HARDCORE. ANNIHILATION TIME are back with a raging 3 song 7" to follow up the classic album "II". More of their infamous drugged out debauchery, urgent, angry and full of sick licks. Annihilate! ANNIHILATION TIME proved with these new recordings that they've kept on growing ever since the band started to blast their hardcore, thrash, classic rock mixture into the world. For those that have never heard of ANNIHILATION TIME here's how the band describes themselves: “this one time, a sketchy looking dude named Grugel made us get into a van, got us high and drunk while playing both BLACK FLAG "slip it in" and BLACK SABBATH "technical ecstacy" simultaneously through a shitty stereo system. He then proceeded to touch our privates before handing us flashy but shitty sounding instruments and huge amps and more beer".

7" 7.00€*


HARDCORE. Out of print since 2002, this release was the 1st output from ANNIHILATION TIME. This is furious hardcore taking from '80s California bands like BLACK FLAG, AGGRESSION, and BL'AST. Featuring artwork by none other than Raymond Petition - this has the look and feel of a band straight out of 1982 Redondo Beach. A must for fans of scorching, atonal lead breaks, frantic vocals, and off-time, start-stop time signatures. Now available again on vinyl. Vinyl includes a CD version, a 24-page booklet, poster, and sticker.

LP+CD 18.50€*