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METAL. The half German, half Turkish band has existed for less than a year and released one limited run 7" - sold-out by the time you read this. MANTAR manages to sound heavier than most five piece bands you may know, in spite of the fact that no bass guitar was used on this record. Just drums and guitar set for destruction. Forget about rock 'n' roll. This will hurt. Flogging beats and blackened melodies meet feedback orgies and doom mayhem. Early MELVINS, MOTÖRHEAD, EYEHATEGOD. You name it. Don't call it sludge though. Everything as black as possible. A soundtrack for the final battle.

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METAL. After 3 studio albums, a live record and an 10" in just 5 years, it was time to keep the band happy. Treat yourself with good clean fun, without expectations and without fixed goals. The idea of a cover album came just in time. However, it was also clear from the start that no one would need any other loveless covers from Slayer, Sabbath or Black Flag. At least MANTAR didn't need them. MANTAR has always been as d.i.y. as possible when producing their records, but with the cover songs the band wanted to go further in terms of home recording. Colored (neon-orange) is limited to 300 copies.

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METAL. Sometimes 2 musicians are meant to play together. The chemistry is instant. German duo MANTAR are that kind of band, a force of unprecedented tightness part CELTIC FROST, part LIGHTNING BOLT. There’s no group in the metal circuit that shreds like MANTAR, and their sophomore album "ode to the flame", picks up right where 2014’s "death by burning" left off. There is an air of tough metal to MANTAR and the general loudness of the album can fatigue the ears after a while, but "ode to the flame" riffs and holds no pretentions beyond that. The songwriting and structures are varied enough to keep it interesting for the full duration, and in an era of artsier leanings in metal, it’s refreshing to see a skilled band playing metal in the classic rock ‘n’ roll vein: simply and to the point. Vinyl comes with a gatefold cover with silver-foil print.

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METAL. "the modern art of setting ablaze" is arguably MANTAR’s best album yet. It takes the best parts of the previous albums and gets a fucking facelift leaving anything they have done before this far behind. MANTAR always had the tinge of black-metal influences in their music, and that gels with the rest of the music on this album very well. The band has often said that MOTÖRHEAD is a huge influence on their music, and you don’t need the band to tell you that - the rock 'n' roll fun can be identified sprinkled all over their discography, including on this album. "the modern art of setting ablaze" is heavier, filthier and the vocals sound wretched.

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