording from Ny Vag Records circa Sweden 2006. Stylistically this record sits perfectly alongside bands such as THE VICIOUS, MASSHYSTERI, RED DONS, and GORILLA ANGREB, which perhaps surprisingly were incredibly popular throughout South East Asia. You'll get 8 tracks of dark melodic punk featuring members of VARRALLINEN, SNAGGLETOOTH, and more. Vinyl includes a digital download card.

LP 11.50€*


POST/PUNK-ROCK. Beautiful split 7" featuring 2 bands playing melancholic punk-rock from both corners of the world. DAILY RITUAL from Singapore and THE STOPS from Portland. THE STOPS are a newish band that keeps up the pace by playing driving, dark-melodic punk. These 5 women put on the hurt with 4 essential tracks that are catchy and driving at the same time. DAILY RITUAL is a 5 piece politically charged melodic punk-rock band.

7" 5.00€*


INDIE/EMO-ROCK. In the midst of member changes and a near breakup, DAISYHEAD's 2nd studio album, "in case you missed it", was born. The entire process of the album gave the band new life and the emotional roller coaster it became is shown within each song. For fans of FURTHER SEEMS FIOREVER or JIMMY EAT WORLD. Colored vinyl is limited to 500 copies and includes a digital download card.

LPcol 17.00€* CD 12.00€*


INDIE/EMO-ROCK. After several years of touring and smaller releases, DAISYHEAD has arrived with the debut fans have been waiting for. From infectious and anthemic jams to massive singalong hooks, "the smallest light" proves even further that DAISYHEAD will be a staple in the scene for years to come. Colored vinyl includes a digital download card.

LPcol 15.00€* CD 12.00€*


SCREAMO-HARDCORE. After their split 10" with RAEIN, here comes the first full-length by this 5 piece French band. Very mid '90s influenced, DAITRO plays introspective and emotional hardcore supported by heavy rhythms, great melodies and passionate vocals with the French "new wave" touch. The album has 8 tracks exploring anger to serenity and their variations. Colored vinyl and cover art by the enigmatic Sean Mahan, who has also designed album covers for Twelve Hour Turn.

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SCREAMO-HARDCORE. This is the US press from the already sold-out european edition. Whether you know or not, DAITRO and SED NON SATIATE are two of the most respected emo/screamo bands in France. DAITRO deliver their best tunes to date of emotive french hardcore - One the best bands today that see their band also as an instrument to deliver political statements and thoughts. On the flipside SED NON SATIATA surprised a lot with their new songs. They got much more melodic and interesting on this full-length. The tracks are more driven and powerful. If you like old classic french screamo-bands like FINGERPRINT you'll love SED NON SATIATE as well. Comes with nice screen-printed cover!

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BLACK-METAL. Michigan once again belches forth another dose of venomous filth. DAKHMA plays super heavy and raw black-metal inspired punk with swirling riffs, punishing drums with a snare hand that won't quit, and hideous female vocals to top it all off. Occasional dark quiet passages allow you a moment here and there to breathe, but expect intensity in the vein of CLOUD RAT gone black-metal. No pretension, no act, just pure punk filth. These are screenprinted on inside out unused record covers to minimize resource use.

LP 15.00€*


BLACK-METAL. "siuna kulto" is Michigan, DAKHMA's 2nd full-length. DAKHMA play a killer style of music that incorporates elements of dark, filthy, raw, and ultra heavy style of music that incorporates elements of black-metal, punk, and crust within their sound. DAKHMA's sound is accentuated by scathing female vocals and eerily dark atmospheric passages that give the band's music a dark and sinister vibe. Overwhelming and punishing with torn throat filth vocals and good doses of atmosphere.

LP 15.00€*


INDIE/EMO-ROCK. Forge Again Records decided to reissue this crucial math-rock discography by DAKOTA/DAKOTA on vinyl all proper-like. This bad boy features all-new artwork, a slightly tweaked master, and all 15 songs on a single LP. First time available to the public in the last 15 years or so. Colored vinyl is limited to 500 copies and includes a digital download card.

LPcol 18.00€*


HIP-HOP/AVANTGARDE. DÄLEK returns to the scene, fresh off collaborations with FAUST. TECHNO ANIMAL and KID606, with a sophomore album inventive enough to extend avantgarde hip-hop's stay in the limelight for, at the very least, a few more weeks. DÄLEK shows off a rare versatility, equally capable of straight rhyming and formless spoken word. As a collective, DÄLEK have achieved the seemingly impossible: successfully bridging the conventional and the experimental in a way that respects both at once.

DoLP+CD 25.50€*


PROGRESSIVE-HARDCORE. Resonating pulse of metallic fury meshed in hypnotic rhythms. A thundering destructo-core hybrid of hardcore, metal, and rock with serious tonnage riffs, whirling noise, grim-to-grimmer samples all caked over with harsh screeched, howled, growled and cackled vocals. A sound decidedly darker, with intricate guitar work that scavenges elements of SABBATH, death-metal, southern-rock, and crust. "burning cold" offer 8 songs recorded at the Jam Room with Billy Anderson (Melvins, Jawbreaker, Sick Of It All, etc.) with cover artwork by Pushead.

CD 11.50€*


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