HARDCORE/METAL. THREE KNEE DEEP comes out with their debut full-length that follows up a crushing MLP on Triple-B Records. Their music is thunderous hard-chug ’90s style goon-music, with vocals that are either death-metal grunt-bellows or, more often, straight-up mook-rapping. Some of the tracks are rap instrumentals that suddenly give way to groove-metal lurches.The band delivered these songs that show no interest in melody or positivity, channeling the spirits of bands like COLD AS LIFE, BULLDOZE, and MERAUDER.

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HARDCORE. The Florida band THREE KNE DEEP could've only ever come from Tampa. THREE KNEE DEEP make a chugging, metallic, fight-music version of hardcore that is extremely '90s, from the machine-gun sound effects to the rhythmic, grunting vocals that sometimes sound a bit like rapping. In fact, samples from The Wire are pretty much the only immediate evidence that the band's new album, "wrong world", could have come out anytime after 1996. Coored vinyl is limited to 500 copies.

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