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HARDCORE-PUNK. DEAD ENDING is back with their 2nd release and it's simply brutal. "de II" sports screaming guitars, thumping bass, pounding drums and a vocalist who makes you crap in your pants as you run for protection. By now, punks should already be familiar with DEAD ENDING, the fierce hardcore outlet for Joe Principe (RISE AGAINST), Derek Grant (ALKALINE TRIO), Jeff Dean (THE BOMB) and the legendary vocalist Vic Bondi (ARTICLES OF FAITH). This is exactly what pissed off, political hardcore-punk should sound like in 2013.

LP 18.00€*


HARDCORE-PUNK. Chicago's DEAD ENDING can be described as an '80s-influenced hardcore/punk band and includes members of RISE AGAINST, ALKALINE TRIO, ARTICLES OF FAITH and ALL EYES WEST. The band boasts 2 releases already under their belt. Their 3rd, the aptly titled "de III", features 5 tracks that pack a punch like never before, as well as guest appearances from punk legends Jake Burns (STIFF LITTLE FINGERS) and Jeff Pezzati (NAKED RAYGUN/THE BOMB). Colored vinyl includes a digital download card.

MLPcol 15.00€*


HARDCORE-PUNK. Orange County hardcore outfit DEAD FRIENDS 46 have unleashed their debut full-length LP, "hardcore", and the release is setting the veteran band apart from their Southern California counterparts. The purpose to start the band was to play aggressive music with a focus on true life experiences, and the hardcore ethos of family, friendship, and surviving hardship. Still, while the band themselves may dismiss similarities to historical Southern Californian punk influences (ADOLESCENTS, BAD RELIGION and UNIFORM CHOICE come to mind), there is an unmistakable old-school spirit and style that has brought them to the forefront of the Orange County hardcore-punk scene and garnered themselves quite a local following.

LP 17.50€*


HARDCORE. Finally this 5 track studio session see's the light of day. Recorded on April 6th, 2019, with Sam Deyerle in the morning before their set at United Blood. Limited edition of 100 copies.

TAPE 6.50€*


PUNK-ROCK. DEAD HERO are a punk band from Bogota, Colombia who sing in Spanish but who are specifically inspired largely by the '80s UK and French oi- and street-punk scene. They’ve got all the scrappy immediacy of today’s d.i.y. punk and hardcore, but they’ve got big, confident riffs and shout-along choruses and a sort of meaty, zero-pretension swagger that makes them anomalies in today’s d.i.y.-punk universe.

LP 12.00€*


HARDCORE. DEAD ICONS is a hardcore band from Kentucky. They weren't from a prominent city in the hardcore scene, didn't have a friend in a popular hardcore band, or have any members of any past notable bands. But nestled like a needle in a haystack, "condemned is" a sharp-edged record of gritty hardcore sprinkled ith breakdowns and adrenaline-fueled verses of genuine hardcore fare. It isn’t a re-invention of the genre by any means, but in the afterthoughts of listening to this album, DEAD ICONS seem more than capable of writing respectable hardcore with biting lyricism that picks up the trail of hardcore legends TERROR more often than not.

LPcol 16.50€* CD 12.50€*


GRINDCORE. DEAD INFECTION from Poland deserve 9 tracks of bone crushing grind gore! The LP version includes a bonus track that is not featured on the CD (a cover of MORTICIAN's "bloodcraving"). "corpses of the universe" delivers crushing songs to destroy your mind! The highest level of brutality which is irresistible. Undisputed gods of grind still in great form - this is one of the most brutal releases this year. Not for poser wimps!

LP 12.00€*


HARDCORE-PUNK. Recorded in 1986, this is DEAD KENNEDYS' final studio album and these 21 tracks saw the band take a more "thrashy" edge to their sound, resulting in some of their most fast and intense tracks. The tracks have been digitally-remastered from the original studio tapes.

LP 22.00€*


HARDCORE-PUNK. First released in 1985, this is the infamous psychedelic-edged hardcore release that caused such a sensation with the subsequent censorship trial and features songs like "mtv - get off the air".

LP 22.00€*


HARDCORE-PUNK. This is the classic album of American hardcore-punk and one of the albums that helped to define the whole genre. First released in 1980 and one of the 1st hardcore albums ever, "fresh fruit for rotting vegetables" has been called the DEAD KENNEDYS’ signature statement. Containing the classics "california über alles" and "holiday in cambodia", this is an album that every hardcore fan must have. Available again on 180gr vinyl. The tracks have been digitally-remastered from the original studio tapes.

LP 22.00€*


HARDCORE-PUNK. Originally released in 1987, this is the bands "greatest hits" collection and should need no introduction. "give me convenience" contains 17 remastered tracks documenting the band's classic singles, b-sides, rare and compilation appearances spanning their career.

LP 22.00€*


HARDCORE-PUNK. The remastered, release of 1981's "in god we trust", inclusive an all time hardcore classic 7" of furious anthems, including "nazi punks fuck off".

LP 22.00€*


HARDCORE-PUNK. "plastic surgery disasters", The DEAD KENNEDYS' 2nd full-length (released in 1982), is probably their best album ever. This release established the band as one of the world's most controversial underground acts. Coupled with this is the much coveted, lightning-speed 1981 "in god we trust" release. An absolute must-have reissue.

LP 22.00€*


POST-HARDCORE. This is a split between 2 of the europeans most violent band. DEAD LIKE YOU practice the good old metalic hardore, the one that summons BOTCH, COALESCE, DEADGUY. Powerful, dissonant and uncomfortable as fuck. GERDA have decided to go further into audio violence, with only one long song, vicious and crawling, with the purpose of mistreating the listener. The feedback that greets the listener at the start of this 3 song split between French, DEAD LIKE YOU and their Italian counterparts GERDA, makes you eagerly anticipate what lurks beneath, as you can feel yourself being dragged to something that you may not like. It's a blast of pure noise, that does actually hurt your head, not in a subtle way at all, but in a sledgehammer to the face kind of way.

MLP 5.00€*


EMO-PUNK. The vinyl version of DEAD MECHANICAL's debut full-length is finally here. Upbeat and catchy tunes with sweet hooks back up dual vocals, one gruff and nicotine-throated and one eager and honey-coated. The band perfectly blends the sounds of bands like JAWBREAKER, SUPERCHUNK and JAWBOX to create a sound that you'll be humming endlessly. This band could easily fit on stage at Gilman or in Chapel Hill in the mid '90s.

LP 7.50€*


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