Articles by CHAIN WHIP

HARDCORE. Like a door opening to an alternate universe where Suburban Mutilation released the most influential hardcore LP of the '80s, and D.O.A. were conveniently disappeared so the melody cum velocity. Not fast enough to only be brutal, but not modest enough to be anything but pummelling. Full of burly, crunchy, tight corners, this is the musical equivalent of thrifting an Eames chair - you recognize it a mile away, it's still a classic, and it's just landed in our laps for next to nothing. Colored (red) vinyl repress.

LPcol 19.50€*


HARDCORE-PUNK. CHAIN WHIP from Vancouver, Canada released this demo recordings in 2020 via Bandcamp as well as on a limited tape run. These recordings weren´t originally intended to be released on vinyl as some of the songs have been re-recorded to be released on CHAIN WHIP’s upcoming “two step to hell” album. Now, No Spirit done a one-time pressing of the “demo 2020” on 180gr vinyl with a limited run of 500 pieces.

LP 15.00€*


HARDCORE. "two step to hel" deliver 6 tracks of Vancouver hardcore. CHAIN WHIP formed in 2018 with the sole intention of playing their favorite blend of hardcore-punk. Part KBD, part California beach, part grimy Vancouver. This release. finds the band in a faster, more furious mode with 5 original tracks written and recorded in the height of the 2020 Pandemic. 3 tracks are re-recorded and polished versions from their 2020 demo while the others are brand new CHAIN WHIP recordings. The final track, "death was too kind" was written by Brian Goble and recorded by the SUBHUMANS.

MLP 19.50€*